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Chapter 2

After finishing her story Lorelai got up and walked over into the kitchen. Luke was there checking the lasagna in the oven every now and then and cleaning the pots and stuff he had already used so far.

"Hey there. Smells good in here", Lorelai said when she entered the kitchen. Luke dried his hands on a towel and walked over to her.

"Hey", he said kissing her hello. "Dinner is almost done."

"Good, 'cause June and I are hungry", Lorelai answered patting her belly. Luke chuckled and went back to check on the lasagna. Lorelai went over to the kitchen counter where Luke had put the plates and started to place them on the kitchen table. Luke handed her some forks and knifes that she placed next to the plates. When she was done she turned back around to him.

"Should I get Will?", she asked Luke when she saw that he was taking the lasagna out of the oven.

"Yeah, he ran into his room as soon as we got home because Babette gave him a new Baseball card." Luke smiled at the thought of his son's happy face when their neighbor gave him the card. Lorelai smiled at the proud expression on Luke's face.

"I swear, the boy is turning more and more into his father every day", she laughed as she turned around to get her son.

Will had found some of his father's old baseball cards a few weeks ago and when Luke had told him that some of them even belonged to his own father, Will wanted to collect them himself. Luke had already decided that Will would get all of his old cards once he was old enough to really appreciate them but for now they just let him randomly find a card or let their friends give him one very now and then. It made Will happy.

Lorelai slowly opened the door to her son's room and peeked in. Will was sitting on the floor with around 10 baseball cards lying around him. When he heard someone coming into the room he turned around and his face lit up when he saw his mom.

"Mommy, look, I've got a new card today", he exclaimed happily and ran over to Lorelai, hugging her around the legs. Lorelai crouched down as far as she could with her pregnant belly and smiled at her son.

"I've heard you got a card from Babette. You like it?" Will nodded totally excited.

"It's so cool Mommy. Now I have…", he stopped trying to count how many cards he had by now. When he realized he couldn't count so far he continued with: "Now I have so many of them." Lorelai laughed at Will trying to count his cards and hugged him.

"You have ten cards now and now come on, baby, we've to wash your hands for dinner. Daddy made lasagna." William smiled and stated to skip into the direction of the small hall bathroom. Lorelai followed him and helped him clean his hands. When they came back into the kitchen Luke had already placed some lasagna on their plates and was just cutting Williams food into smaller pieces. They sat down together, eating their dinner and talking about their day. After some while Luke cleared his throat.

"Hey Lorelai, do you remember my sister Liz?", he asked. Lorelai looked at him.

"Well, I never met her but I remember all the stories you told me about her tough. Why are you asking?"

"Well, we talked yesterday and she'd like to come and visit us tomorrow. She wants to finally meet you and her nephew." Lorelai looked at him.

"Wow, Luke, that is great", she said smiling at him. Luke got up and started to clean the dishes.

"So, you've no problem with her and Jess coming here and staying in our guestroom for a night or two?", he asked. Lorelai walked over to him and put her arms around his middle from behind.

"Of course not, babe. I know how much you've missed her and I can see how happy you are that she wants to visit. And you know me... I'm a curious person. I want to meet your sister and my nephew too", she said smiling into his shoulder. That moment William gently tugged on Lorelai's pants to get her attention. When she looked down to him he asked.

"What's a nepu, Mommy?", Lorelai and Luke both started laughing at Will's attempt to pronounce nephew. Luke bent down, picked William up and sat him down on the kitchen counter in front of him.

"See, Daddy has a sister, your aunty Liz, and for her you are her nephew. And Aunty Liz has a son too, your cousin Jess, and he is Mommy's and my nephew." Will frowned, trying to get what Luke had just explained to him. When he was sure he got it right he looked back up to Luke.

"How old is Jess?"

"He should be almost 13 by now", Luke answered him and Will pouted.

"Aw man, he's so old. He's not going to want to play with me." Luke just chuckled, put Will back on the floor and turned him towards his room.

"Well see tomorrow. Now go and put away your baseball cards and get ready for bed." When Will was in his room Luke turned back to Lorelai and hugged her all of sudden. A little confused she wrapped her arms around his neck and gently ran her fingers through the soft curls that stuck out from under his hat.

"I'm so happy she is coming to visit", Luke said with a smile, breaking the hug just far enough to be able to look into her eyes. Lorelai smiled back at him.

"I know you are, babe, and I'm glad she is coming."

"I love you!", Luke said before he kissed her and went into Wills room to help him get ready for bed. Lorelai just smiled and turned back to the kitchen counter to clean up the rest of the dishes.

