Days passed by, without even a text message from Oliver. At first, I had thought maybe I had finally gotten to him. But now, I was just preparing myself for the heartbreak that was surely about to come. No sign of him was even in the hallways of the school. And the craziest thing was that I never saw Jamie either. I did see Shawn though, and he did everything in his power to ignore me. Which I didn't blame him for. It broke my heart when I did see him though. I had given up everything with Shawn, just to lose my virginity to a guy who wasn't talking to me anymore. I would have given anything to make things go back to the way they were before, but those days were long gone. And now, all I had was the sound of my shoes scuffing up the school hallway floor, and Miley repeatedly telling me that everything would work itself out. If only I could really make her understand that they wouldn't.

My heart had literally been pour out to Oliver too many times before. So maybe if he really wasn't talking to me, it was for the best. Maybe I was better off without him. And maybe I never even needed him in the first place. Now if I could only really get myself to believe that...

When Friday rolled around, I had almost completely given up hope. An entire school week had gone by, without even a glance of Oliver. The side of my face pressed up against the passenger window of Miley's car as she drove me home. "Are you sure you want to go home? We could go get some ice cream or something."

"I don't want any ice cream. I just want to go home." My voice came out strangly, because half of my mouth was pressed against the window.

"Can I just say again that I am so sorry for telling Christy about you and Oliver?"

"You can. But it doesn't matter. It's my fault that everything ended up this way. If I hadn't of slept with Oliver... none of this would have happened."

I could feel Miley's hand land on my shoulder. But she didn't say anything else. Not like I had expected her to. There's not many reassuring things you can say when what your best friend said about ruining her own life was completely true.

When we rolled in front of my house, I wasn't sure how I felt about actually getting there. Before opening the door, I sighed, then my hand flew to the door handle. "Hey." Miley said, and I turned to face her.


"If you want me to come pick you up at any time, just call me... I'll be here within minutes."

"Thanks." A weak smile popped on my face, then just as quickly went away. "I'll talk to you later."

"Bye." She quietly said, raising her hand as if to give a wave.

When I walked inside the house, I threw all my things to the side of the main room, and closed the door slowly behind me, forgetting to lock it. Immediately, I walked to the kitchen, and turned on the oven. As I waited for the temperature to warm up, I walked into my living room, and opened the cabinet that had all of our DVDs. Scanning all the possible movies, I couldn't decide whether or not I wanted to watch a comedy, to try to get a laugh out of me, or a romance, so that I could cry. As I heard the oven beep, telling me it was ready for baking, I decided on a Disney movie, and placed it in the player.

Walking into the kitchen, I opened the freezer, and took out a frozen Totino's pizza. I took off the plastic, put it on a pizza pan, and then threw it in the oven, putting the timer on ten minutes. Not wanting to start the movie without my pizza, I wasted time by going to the bathroom and washing my face. After looking in the mirror, and seeing no makeup on my face, I decided I didn't feel comfortable in my clothes either. So I walked into my room, and changed in my pajamas, with a big theatre shirt, and penguin pants included.

I came into the kitchen within perfect time, as the oven went off. Another sigh rolled out of my mouth as I cut the pizza, then pushed it to fit perfectly on the plate I had chosen. Grabbing a two-liter bottle of orange soda, half filled, from the refrigerator, and putting a mass amount of parmesan cheese on the pizza, I walked into the living room, the menu ready for me to chose my option. Taking a huge bite of one of the pieces, I selected the play button.

Time didn't become a factor as I watched the movie. Infact, it only took me ten minutes before I had finished my pizza, and the rest of the soda in the bottle. So now, I was laying on the couch, the blanket I had, completely wrapped around me. But as Oliver, the orange cat, followed Dodger back to the house of many dogs, I heard my front door open, and remembered that I had forgotten to lock it. Even that didn't get me moving though. Instead, I continued to watch the adorable orange kitten, chase after the dog that was double his size. If someone had willingly let themselves in like that, they must have already been in the house before.

"Lilly?" I heard come from the hallway, and I jumped at the sound of Oliver's voice. No, not the adorable orange kitten Oliver. The boy Oliver.

Automatically I sat up, as I saw his face round the corner. "What are you doing here?" I asked, staring at him.

A certain relaxed look appeared in his eyes as he looked at me, still completely wrapped in the blanket. "What are you watching?" He asked, taking one more step into the room, and looking at the screen. "Oliver and Company. This is such a great movie."

"I asked what were you doing here." I said, ignoring his attempt at being normal.

His eyes flew back to me. "We haven't seen each other in a few days."

"Really? I didn't even realize." Sarcasm leaked out of my mouth as I continued to glare at him, standing beside the TV, ruining one of my favorite Disney movies.

"I miss you."

I tucked my knees up to my chin. "It's not my fucking fault we haven't seen each other since Monday."

"Yeah. I know that." He quietly said, still standing where he was. "But I had a reason for that."

"Please. Enlighten me."

