Characters not mine, ugh... slash! Kinda drabble-y length wise... I'm working on longer stuff, this was just my first dive into TinManFic, written about an hour after part 3 aired. Enjoy!

He thinks he doesn't have a heart.

He thinks the longcoats ripped it out of his chest the day they came and took away his family, left him in that damned tin suit.

Well, he's wrong.

While that tin suit may have hardened his heart to just about everything, it seems it can be softened again. When Glitch saves him from freezing to death on the Northern Island, he feels it start to thaw. The man he thought was just another head case doesn't leave his side the entire time, he stays holding tight to him for hours on end while he sleeps on the cold. And, for the first time in what feels like forever, his heart's warm, too.