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Chapter 1: Almost

Tails yawned and stretched his arms, "Son of a bitch!" He screamed out as his hammock flipped him onto the floor with a painful thud. His golden fur was messed from his constant tossing in his sleep, matching the white patch on his chest perfectly. The fall to his face wouldn't have hurt so much, had he not been having a rather arousing dream moments before he woke. He'd grown a bit taller over the years, he was now 17, nearly taller than Sonic. Since Sonic and Sally had gotten engaged the two were living together and Tails was left to himself, he was actually beginning to enjoy the solitude, Sonic was his idol but not the best roommate on Mobius. Being he had so much alone time the young vulpine found time to take some advise from his friend Knuckles and start working out more often; the results were obviously clear to anyone who knew him, his chest and abs had become very well defined, and his arms had developed into rather powerful tools as well, which helped a great deal when he was working on some project or other in his lab...

His first stop of the morning was the average person's trip to the bathroom; he fixed his fur, and brushed his teeth, and after his morning shower headed back into his room to get dressed for the day. All he could think of to wear was a gray sleeveless hoodie and a pair of slightly baggy blue jeans, a wallet chain hung down the side of his leg, and as it was a bit bright outside he put on the black visor shades that Sonic had given him for his last birthday. He looked at his clock on the way out the door, it was 9:30 and he was supposed to meet Sonic for breakfast at his place not too far away. Not wanting to bother with a vehicle he simply flew, and a few minutes later landed in front of Sally's place which was a nice little white house, the blue hedgehog standing outside the house was wearing a black tank top and a pair of black jeans, with his arms folded across his chest tapping his foot impatiently on the ground.

Tails landed and took a very ginger step and his crotch was still sore from his fall, "Sorry I'm late."

"Heh...forget it lets go." Sonic said patting his partner on the shoulder on the way out.

"Hey. Where are we going?" Tails asked following behind him.

"Sal couldn't stay for breakfast so you and I are goin' out instead."

"Really where'd she go?"

"She's with Amy doing the whole bridal thing." Sonic answered, "But that doesn't matter right now cause I'm taking you to my favorite restaurant."

Tails stopped for a moment, "Hang on...isn't that a strip joint?"

Sonic laughed out loud, "I don't know where you get these ideas...just because the waitresses have huge racks doesn't make it a strip club. Hell if it were I doubt Sally would've come there for lunch before."

That surprised the hell out of Tails, never in his wildest dreams did he think that Sally would step a single toe into a restaurant called Hooters. They were in town and still walking though it was a bit tough keeping up with Sonic even at a walking pace. It didn't take too long for them to find their destination but the fox was a bit hesitant...

"Uh...Sonic..." He said as he stopped across the street from the place, " I old enough to go in there?"

"Don't worry about it little just so happens that the owner of this fine place is an old friend of mine."

Feeling a bit reassured Tails followed Sonic inside where they were met by a very attractive waitress that Tails nearly mistook for Sally, until he noticed how far out her chest protruded under her shirt, he was having a little trouble not staring until he realized something. Off in the distance was another waitress wearing the normal gear for the waitresses, a pair of low cut shorts and a rather tight fitting t-shirt with the company logo across her very amply tits, had she an extra tail and hair that didn't reach to her shoulders she'd have been close to Tails's double, just a vixen instead. It didn't take long for Sonic to notice that he was staring at the girl and leaned in toward the Sally double, Tails managed to break his trance in time to notice the mischievous blue hero whispering something to their host...

She smiled brightly as she looked to Tails then back to Sonic, "Will do Sonic."

She led them to a table and as they sat down Sonic looked up to her, "By the way have you made up your mind about what Sally asked you?"

"Well yes. I cleared out my schedule, I'll be there for the wedding." She said, "But that's besides the point...Why haven't you introduced me to your cute little friend yet?" She asked as she turned to the now red faced fox, she giggled as she saw this, "Kinda bashful isn't he?"

"Oh Gwen this is Miles, he prefers to be called Tails though."

Tails held up his hand keeping his gaze on the table, "Hi..." His voice squeaked.

"What's the matter cutie?" She asked setting her hand on her cheek, "Am I that hard to look at?" She asked pretending to be a bit hurt.

" I didn't mean anything by it..."Tails stuttered as he looked her in the face, "...I-I-I...I..."

"He gets a little tongue tied around pretty girls." Sonic interrupted.

