Raven or Crow?

Chapter 1

Raven sat in her room and looked at the wall, her eyes unfocused as she meditated, this was interupted by a slight blaring sound, she took out her commuinicator and looked at it, not seeing a face in it but seeing words fly past it, someone was in trouble and her elp was needed, she may have given up on being a titan, but she could still help.

A young woman, 20 or so, stepped into the factory, she had purple hair, violet eyes, a red mark on her forhead, and blue cloak with another red dot on it, just above her heart, she looked at it and recongition flashed on her face as a bullet tore through her chest, she watched as slade walked up and looked down at her, she couldnt see his face, but she knew he was smiling."One down, four to go" then he turned and walked away, leaving Raven to be found by the other former titans.

The other stood over the coffen that held the body of their frein Raven, they were all sad, Beastboy more then the rest, he had loved her and now she was gone before he could tell her, the others walked away to give him some privacy, he just stood there with his hands clenched and his eyes full of tears "I swear, I will get whoever did this to you if it the last thing I do..." That said he turned and walked away, missing the crow that landed on her closed coffen and looked at it with a birds strange eyes, then after a few moments it clacked its beak against the coffen a few times and waited. It repeated this a few times and waited everytime, it waited till it heard the sond of creaking wood before flying off.

She looked around and screamed alittle, pain exploding in her body, after a few minutes she crawled out of the hole she was in and looked around, then she saw the crow and seemed to see the world through its eyes, then she fallowed the bird to a run down clothing store were she found a outfit that suited her, she shed the blue cloak and black leotard in favor of tight fitting black pants, a black long sleeved shirt with silver thread forming a heart with a knife through it over her own heart, on top of thi she had a few belts, some leather, some chains, then she put on a long trench coat and looked around, then she pulled on some black boots that buckled up the sides on and fallowed the crow again, this time to a run down gun store, she walked in and saw the owner passed out on the floor, numerous empty bottles around him, she grabbed as many guns as she could, she had handguns, a high power sniper rifle, a sawed off shotgun, upon looking in back she found boxs of explosives and grinned, she took a few belts of grenades for herself, then she started to work.

The owner of the store woke up and looked around, something wasnt right but he couldnt tell what, he looked around a few more minutes and found out what it was, he was tied to a chair and all around him were his boxes of explosives, all of them rigged to blow. "You sold a man named Slade a gun from here, didnt you?" He looked over to see a very atractive girl sitting on his counter with her legs crossed and looking at his sales records, then he saw his guns and more explosives on her "Why should I tell you missy? i could just as easily wait for you to untie me, then we could have a little fun" He grinned as he made the suggestion but it was quickly cut off as a knife sank deep into his thigh "Tell me what gun you sold Slade" as he was about to scream a hand clamped firmly over his mouth "shhhh, you wont die, yet, i know what you sold Slade, so i know what to look for, now, im going to untie you, remove the knife, and then leave, you should do the same, becuse I am going to blow up this place once im gone."That said she grabbed the knife and yanked it out, then quickly cut the ropes holding the man before turning and walking out of the store, the owner got up and hobbled from the store as fast as he could, once he was out the back door he heard the explosives arm themselves. He ran faster, a few seconds later his shop exploded and he was thrown forward, after laying there for a second he got up and looked around, thinking to hiself 'I have to tell Slade what happened.'