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"Shino! Shino, come back! I have a favor to ask you!" A dog nin yelled.

Shino to ignore his unwanted companion but the other ninja wasn't easily discouraged. Shino wanted to run, to get away from his comrade and his half-baked plans but he couldn't let Kiba drag any unsuspecting villager into his next plot. The last time he had helped Naruto go and prank Tsunade. She was in a bad mood for weeks and she gave team seven and team eight the worst of the worst missions that she got requests for. Shino stopped and waited for Kiba to find him.

"Shino! Shino! Shino!"

"Yes, Kiba?" Shino asked, keeping his voice even and smooth.

"I've got a favor to ask of you."

"We've already established that…"

"It's my friend-"

"I won't date them if that's what you want."

"No, she can get a boyfriend on her own. It's just…" Kiba struggled to find the right words and then he continued. "Kari is afraid of bugs. She has a mission coming up and it's through bug infested swamps."

Shino looked up at his teammate. He knew very well what Kiba wanted. This person needed a cure for her entomophobia, or fear of insects. He was just the person to go to but if this ended badly there would be yet another girl on the growing list of those who avoided him because he could control insects at his own will. They were always afraid that he'd use the insects against them if they made him mad at him or something. He hated it when people presumed something like that. It was annoying beyond all belief.

"Your point?"

"Please Shino, you have to help her. Help me help her."

Kiba was desperate if he was swallowing his pride and begging for help. Kiba looked miserable. Shino sighed.

"I don't see why I should. It's her fear and she should overcome it on her own."

"Please, Shino, it's an A-rank mission!"

"Kiba! Kiba! Where are you?" A female voice asked.

She was close and closing in fast. Her footsteps sent vibrations through the trees and Shino's insects picked up on the tiny movements. He could hear her jumping though the leaves but it was so soft he would have mistaken it as a gust of wind had not he felt the vibrations. The person moved like a highly trained assassin and they probably had the skill of one too if they moved so swiftly and quietly. 'If Kiba makes this person mad they could easily kill him.'

'Shino…' Kiba mouthed.

"Fine…" Shino sighed. "But I don't want to regret this later."

"You won't. I promise. I'll tell you the plan tonight at Naruto's. Don't be any later than six."

Kiba quickly ran towards the sound of the girl. She greeted him and then punched him over the head. After Kiba stopped groaning they left. Shino was left alone in his clearing. His Kikaichu were humming softly. He knew he was going to regret helping Kiba but he decided to think about his options on the way to Naruto's. For a moment he contemplated on whether or not he should have gone. But then he remembered it was Kiba he was thinking about and that if he didn't show up Kiba would go and get him.

Shino couldn't help but wonder what made 'Kari' afraid of bugs. They are smaller than humans by tenfold. Girls normally don't like bugs because they're hairy and they crawl or buzz around. But if she didn't mind Akamaru he wondered if she was afraid of them because they were hairy or if there was a deeper meaning to her fear. There had to be something deeper than that to make her fear them after all, girls don't just start fearing insects overnight.

Shino started his walk to Naruto's. He contemplated not going but then again it was Kiba. If he didn't go Kiba would come to get him or tear apart the town doing it. No one looked at him or even acknowledged his presence as he walked down the street. No one stopped to talk to him. No one said hi. No one even waved. He wasn't well noticed like Sasuke and he wasn't as well known as Naruto. He was just Shino. That's all he ever needed to be in live so he didn't try to change.

Kari… What was she like? Hopefully she wasn't as bad as Kiba. He was wild and stubborn even at nineteen. If she was convincing her to not fear bugs would be as hard as convincing Kiba to send Akamaru to the pound. Once the dog nin has his mind set on something there is no turning back. He feared an equally stubborn girl and secretly loathed the idea of being forced to put up with someone like that. They were annoying.

"Maybe I shouldn't have agreed. He can still get his 'help' elsewhere," Shino murmured to himself.

A dragonfly landed on his coat. Shino coaxed it onto his finger and brought it to face level. It's wings buzzed excitedly. Then it got up and flew in a circular pattern around his head. He watched it impassionately. The insect buzzed with excitement, as if urging him to take on the task of helping Kari and Kiba. The bug nin sighed. He contemplated running his hand through his hair but that meant taking his hood down, something he had grown to hate and refused to do.

"Is that your way of telling me I should help her?"

When Shino arrived at Naruto's he found he wasn't the only one there. Hinata stood in the corner talking softly to Tenten. Ino and Sakura were chatting amongst the two of them. Naruto was in the kitchen making Ramen. Shikamaru stood next to Naruto and pretended to agree with what he said while he was actually dozing. Kiba waltzed in right after Shino. As the door closed Shino felt as if his only escape was being closed off.

"Right on time," Kiba said. "Alright, now that everyone's here let's talk plans. Anyone got one?"

"Don't you already have one?" Sakura asked.

"I tried it this morning… It didn't really work…"

"What'd you do?"

"I just put a spider in her room."

"How big was the spider?" Sakura asked suspicious.

"The size of my fist."

"Kiba, anyone would be afraid of a spider that big!"

Kiba rubbed the back of his neck. His eyes were glued to the floor. All of the shinobi in the room had their eyes on him.

"So why is she afraid of bugs?" Shikamaru asked.

"I don't know. She won't tell anyone," Kiba admitted.

"A lot of good that does us," Naruto murmured.

"We could-"

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