"Well you don't need to be like that with me Tails...I don't bite," She said with a devious smile as she gnashed her teeth together, "Unless you want me too."

Her statements made Tails smile, "Well my job here's done then now that I've seen such a cute smile...someone'll be around to get your orders in a few."


The two sat there for a few minutes Tails with his face hidden behind a menu, Sonic noticed that his friend's deep blue eyes were fixed tightly on the menu...

"So...what'cha think of the place?"

Tails sat down his menu, "I...I think I just did something involuntary."

Sonic had a laugh as he realized what the fox had meant, and after a few minutes Sonic was happy that Tails had begun to settle down. He was actually enjoying himself which was what Sonic wanted in the first place after all he had a reason for bringing the young vulpine here...and that reason was on it's way to the table. As the waitress stepped up to their table Tails went dead silent and froze up, it was the vixen he'd been staring at earlier, as he looked at her through the corner of his eye he noticed that her tail was tied near it's base with a red ribbon...

"Hey there haven't been in a whole lot recently." She said cheerfully.

"Yeah there's been a lot of things to get done for the wedding..." Sonic said, "...did you get your invitation?"

The gold furred vixen smiled, "Yes I did..." She said leaning over the table close to Sonic, "Hey who's the cute fox you brought in with you?" She whispered.

"Oh shit...Kara this is Miles, everyone calls him Tails." Sonic said as she turned to face the shy vulpine, "Tails this is Kara...she just started working here a month ago. She just moved to the area."

"Miles...that's a cute name..." Kara tried to make eye contact with him but Tails kept his eyes adverted, " it okay if I call you Miles?"

"Y-y-y-yeah...i-it's fine..." Tails said turning his flushed red again.

" are just too cute..." She teased him a bit, "...well do you guys have anything in mind to order?"

Just then Sonic's cell started to ring, " Talk to me..." Sonic said as he answered, "...Oh hey Sal. What's up? What? Yeah no, no don't worry about it...I'll be right there...right bye."

"What's up Sonic?" Tails asked.

"Sally's just having some trouble in the shopping district...Kara you know my order, Tails take it with you when you're done here Sal and I'll be over for dinner later."

Sonic was out the door and gone in a heartbeat and Tails was left alone with the gorgeous vixen, after a bit Tails was able to look at her. Her eyes were a much lighter blue than his, and he was finding it hard to pull his gaze away from her eyes but this time it was her turn to be embarrassed, as she pulled her head to one side her fur shone a red glint...

" ready to order?" She asked.

"Umm...any suggestions I've never really been here before."

"Well I've never actually tried the food here...I was pretty much just hired because of my figure..." She said blushing a bit with Tails, "...but I hear that the hot wings here are the best."

"Hmmm...Why not? I like spicy food...but if that's the case I'll have a few root beers too."

Tails couldn't help but watch her tail swaying to her movements as she walked away. Stop staring you fuck'n asshole!His conscience shouted to him. I can't help it she's so beautiful...I gotta talk to her when she comes backHe shouted back in his own head. The thought repeated over and over in his head until...sure enough she came back to his table carrying a tray with a plate of hot wings and several root beers. Unfortunately before he could say anything she set down his things and headed back into the he was paranoid.

See what your staring did dumbfuck? His conscience shouted. You scared her off.

He sat there for roughly an hour not really eating any of his food, just using one of the wings on his plate to push the others around...

"You know I hear it's a lot better when you just eat 'em." A sweet voice said from beside him.

Tails lifted his head to notice that it was Kara but, she was now dressed in a high, tight fitting tank top, and a pair of tight blue jeans, she still however wore the same smile, "Mind if I sit here...Miles?"

My apologies... His conscience said. I don't know what you're doing but keep it up.

"No...please." Tails replied not realizing he was spacing out for a moment. "I was actually...k-kinda hoping...we some more anyhow."

"Me too actually..." She replied giggling a bit at his now red face, " see Sonic said that you have some opened space in your place now that he lives with Sally."

"Yeah...I've been using his old room for storage at the time. Why would he bring that up?"

Kara blushed and looked to the table, "Well...I've been...having some trouble finding a place to stay...and...I was wondering if..."

Tails's eye grew to an unusual size, "Wait a roommate?" He asked playing out several possible outcomes in his head.

"I didn't really think it was a good idea either..." Kara said, "...look forget I even brought it up okay..."