He stuck his hands in his pockets as he continued to look at me. "Well, at first I was trying to figure things out. But then, after that... I was just too scared to admit to you what I should have known all along." His gaze changed to the ground.

"And that is?"

Nothing came out of his mouth, as he looked back up at me. "Lilly?" He walked over to me, and sat down next to me on the couch. I pushed myself to the furthest edge of the two seater couch, so I didn't have to touch him.


"I talked to Jamie."

"Oh?" I asked, not wanting to care, but knowing that I did care, more than anything in the world. My body turned to better look at him.

"She hadn't even heard about what happened between you and me. And even though I originally planned not to tell her, and I should have been excited that she didn't know about it... I wasn't. So, I told her about everything."

Expecting me to say something to it, he paused. All I did was blink at him, and wait till he continued his story. "Well, um..." He started back, realizing I wasn't planning on saying anything. "She reacted just like you said she would. Screaming something about how I wouldn't even have sex with her, but I had it with you. Something about she knew I shouldn't even be friends with you anyway. She was more angry than I had expected her to be. But it was exactly like you said it would be. I guess I should have listened to you on that one."

A smirk appeared on my face.

"But then she said she would try to work it out with me."

My smirk suddenly disappeared.

But that didn't stop him from continuing on with his story. "But I told her I didn't want to. I told her I didn't want her anymore. And I told her that the reason I cheated on her was because I wasn't ready to be with her, and that I never would be. Then she said something about you being a bitch, and I started yelling at her. I mean, if she weren't a girl, I swear I would have punched her. But I think breaking up with her before she had the chance to break up with me was enough of a punch for her. And then I left. I haven't talked to her since."

Trying to hide my excitement, I plainly asked, "When was this?"


"That was two days ago. Why haven't you talked to me since then?"

"Like I said earlier, I was just trying to figure out what to do. Or what to say to you... where to begin."

"So you know what to say to me now?"

"Well... no. But I wanted to see you. And I don't think I should plan out what I'm going to say, anyway. I think it's almost better if I just sit, look at you, and say whatever comes to mind."

"And what's coming to mind, exactly?"

He sighed. "A whole lot of things."

As Oliver the kitten was being taught how to use street smarts on the TV, I could hear the real life Oliver's heavy breathing. "Oliver?" I asked, taking my hands out of the blanket that was pulled all the way up to my chin, and rested one of them on his leg.

A relief came over him that I couldn't describe, and suddenly, I wondered what he was about to tell me. Because the look he was giving me was something I had never experienced from him before. "Lilly. I honestly broke up with Jamie for more reasons than just that I didn't feel like we were right for each other."

"Ok...?" I said, wishing he would just get to the point already.

A small laugh came from his lips. "You're much better at this type of thing than I am."

"Come on." The hand that was on his leg, grabbed one of his hands, and I squeezed onto it. "Just get it out and say it. I've probably told you more nerve-wrecking things."

"Did you know your eyes light up a room?" He asked, moving his hand from my grasp, and pushing the hair out of my eyes. Remembering that I had washed off all my makeup, I tried hiding my face from him. "No." He said, using the same hand to push my face to look at him again. "You look amazing."

"I've never had a guy see me without makeup."

His hand then flew to his heart. "I'm honored. You honestly have no idea how beautiful you look."

I blushed, then my eyes became sad. "This is going to end up just like always, isn't it? You're going to soften me up, and then at the very last minute you're going to rip out my..."

Without letting another word even touch the tip of my tongue, Oliver shut me up, by grabbing my face and giving a kiss full on the lips. I could feel his breath in my mouth as both of his hands cupped my face. Letting the blanket completely fall off me, I wrapped my hands around his neck, and pulled him closer to me, if that were humanly possible. Surprised that it was possible, I felt more passion from Oliver than I had even felt on the day we had sex. I roughly ran my fingers through his hair, as he broke away from me, and looked at me in the eyes. "I'm not going anywhere this time." He said to me, his words lingering on his breath, that which was so close, I could almost taste his words.

"Run that by me again." I said to him, still feeling of jelly because of the kiss.

He softly laughed, as he sat back up, and put my hands in his. "I'm sorry that it took me this long to realize that you were right all along. I know you've told me plenty of times how much you love me. And now it's my turn. It's the way your eyes sparkle when I look at you. Your hands, nothing has ever felt as soft as they do when I hold them. Your hair is like heaven for my hands to run through. You're completely gorgeous. And I'm glad to know that even without makeup, you're the most gorgeous girl I've ever seen. That laugh of yours, I know how much you hate it, but I think it's one of the cutest things about you. When you're worried, you play with your hair, just like when you're nervous. You're always so worried about if the little hairs in your eyebrows that aren't plucked that day, or if you didn't repaint your nails, and if you have that little crease in your bangs from your straighter. But then, even though those things annoy you, you go to school like that anyway. Because you'd pick a Disney movie over any other movie. Honestly, if you were any other girl, I would have walked in on you crying over The Notebook, instead of watching Oliver and Company. It's because," He looked over at the plate that was pizza that was thrown on a different chair. "you finished an entire pizza, instead of eating a carton of ice cream, and you drank orange soda out of the bottle. And lastly, it's because, those nerdy things that defy me, while other girls are annoyed by them, you love me for them."

