Sorry it took me so long for the fourth chapter, but I had one huge writer's block for this one here. Luckily, I've got over it and present now Peepers's part.

Warnings: Contains slight spoilers for the game BG&E.

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Peepers - Playful

Peepers could pride himself of many things: His uncanny gift and experience in playing Three-Coconut-Monkey, or the excellent ability of judging people and what talents they had. As great as these things were, though, they all based on one character trait having saved his side more times than the gambler could count.
Absolutely level-headed-ness when need called for it.

Okay, Peepers maybe didn't believe he was able to handle alone every problem he would maybe encounter sometime in the future; besides, such arrogance could get him killed, he knew. He had learned this the hard way himself, after all.

Still, he had always held the faith in the possibility that all crisis could be solved with the appropriate ways and enough time, so everything would work out in the end. One just had to keep themselves calm and think about a way out of the mess. No matter if things were just terribly busy or he got truly into trouble, close friends needed help or there was a catastrophe happening like the last great tide two years ago when the city had sunken down into water – the gambler made plans, organized help and thought in every other aspect about how to deal with the situation.

Only very few, though, knew actually about his "side-activities" along his occupation in the Akuda Bar. Peepers stayed, if possible, in the background because he sometimes wandered terribly close on the border to illegality for his own ways; on the occasions when he had to go into the open, he made himself look like a normal bystander who had been caught by the events "by accident". The last thing he could use was unnecessary attention on part of the authorities. Since the Alpha Sections' undertaking of the army, this proved to be more and more difficult, though.

Not that he greatly cared: It presented a remain of his youth were he had been everything but a reckless, clever, but still stupid teenager looking for the kick in doing something criminal and then looking if he was caught. Even though he never did it now for selfish reasons and acted carefully, he still got a thrill when working so close to or even doing something illegal.
... On the other hand, weren't real gamblers supposed enjoying the danger?

Well, then he must have been one of the best.