She started out the door and was a small ways down the sidewalk before Tails grabbed her hand, "Wait...the room's yours if you want it. I own the place so you won't need to pay anything...I kinda miss having another person around the house."

Kara froze up for a moment but then threw her arms around the vulpine's neck, "Miles thank you! Sonic and Sally told me you'd say yes!"

See now I don't know whether to kill Sonic or thank him Tails didn't really care for the idea of letting her go but to his displeasure she broke away from him, "So do you have a ride or something?" Tails asked.

"Not really why? Do you?"

Tails smiled devilishly, "Sort of but...I kinda need to know how much you weigh."

Kara put her hands on her hip trying to figure out his point, "164...okay." Tails developed a rather devious grin as he stepped toward her, "Miles...what are you doing? Miles no!"

She shrieked as he lifted her into his arms and took off into the sky, because of her extra weight he ascended more slowly, but soon the two were high above the buildings. Kara who was now wrapped around Tails's neck had her eyes shut tight, but when she felt the cold air rushing past her fur she opened them. She almost panicked when she saw how high up they were but for some reason it hit her that she could trust Tails...

"Miles, this is amazing. How are you doing this?"

"You know I've never really questioned it. I was able to do it when Sonic adopted me...I was only four. The older I got the longer I was able to stay airborne, eventually I was able to carry extra weight with me. The stronger I got the more weight I could keep airborne. I just guess that it's something a two tailed fox can do."

"How long can you keep this up?" She asked shielding her eyes from the stinging wind.

"With your extra weight?...Maybe an hour, or a little less." Tails replied as it started to rain, "That's the place down there."

Kara looked down toward a cliff side on the outskirts of town where a small two story house stood, a small runway led off the cliff, and the area was surrounded by palm trees and evergreens. They were shivering and soaking wet when they landed a few feet from the front door; the winds and rain were now being followed by thunder and lightning it was definitely a tropical storm. Tails quickly led the freezing vixen inside and set a fire to go in the living room's small fireplace and sat her in front of it...

"Hang on I'll find you something dry to wear."

Sonic was right he really is sweet when he calms down. She thought to herself as she wrung out her tail.

Tails soon came into the room and handed her a bath robe, "Sorry but this was all I could find for now, I'm gonna go change and see if I don't have anything that'll fit you."

Tails went to his room where he dried off and got changed into a pair of green sweatpants and a white t-shirt. He was resorted to finding almost the same thing for Kara a blue pair of sweatpants and a red t-shirt, he rushed downstairs where Kara was drying her long golden hair, she was the most dazzling creature he'd ever seen. Tails was not used to seeing other foxes but, that didn't matter he felt like he could stare at this one for days without tiring of the sight...

She suddenly turned toward him with a red face, "Oh...Miles I didn't see you there."

Tails handed her the folded clothes, "This was all I could find."

"Oh thank you."

"No problem..." Tails said walking toward his kitchen, " look like you're still cold, feel like a cup of hot cocoa?"

"Yes...thank you."

She began to get dressed as Tails was in the kitchen he turned to ask her a question and could see her a bit through the half closed door, he instantly grew aroused, he could see everything. Every contoured curve of her body was visible for a shot time before she slid on the red shirt and blue sweats. If she keeps this up I'm not gonna last through the night.He thought to himself as he picked up their cups and headed into the living room again. Tails handed her a cup of steaming cocoa and sat nearby to catch the fire's warmth, not to mention it was pretty close to her...

"Say Miles, you don't have a girlfriend do you?" She suddenly asked him.

Tails's face instantly turned the color of a ripe cherry, "N-no...not really...e-ever actually. And you?"

"Well...I had a boyfriend for a while," Kara replied, "but, he was a little obsessive and began stalking me wherever I went. One day I finally told him that it was over and...he threatened to kill me. Two days later I packed my things and moved to this town. I met Sally and she introduced me to Gwen and then Gwen helped me get my job at the bar."

Tails took a sip from his cup leaving a trail of cocoa across his upper lip, which caused Kara to giggle a bit to herself...

"Thanks for everything Miles..." Kara said bumping him with her shoulder, "...It's really hard to find anyone so nice anymore. You know most men in your position would have tried something stupid by now."

Tails blushed at the compliment, "Yeah well, I think those sort of things should be left to the woman's decision. It wouldn't be a very meaningful experience if she felt obligated or something."

