In this story Lilly and Oliver haven't been best friends forever.

They actually met a year ago, while Lilly had to result to eating lunch with one of her ok friends. Meeting that friend's friends, one of them being Oliver.

They automatically started liking each other, not saying anything to the other about it. They finally did tell one another that they liked each other. But at the time, Lilly was liking someone else too.

Something major happens, with will be told in this story, and Lilly and Oliver stop talking as much.

Months go on and Lilly gets a boyfriend, who is mentioned in the story as her 'ex boyfriend' in the time the story takes place.

While she had that boyfriend, Oliver and Lilly don't really talk much. Considering their past, and the fact that it's hard for Oliver to hang out with the girl he likes, and her boyfriend. Since they did usually hang out at lunch.

The school year ends, and they don't talk during the summer. Then when the next school year begins, a school event happens, and they began talking again. "It's going to be fun being friends." Is what she says to him as they talk.

Little does she know whats to come.

Details that are missing will mostly be answered in this one shot. You're probably wondering to yourself, why I have this so detailed, but it's only a one shot. The truth, I love love love writing one shots, and I really don't want to make this story a chaptered story. Since I do have another story in mind anyway. Plus this really happened between me and someone, and I thought it would be a good idea. Parts will be a little different then my life of course, and possibly the ending. (Since it's kinda happening right now, and there has been no exact ending in my life.)

I bet you've had enough of my ranting. So please enjoy and review.

When Playing With Someone's Heart