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Wilson was worried.

It was too quiet.

House had been back for a few hours and should be aware of Clarke's presence in the hospital by now.

Which was the reason Wilson was fully prepared to deal with a full on House attack of whining and biting sarcasm. Or was it whining sarcasm?

House' behaviour around his former professor was a sight to behold, somehow the cranky diagnostician had a bit of a problem to maintain his usual insulting self around the older man and in order to deal with that he normally retreated to being even nastier to everyone else.

But after two hours House still hadn't come to complain and making Wilson pay for his lunch so understandable he was worried.


What the hell. Had somebody just thrown something against the door to the balcony?


There it was again. Pushing back his chair he hastily got up and pulled the door open in order to catch the culprit though he had a pretty strong suspicion as to his identity.

He was met with something warm and wet hitting him point blank between the eyes.

"House!" he shouted having correctly identified his attacker who was lazily sitting in one of his chairs, a cup of coffee next to him and what looked like little paper balls in his lap. He was currently soaking one in the coffee not at all disturbed at having been caught while throwing them at his best and probably only friend.

Wilson sighed and took a handkerchief from his pocket wiping away the remnants of House' childish attack.

"What exactly made you think it would be a good idea to throw these to get my attention? Other people simply knock on the door, you know?" He stated half amused and half annoyed.

House raised an eyebrow and looked at him pointedly.

"Other people knock, Jimmy Boy. I wanted to use the pickles from my Rueben but unfortunately today was the day when the little power monger in the cafeteria decided to actually listen and not put them on it so I had to find an alternative thus coming up with these," he waved the little ball around dramatically and threw it at the glass next to Wilson where it stuck with a splashing noise and then slowly made its way downwards to the cold cement.

"If you ignore the colour and smell one could think they're real pickles, actually I'd bet a month's salary they taste exactly the same."

Having been around House long enough to read between the lines one thing immediately caught Wilson's attention.

"Wait, you're telling me you actually paid for your own lunch?" he asked amused.

House rolled his eyes and picked up another of the little white objects from his lap and attempted to drown this one as well but Wilson was faster. He snatched the cup from his friend and held it while eying his now pouting friend knowingly.

"Could it be that you didn't just pay for your own lunch but for the lunch of a certain white haired professor we both know as well?" he asked even though he already knew the answer.

House narrowed his eyes and got that 'I'm really annoyed with you right know look' which really wasn't much of a difference from his normal one.

"Well you know me and my never ending compassion for the sick and helpless, no wait, that's usually Cameron's job but my little runaway duckling seems to have gotten lost somehow on her vacation."

Wilson sighed again. There was the reason Cameron had requested the time off while House was away. The cranky diagnostician would have never agreed to work two whole weeks without her. He would have come up with some cheap excuses that wouldn't do so well under scrutiny and that would have resulted in arguing yelling and then some more yelling. At the end they would have ended up in Cuddy's office who would have threatened House with a double load of Clinic hours if he didn't grant his female fellow the time off.

It was House' way of dealing with the young ingénue doctor. Keeping her at arm lengths and when she tried to get closer he retreated but when she actually tried to distance herself from him he wouldn't let her.

They where stuck in a well-preserved limbo where they danced around each other without really moving in any direction.

"House, she just needed a vacation, a long one. I'm surprised she actually made it this long without having horrendous psychiatric bills to pay."

"I thought that was the reason why I keep you around. So you can satisfy your pathological need to meddle in other people's lives by playing Freud to my associates."

There wasn't much Wilson could hold against that argument so he said nothing.

"The reason I'm here is Clarke" he made a pause, Wilson assumed it was for the dramatic effect "asked for my help and since you're my friend and all you're helping, too." House stated and looked at him expectantly.

Repressing the urge to groan or state his annoyance at having to play sidekick to House' slightly crooked image of a hero again Wilson mentally submitted to his immediate fate.

"Ok, what exactly does he need help with?" he asked with a heavy sigh.

"Well, you see, it's like this…" and with these words House proceeded to explain the situation to a baffled Wilson whose eyes grew wider with every passing minute.

Carefully balancing the bags with take out in one arm, Wilson knocked on the door to Houses' townhouse and waited for his friend to let him in. How he'd gotten roped into buying lunch for the three doctors he still wasn't sure but then House could be very persuading if he wanted. One of these days he would say no just to see how his cranky friend would react.

The door was pulled open and without looking who was on the other side, Wilson shoved the bags into small, warm and definitely feminine arms…wait, what?

Hastily he removed the food from his opponent again and took a first look just to be met with amused, sparkling blue eyes.

The wrong ones.

"Dr…Dr Cuddy? What are you doing here, I mean, it's great to see you, of course we see each other every day but…"

He stopped rambling when he noticed that she had yet to say anything and that he kind of, well…

"I'm sounding stupid, am I?" he asked chuckling at his own behaviour and she nodded in response.

"Don't worry, I guess you didn't expect me to be here. House said Clarke needed help and as a former student I was required to attend this, what did he call it? Secret meeting in House's house of horror, nice alliteration by the way."

Shaking his head, Wilson made his way past her into the kitchen where he ungracefully dumped the two bags. Cuddy followed him into the room.

"Why exactly are we here, by the way? House said to expect him in about half an hour and that you would fill me in before he and Clarke arrive." She asked curiously.

Wilson began to unpack the food for them while starting to explain the situation to the curious woman.

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