"You really are sweet. A lot more so than Sally said."

"Yeah it's pretty clear to me what those two are trying here."

Kara giggled girlishly, "Yeah painfully clear."

"Sonic has done this as often as I can remember. Trying to pair me up with any pretty girl he finds my age..."

Kara smiled and tilted her head toward him, "You really think I'm pretty?"

How's that foot taste dumbfuck? His conscience badgered him.

He ignored the voice, "Beautiful..." He blurted almost yelling.

There was an awkward silence between them for a bit as they drank their cocoa...

"You're very handsome too Miles..." She retorted smiling with a deep blush, "...and too tell the truth I was hoping Sonic would introduce us. I've seen you in town a few times and always wanted to talk to you but...I have a bit of a problem with making a first move on someone."

Tails blushed heavily for a moment, "I-I kinda wanted to do the same thing but...I get tongue tied every time I try to ask someone out..."

"Miles is that why you're letting me stay here? Because you're interested in me?" Kara asked with a light smile.

"Partially...but to tell the truth I'd have given you the room even if I weren't."

She started to make a reply to his comment but as she turned to him their blue eyes met. Tails's heart raced and he lost his breath. Kara was experiencing the same feeling., Tails swallowed hard as he noticed her muzzle was closing the distance between them until he could feel the soft touch of her lips against his. Their inhibitions soon melted away as their kiss heated into a passionate embrace their tongues exploring each other's mouths, soft moans coming from them both as they were enveloped by the feeling...

They broke away from one another long enough to catch their breath and exchange smiles, but then their embrace was brought on stronger than before. Tails left hand held her by her back while his right was tangled in her long hair holding her head gently, Kara's arms both were wrapped around Tails's neck holding on tight, a muffled shriek of surprise echoed into his mouth as his hand firmly grasped her ass. The feel of his hand gently massaging her butt only made her deepen her kiss, Tails jumped a bit as he felt her hand snake past the waistline of his pants and boxers, and take hold of his member, and yelped a bit in surprise quickly moving away, Kara actually looked hurt...

"What's wrong?"

"I-it's just...I've know..."

Kara smiled, "You're nervous then." Tails nodded. "Well...if it helps this is a new subject to me as well..." She said standing up and embracing the young fox,.

Tails hugged her back, "Then why not get to know each other first. I mean if you wouldn't mind joining Me, Sonic, and Sally for dinner tonight."

"That reminds me...I was so caught up in the moment that I forgot to call the movers for my things." Kara said.

"Holy crap! How long were we just doing that? It's almost 6 o'clock I gotta get dinner done before Sally and Sonic get here."

-----------------------------------------------2 hours later-----------------------------------------------------------

The house was filled with a delightful smell, the young fox had always been a good cook, that was possibly due to the fact that he was raised by both Sonic and Sally. Where his idol and self proclaimed older brother Sonic taught him to fight and kept him on his toes, Sally took role as a sort of surrogate mother nurturing and caring for the child that Sonic had brought to her in the forest one day. It was thanks to her upbringing that Tails was the cook and person that he was, and he thanked her for it very often...

Just as Tails was setting the table there was a knock at his front door. "I can't answer the door Sonic just come in!" He shouted. The door opened and his two guests walked in, Sonic wasn't dressed any differently than this morning, but the lovely brown furred squirrel that walked in on his arm was of course dressed in her normal attire, a blue t-shirt with a darker blue vest and a slightly tight fitting pair of jeans, one of her dazzling blue eyes were hidden by her long red curls. Sally quickly hugged the fox. He always looked forward to Fridays when he would be visited by the two most important people in his life...

"Sally hi."

"Sorry I haven't been by lately...god I can hardly get my arms around you anymore." Sally said.

"You can thank Knuckles for that. It's all that weight lifting gear he gave me last Christmas."

" always complained that you weren't strong enough as a kit." She said pushing him away and kissing his nose.

"So anything odd happen today?" Sonic asked with a smirk.

Tails's face grew angry, "Actually yes...Kara snitched on you just about an hour after you left the bar." Tails said causing Sally to start laughing, "She told on you too Sally." That instantly stopped her laughter.

Walking by the fireplace Sally found a familiar shirt, and the two half drank cups of cocoa that sat nearby, "Hey Tails..." She called out, "Why is Kara's shirt hanging by your fireplace?"