"Oliver? Are you saying what I think you are?" My eyes began to glaze over with happy tears.

A smile grew on his face, as he said, "Lilly. I'm in complete and utter love with you."

Never feeling more excitement in my life, I grabbed onto his face, and pulled him in for a small kiss. "Oliver. You have no idea how long I've been waiting for you to say that." He gave me a look. I lightly laughed, then said, "And I love you too."

He slightly laughed again, as he pushed his forehead against mine. "I'm so sorry for all the things I've done to you in these past few years."

I smirked up at him. "Remember how I said you could make it to where all could be forgiven?"


"All's forgiven." I said, kissing him lightly.

"Good." He said, grabbing me by the face, and once again drawing me in for a kiss. I instantly pushed my fingers through his hair, and pulled him closer to me, not wanting to let go. Our lips moved perfectly together, as I felt his lips turn into a smile under mine. I began to laugh at this, and he then pulled away. "What?"

"You were smiling."

"Is that a bad thing?" He asked, concerned.

"Not at all. I think it's rather cute, actually. That you are so happy kissing me, that you can't help but smile while it's happening. It's perfect."

"I'm glad you think so." He said, then pulled me towards him again, for a long lengthened kiss.

When we pulled away from the kiss, the final song of the movie, Why Should I Worry, started. Looking into his eyes, I hadn't even noticed. Oliver was the one who looked towards the TV. "Which Disney movie should we watch next?" He asked, climbing off the couch, and crawling over to the movies, that were still laid out in front of the TV.

I looked over at him, laughing. "Well, Hercules is a really good movie." A smile grew widely across my face as I pulled myself over to sit next to him.

"Forget Hercules." He started. "You know The Lion King is the best Disney movie there ever was." He took The Lion King into his hands.

"I completely agree with you. But I watched The Lion King yesterday. I haven't watched Hercules in months." I said, grabbing Hercules from the pile.

"Pft. So? The Lion King is always good."

"I agree. But..."

"Butt? Don't get distracted by my sexy body. We're talking movies here." I busted out laughing as he grabbed Hercules from my hands, and lifted it high in the sky, where I couldn't reach it.

"Give me the movie." I said, trying my hardest to reach for it.

"No." He quickly said, stretching his arm further.

"Oliver." I said, jumping on him to try and get the movie.

I landed on him in a fit of laughter. He then began tickling me, so much that it became hard to breathe. "No. We're watching The Lion King." He rolled over, to me on the ground, and began tickling me even more than before.

"Fine. Fine. We'll watch The Lion King." I said, surrendering.

"That's what I thought." He said, standing up to put the movie into the DVD player.

But before he could, I jumped onto his back, wrapping my arms around him. The two of us continued to laugh as I tried to pull Oliver further away from the TV, and onto the couch. But he proved to be too strong. Like I wasn't even attached to him, he continued to put Oliver and Company back into it's box, and take The Lion King out of it's own, and into the player. Giving up I just let my head land on his shoulder, and waited till he was done.

After he was done, he put me on the ground, then turned around to look down at me, pressing his forehead against mine. "We're watching The Lion King." He said, grabbing onto my hands, and pinning them to my side, then kissed me on the tip of the nose.

"Fine." I said back, sticking my tongue out at him.

"Fine." He smiled at me, then entangled his fingers in mine.

(I know what you're thinking... it took me FOREVER to post this final chapter. And I'm sorry for that. Remember how originally this story was supposed to be based on my life, but then I changed it? Well, in real life, I never ended up with the inspiration for Oliver. So I couldn't decide if I should let him and Lilly be together in this story or not. But honestly, I am so glad I did. Happy endings are always better. I'm almost sad that I have finished this story though. Maybe I'll do a sequel, if I can think of a good enough basis for it... if you have any ideas you'd like to share for the characters I have turned Lilly and Oliver into, I'd be more than willing to take them. :D Honestly... I'm proud of the final character I have written for this story. I tried my hardest not to make it too cliche. But that's a little hard to do with a love story like this. I think I did a rather good job on it though. I spent quite a few hours on it. It's crazy how long I have spent on this whole story. It's weird that it's done. I spent part of the day rereading the whole thing I had so far, before I wrote the final chapter, and I got to tell you, I've definitely grown as a writer since I started this. Thanks for taking the journey with me. :) Please leave me reviews on how you think I did... final chapter, or entire story. Either will do. :) Read my other stories, if you have time... it's always nice to have more readers. And look out for a possible sequel. I haven't decided if I shall do one yet or not. Ok... I've ranted on enough. Goodbye all. I enjoyed writing this story for all of you, and I sure as hell hope you enjoyed reading it. Oh, how bittersweet.)