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Raven walked down a small ally, her hands in her pockets, the guns hidden on her person rattleing gently against other guns or some of the chains she wore as belts or simply strapped across her chest. She stepped around the corner and looked up, her eyes slowly moving over the gate infront of her that closed off the cemetary that was supposed to be were her body was laid to rest, it was strange to be back here but also strangly comfurting.

She walked into the cemetary and wove her way slowly through the headstones, looking at the dates on the stones, wondering what hers might have said if she hadnt been killed by Slade a few days ago, it might have had a much diffrent date on time of death then what it said now. She shook her head and walked past her grave, dropping a single white rose on it as she passed. She walked out of the graveyard, her hair falling to hide her face as she walked up another empty ally, just missing her old team as they went to put more roses on her grave.

She walked into a bar and sat in a dark corner, not talking to anyone or asking for a drink, it was a shady bar, no one had asked her for ID. And no one put a stop to the man shooting something into his veins in the corner. She watched some of the people wander the bar, some of them looking for drugs, others for someone to share a bed with, a few just drowing their sorrows.

She watched one man drag a woman upstairs and frowned, knowing to help the woman who kept screaming for help. She walked out the back door and up soem stairs, a hood pulled over her head, blocking out a light drizzle. She crawled through a window and into a hallway, wishing she still had her powers, but now, she had new powers, she knew she couldnt die unless the crow did, or until she stopped Slade, she could see through the crows eyes, and she could dissapper, not like before, now, it was more like falling back through a curtion and showing up somewere else, that was the only way to explain it.

She walked down the hall, pausing to listen at a few doors, She passed them until she got to the one were sobbing was heard. she pulled a large handgun from under her coat, then stepped back and kicked open the door. the man at the bed spun around, glaring at her, a shotgun in one hand, a womans tore shirt in the other. The woman on the bed yanked a sheet over herself, sobbing harder and looking at Raven, thinking it was another person here to hurt her, she cried out in shock wene the man shot her in the chest, knocking the girl back into the hallway before turning back to her. Raven opened her eyes, feeling the bone and muscle heal itself, it would be sore for awhile, but she would be ok. "Try again."

the man spun around, shock in his eyes as he shot her again, watching the hole close he panicked and started pumping rounds into her until he was out of shells. As he scrambled to put more in his gun Raven shot him in the hand, forcing him to drop the shotgun, she walked into the room and glared at him, not careing that he was screaming in pain. "You think its fun to rape women? to shot someone for spoiling your 'fun'? There is a place for you in the deepest pits of hell." She put the gun to the mans forhead, said a prayer for her own soul, then pulled the trigger, killing the man instintly. Wene the Teen Titans got there, it was to see a corener carrying out a bodybag and a woman crying in the backseat of a police car, going on about how the devil was female and had come to claim the souls of the damned.

Raven sat on the roof of a skyscrapper, watching Jump City, her eyes sad, she had lost so much wene she had died, was that why the crow had brought her back? To protect the city? Or to kill Slade? She sighed and put her face in her hands, feeling like the world was just waiting to crush her. She looked up and watched a purple strek shoot across the city, Starfire was out, probley looking for the person that kill the man in the bar. Raven got up and sighed again, would her freinds ever forgive her? Would she ever be able to face them again? She just didnt know, there were to many questions, and she didnt have any of the answers.

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