It was a really good thing that Liz was coming to visit. For years she had only called when she needed something from Luke. His money, his help or even both. And as the great guy Luke is, he always helped her out. It wasn't always easy on him. Even if she was a lot of trouble, you could see that he really missed her. But around a year ago she started calling more frequently. And not just for help. She often called just to ask how he and everyone was doing or to tell him something exiting that had happened to her. You could always see the smile on Luke's face light up when she called for those little things. You could just see that he loved his little sister. The fact that she is coming to visit him and his family is something really big. Liz hadn't been to Stars Hollow since their father's funeral ten years ago and Luke had hardly seen her all this time.

Lorelai put the last plate into the cabinet and walked over to her son's room. She leaned against the wall and watched her husband and son interact. William was lying in his bed, the blanket tucked tight around him. Luke was sitting on the edge of his bed, reading him a bedtime story. Either Luke or Lorelai always read a bedtime story to Will before bed. He loved that. When Luke was done with his story Lorelai walked fully into the room and over to the bed. Luke gave Will a kiss on the forehead and whished him a good night. Lorelai took Luke's place on the bed and gave him a kiss as well.

"Good night, baby", she said to him but Will protested.

"Mommy, I'm not the baby anymore. She is", he said, pointing at Lorelai's belly. Lorelai giggled and hugged her son.

"You're right. But you know what? You'll always be my baby. Even when you're thirty years old and living on your own. You'll still be my baby. So, good night baby", she said and William frowned at her words. Luke and Lorelai left the room and closed the door.


The next morning everyone was sitting around the kitchen table, waiting for their guests.

Lorelai sat next to Will and was coloring some picture with him while Luke nervously rolled one of Will's crayons back and forth on the table over and over again until Lorelai had enough.

"Luke, babe, stop that" she said shooting him a look. Luke looked up and at her.


"Stop rolling that thing over the table it's making me insane."

"Oh, uh, sorry", he just said and spaced out again. Lorelai shook her head and concentrated back on her son's paintings. One minute later though, Luke started rolling the pen again. But before Lorelai could get mad hat him they heard a car pull up in front of the house and from one second to the other Luke was out of his seat and halfway to the front door. Lorelai shook her head and then took Will by the hand and followed Luke outside.

When she came to a stop on the porch Lorelai saw Luke opening the back door of a cap and a woman her age with blonde short hair came out. She saw Luke smile his brightest smile and embrace his sister in a big bear hug. Slowly she started to walk down the porch steps and onto the lawn, getting closer to Luke and his sister.

"You look good big bro", Liz said when she broke away from the embrace and looked Luke up and down.

"But I can see that your wardrobe hasn't changed at all", she said and Luke just rolled his eyes.

"Don't roll your eyes at me", she said slapping his harm jokingly, "I know you missed me."

"We'll see about that", Luke answered but smiled at her. That's when Luke first realized that Lorelai had followed him outside and was standing behind him. He turned around, picked up Will and then put the other arm around Lorelai's waist.

"Lorelai, that's my sister Liz. Liz, this is Lorelai, my wife", he introduced the two women to each other. Lorelai held out her hand to shake Liz's.

"Hey Liz, it's nice to finally meet you", Lorelai said but instead of shaking Lorelai's hand, Liz grabbed her and gave her a hug as well.

"So, you are the girl who got stuck with my big brother. Good luck." Lorelai laughed.

"Well, what can I say? I like being stuck with him", she answered with a wink and this time it was Liz who laughed.

"Witty come backs. I like you", she said and both women smiled at each other.

Luke cleared his throat to get Liz's attention and then put Will back down on the ground.

"William, this is your aunt Liz." Will looked up at Liz a little intimidated but when she crouched down to his eye level he greeted her with a small "Hi." Liz ruffled his hair and stood back up.

"Man, Luke, he looks exactly like you when you were a kid but he doesn't have your eyes."

"No, they're totally Lorelai's", he answered and Liz turned back to Lorelai, looking into her eyes.

"Oh right," she said smiling. "And I hear you are carrying my niece", she half asked and looked down to Lorelai's stomach. Lorelai put a hand over it.

"Yeah, but I heard that you're bringing my nephew. Where is he? I wanna meet him." Liz turned around and for the first time realized that Jess was not behind her like she thought he would be. She walked back to the cab, where Luke was unloading her suitcase and saw that Jess was still sitting on the backseat, looking out the window.

"Jess, honey, come here. I'd like you to meet your aunt Lorelai." Lorelai saw the boy slowly coming out of the car. He wasn't really tall for his age but he was really thin. He had wild black hair and he was wearing a pair of Jeans with a black shirt and a small leather jacket.

"Jess, this is Lorelai," Liz said pointing at Lorelai. Jess glanced at her shortly.

"Hey" he said in a not really interested voice.

"Hey Jess, How are you doing?", Lorelai asked him in a cheerful voice.

"Fine", Jess just answered and pushed his hands into his Jeans pockets.