Sonic chuckled deviously while poking Tails with his elbow, "That didn't take half as long as I thought."

"Tails did you two..." Sally started.

"Not that it's anyone's business but no we didn't." Tails said a bit defensively, "She is going to be staying in your old room though Sonic and joining us if you don't mind. We got caught in the rain on our way here, she's upstairs taking a shower right now."

The three sat down at the table, "So what do you think?" Sally asked smiling.

Tails blushed a bit, "She's got to be the most beautiful animal I've ever seen...I really want to get to know her better."

"I'm pretty sure she feels the same way Tails..." Sonic said.

"Actually she felt pretty much everything." Tails said blushing.

"Got a little handsy huh?" Sonic said with a bit of a scoff, "I tell ya this one time Sally..."

"Sonic!" Sally yelled cutting the hyper hedgehog off.

"What?" Sonic asked with an innocent smile.

"I seriously doubt that Tails wants to hear that..." Sally said looking over to Tails, "...and even if he dose I don't want him to."

The three talked for some time before Kara entered the room now dressed in her once wet clothes. As a gentleman should Tails stood up and pulled out a chair for her...both her and Sally giggled at the gesture, Sonic just rolled his eyes. "So what's on the menu pal?"

Tails carried in two small platters and set them on the table, "Lasagna..." He said pulling the lid off of one of the platters, Sonic sighed, "...and that chili dog you ordered Sonic." Tails added pulling the lid off the second platter.

"Way cool Tails." Sonic said pulling the platter towards him, "Thanks bro."

After Sonic seemed happy Tails served the two ladies and then himself from the platter of pasta; Kara seemed particularly impressed as she seemed to savor every bite until they were done. After dinner the four gathered in the living room to just sit by and talk about old times, as they also watched a movie. Before Sonic and Tails were done reminiscing the movie was over and Kara had fallen asleep against Tails's shoulder, Sally was sitting on Sonic's lap asleep against his chest...

"Well..." He said standing with Sally in his arms bridal style, "...looks like it's time for us to go."

Tails made sure not to wake Kara up as he got off of the couch gently laying her head on a pillow, he got out a spare blanket and draped it over her and doused the fire before heading to his own bed. When he was in the safety of his own room tails stripped down to his boxers and climbed into his hammock, it wasn't long afterward that he fell asleep. Tails awoke in the early morning; funny, he didn't remember the hammock ever being so comfortable or warm. He kept his eyes closed until a light breeze made his ear twitch, he then opened his eyes to find himself staring at a sleeping vixen with her arms warmly wrapped around him...he was torn, on one hand he didn't want to wake her up, but on the other he felt rather awkward and wanted to get up. As he took a deep breath the scent of fresh strawberries caressed his nostrils, he found himself simply laying there bathed in the scent, and warmth. After a time of laying there Tails finally found a way out of her embrace and into the shower. He soon emerged to find out that Kara was still sleeping. As he watched her sleep he found that he wasn't able to stop smiling; whether it was the breathtaking sight of the morning light on her golden fur, or the near silent snore coming from her...he didn't know.

What's wrong with me? He asked himself. I feel like I could just lay there with her forever. Is this love? can't be, look how long it took for Sonic and Sally...but then how do I explain this?Science can only go so far, but this is a whole new matter to me. Maybe Knuckles can help...him and Julie-su have been together for some time, at least if he can't help Julie-su can for sure.

He was pulled out of his thoughts as Kara shifted yawning heavily and stretching, she looked at Tails and smiled...

"It was easier to sleep with you up here."

"Don't you have a job to get to?" Tails smiled.

"Not today...I called in sick." She answered, "Now get back up here...I'm still tired." She added giving him a sad look.

Tails sighed and climbed back into the hammock where he allowed them to slip back into the position they'd been in before, but this time he held her close to him allowing her head to rest on his chest. The feel of her fur and breath against his body soon lulled him to sleep as well. This time Tails was woken up by the sound of his cell phone which he reached for without opening his eyes, he placed the device to his ear...

"Road-kill Steak House, we don't run it over 'till you order it." He answered rubbing his eyes.

Kara had just woken up as Tails got out of bed, "Oh hey Sonic...wait, say that again what time is it? 1 o'clock!? Holy crap! What?...sorry Sonic, I'd love to but I have things to do around here today..."