"I'm sorry. He is not really talkative." Lorelai just smiled at Liz.

"Don't worry, he'll come around eventually." And with that they all went into the house.

Luke put Liz's suitcase into the guestroom and they all sat down in the living room to talk. Lorelai was cuddled up to Luke with his arm around her and her head on his chest when told Liz a little more about herself, leaving out the part with her teenage pregnancy and her not talking for years though. For Liz, Lorelai had just been a young woman who came into her brother's diner one day and he fell in love with her, married her and started a family with her. For her it looked like a small real life fairytale. Liz was happy for her brother. All those years ago when she had still lived in Stars Hollow herself, Luke had always been the responsible, grown-up boy who took care of their sick father and helped anyone out who needed help. She had seen how Rachel broke his heart when she left to take a job somewhere else and telling Luke that he wouldn't have the time for her anymore anyhow. Liz had always thought that Rachel was the one for Luke and had been really surprised when he had called her around 5 years later to tell her that he would be getting married. She was still so sorry to have missed the wedding but Jess had gotten the chicken pox a few days before the event and she had to stay home with him. Being so far away from her home town, so far away from her brother, her family had made her miss many important events and so she was really happy to be able to tell Luke that she was in the process of moving to New York and that she'd be able to be there for the important things more often now.

Luke was ecstatic when he heard that. Liz would be moving closer to Stars Hollow. She'd have a real apartment with a real job and a good school for Jess to go to. He was proud of his little sister. She had finally grown-up and got her life together.

They talked for a little more until Liz got up and stretched her arms and legs.

"Hey Luke, I wanted to visit some old friends. Do you think you could keep an eye on Jess?"

"Oh, uh, I've gotta go to the diner for the lunch and dinner shift", he answered getting up as well.

"Oh," was Liz's only response, the disappointment clear in her voice. That's when Lorelai got an idea.

"If you want to, Liz, I could take Jess with me to the inn. I don't know what he likes to do but there he definitely has enough space to do whatever he likes to do", she said. Liz's eyes started shining.

"Oh, that'd be great, Lorelai. Thank you. And Jess doesn't need much. He's happy when he has his CD player and can sit somewhere to read a book or something." Luke smiled.

"Well, then he'll like it at the inn. Lorelai and Mia have a library in there", Luke said.

"Right, you're working at Mia's inn. You know what. When I'm dome with my friends I'll pick you and Jess up at the inn and we'll go to Luke's for dinner. I'd love to see Mia again", Liz said full of enthusiasm. She grabbed her purse, kissed both Luke and Lorelai on the cheek and was out the door in a matter of seconds. Jess came into the living room looking around.

"Where's my mom?" he asked.

"She went out to meet some old Friends. Hey, Jess, what do you think about coming to the inn with me. Liz told me you like books and we have a library there where you could read and look around", Lorelai said to Jess, making it sound more like it was his choice instead of the fact that he had to come with her. Jess wasn't stupid though and knew he was stuck with his aunt for the day.

"Sure, why not", he and made his way back to the guestroom to get his jacket. Luke turned to Lorelai while she helped Will into his little jacket.

"I'm so sorry she left him with you", Luke said feeling sorry that his sister had dumped her son in his wife. Lorelai looked up at him and smiled.

"It's okay Luke. I offered. And besides… I like your sister and it gives me some time to get to know my nephew a little better." Luke just put his arms around his wife and kissed her head.

"Thanks", he murmured into her hair and Lorelai broke away when she saw Jess coming into the foyer.

"Okay, we're off. Bye babe", she said before she kissed Luke goodbye. He said goodbye to his son and nephew as well and looked after then when they left in Lorelai's car.


That afternoon Lorelai was standing behind the reception desk together with Mia who told her old childhood stories about Liz. Mia was there to help Lorelai out with the inn during her pregnancy and the weeks after the birth. She had done that when Lorelai had been pregnant with Will and she was doing it now. Lorelai was happy with that arrangement because she loved having Mia around and she also didn't need to worry about finding someone good to take over her work. Will was in Mia's arms cuddling with his grandma Mia. She was the only person he had that came close to a grandma to him so they let him call her that. And Jess… Jess had been in the library all day.

Liz walked into the inn around 6:30pm and talked to Mia for some time while Lorelai sent Will out to go and get Jess so they could leave. Jess came from the direction of the library with a smile on his face. Lorelai was happy to see that he seemed to have had fun because she hadn't seen him smile once since they got here. He walked over to Lorelai and looked up to her.

"Hey aunt Lorelai, Can I come here with you tomorrow too? There is this girl staying here. She is around my age and she says that Jane Austen is so much cooler than Charles Dickens, which is so not true. But she is cool", he said.

"Of course you can come here tomorrow if you want to." And With that they all left the inn to head over to Luke's for dinner

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