Both of the vulpine's faces turned red as they both heard the hedgehog's response, "Things to do...or people?"

"You perv!..." Tails shouted at him, " know we're going to be busy moving her things into your old room today...Riiiight just a joke my two tailed ass. Okay then...give Sally a hug for me...bye."

As Kara smiled she headed into the bathroom and Tails could hear the shower start up. He headed downstairs where he made some coffee and breakfast. By the time Kara got downstairs there was a covered plate of food for her, while she ate Tails was busy at work in the house's basement where his lab was located both of them waiting for the movers to get there...

Later that evening

The movers showed up late and Tails helped move all of Kara's things into her new 6 o'clock her room was perfectly set up the way she liked it.

Tails had worked up quite a sweat from moving her more heavy things, "There..." He grunted as he placed a dresser where she'd wanted it. "That took long enough." He said taking off his shirt and wiping his face with it.

"Thanks for the help Miles."

Kara couldn't help but to stare at him; the beads of sweat that gathered on his fur seemed to make his body sparkle. As he sat down to rest for a moment Kara positioned herself behind him and began to rub the soreness from his shoulders, he flinched a bit as she hit a particularly sore muscle. He was still sore but the gentle touch of the vixen's soft paws soon had him relaxed to the point of dozing unusual sensation came over Tails and a soft, low purr began to rumble from his throat...

Kara found the sound very enticing and smiled brightly with a loud giggle, "What was that? Are you purring at me?" She asked in a delighted voice as she began to scratch the spot behind one of his ears, this caused the sound to increase in volume.

It seemed like what she was doing was actually hypnotizing him as he didn't answer her or even acknowledge that anything was happening. As she kept up her attention to his purring she ran a finger along the length of one of his tails which were twitching back and forth from the attention she was giving him...his back instantly went ridged snapping him into a state of awareness and causing his purring to cease...See now you went and did something wrongShe thought to herself, mentally slapping herself, she started to back off... "I'm sorry Miles...I got carried away..."

Tails blushed heavily, "It-it's okay...that actually felt pretty good."

Kara moved back in toward him now happy to know she hadn't offended him, "Oh really." She said with a devilish smile as she grabbed both his tails and gently pulled her hands down their lengths.

This time he jumped out of his seat, "OKAY that was going too far!" At the moment he dared not turn around lest she see the considerable swell in his pants, caused by what she'd done.

Damn it this time I did offend him...She said to herself mentally slapping herself again...I just can't help myself when I'm around him, I want him to try to calm down around me but, everything I try seems to backfire. Maybe I should just try talking to him...that what we were doing when he kissed me in the living room.

"Look Miles...I'm really sorry I..."

Kara instantly forgot what she was saying when Tails suddenly turned to face her, he'd successively made his excitement go away, "My turn..." He said with a mischievous grin. Kara started to run as she let out a playful shriek but, Tails almost instantly grasped her by the hips and tossed her to her bed where he climbed on top and held down her arms.

"Okay you win." Kara admitted as she realized that she couldn't escape his grip.

"Really? What'd I win?" Tails asked releasing her arms.

As if she'd planned the whole thing she instantly sat up kissing him very deeply, this actually caused him to fall back with her on top of him. After the initial surprise faded Tails wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in deepening their kiss. As their tongues met again, Tails could feel his body growing warm, he could feel the same heat emanating from Kara. The kiss heated more and more until Tails felt as if the fur on his body would soon begin to singe. He broke their embrace to give them both a chance to catch their breath, "You-you' seduce me."

"A little..." Kara smiled from her seated position on his abs, " it working?"

This time Tails sat up quickly forcing them to switch positions putting her back on the bottom, "You tell me."

He engaged her in a deep, passionate kiss that causing her to giggle slightly. A pleasured moan echoed through the room as he began to kiss and suck on the side of her neck, her moans grew in volume and length as his paws had found their way to her bare breasts beneath her shirt...his fingers instantly began to tease her erect nipples.

Well at least this time there aren't any interruptions...She said to herself as she repeated what had scared him off before, sliding her paw past his boxers and grasping him. This time however he simply kissed her more deeply than before...

Tails pulled Kara's shirt off exposing her large breasts only to have a familiar voice sound out from the front door, it was Knuckles. "Mother..." Tails managed to cut off the in prompt curse, "...I swear Knuckles if this isn't important I'll kill ya."