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Kari, who had been lying back on the cool grass as she looked up at the stars, turned her head toward the boy at her side. Her eyes seemed to drink in his features. Her soft feathery hair was spilled across the grass. The boy at her side wasn't looking at her but at the stars themselves. She knew he was talking to her, since they were the only ones on the hill.

"Yeah?" She replied.

"What are you thinking about?"

"Well, lots of things I suppose. I don't know what's going to happen in the future and I guess I'm nervous. I don't know what to do with myself since I'm no longer an orphan and well, I don't really have to live with Tsunade since she just overruled the whole, you have to be adopted in order to remain a shinobi rule because of me…"

"All of that?"


"You still haven't changed, have you?" Shino asked.

"I guess I haven't…"

"Kari, can you do me a favor?"


"Don't ever change."

"I promise." Kari told him.

After some time, the boy's hand crawled to Kari's, gently grabbing hold of it. She seemed surprised at the gesture, but made no attempt to pull away. They entwined their fingers, gently squeezing. Turning his head to look at her, the bug nin smiled at her softly. She smiled, and reached for his face, removing his dark glasses. He took the glasses back and put them back on, making a smile creap onto her lips. Things were still the same, even after three years.

"You haven't changed either Shino and it's been three years since we've met."

"That long?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Strange isn't it? Somehow one of Kiba's plans backfired and we became a couple along the way…" Kari whispered to him.

Shino smiled. He had been reluctant to help Kiba at first because he had been afraid that the plan was going to backfire on him. He was glad he did. He would have spent every day in regret if he had let Kari slip away. The two of them seemed to share a perfect relationship. Sure, they argued. What couple didn't? They had seen even Anko and Kakashi fight from time to time. Even Hinata and Kiba fought every now and then. They got back together every time.

A butterfly landed on Kari's nose, just as she started to doze. She opened her eyes sleepily. Her eyes couldn't focus on the object. Shino wasn't even be aware of the object on her nose. He just stared at the stars above them. The butterfly had dropped something onto her nose and fluttered off. Curious Kari pulled her free hand up and touched her nose. On the tip of her nose sat a ring. Kari pulled it up so she could examine it in the light. Her mouth dropped. It was gorgeous, breath-takingly so.

"Oh, my… Shino…"

It was a silver band. The metal seemed to curl around a flower shaped sapphire that was set into the band like a vine. It had little emeralds set around the flower, making it look like she had a flower instead of a ring. Tears welled up in Kari's eyes. She could feel Shino's eyes on her, just as the tears started leaking out of her eyes. He wiped them away with the pad of his thumb. His other hand was still intertwined with hers. She had never seen anything so beautiful in her entire life. Tears welled up in her eyes.

"God, Shino, it's gorgeous."

"Will you marry me?" He asked softly.

The answer stuck in her throat. She was beyond words. Three and a half years of a happy, blissful life and she was now the happiest girl in the world. Tears began flowing even harder. She turned onto her side, facing Shino. She placed her head against his chest, glad to have him there for her. She was glad to have met him since he was the best thing that had ever happened to her. He looked down at her, she could feel him smiling as he pressed his mouth against her hairline. He was smiling.

"Yes, yes… yes!" She practially yelled.

"That's good."

Gently he took the ring from her hand. He slipped it onto her ring finger. It signified she was no longer on the market and she was now his. She smiled at the thought. Shino was very possessive and she liked it when he got that way. He wouldn't let anyone do her any wrong, even if it was just Kiba and Naruto joking around. He defended her from everything. She liked the idea of being considered his and no one elses. She felt so happy and warm inside.

Kari leaned up, smiling at her boyfriend – no her fiancé. She grinned like a maniac. He knew her quirks and her oddities, just as well as she knew his. She wanted to stand up and move. Whenever she was given good news she had to move about, thinking about it. She was just naturally they way Shino never questioned her. He just let her tell him after she had mulled it over for a while. He was a very patient man. Hy dealing we proved that everyday by dealing with the wild man that they both knew Kiba was.

He got to his feet, offering his hand to Kari. She took it and he hefted her to her feet. She smiled and leaned up to kiss Shino but he leaned back, not allowing her to kiss him. She pouted and tried again. Once again he leaned back. This time the two of them fell. They rolled down the hill until they stopped at the bottom. Kari was pinned down by Shino. Kari laughed. Shino had some leaves stuck in his hair. She smiled gently and plucked them out.

Shino pulled a flower of her hair. The petals clung to his finger tips. She looked up at him, laughter dancing in her eyes. He smirked. He leaned down and kissed her. She wanted to reach up and pull him closer but he held her hands down. He was kissing her very chastely. Hardly any contact other than his lip, just barely brushing against hers. He was teasing her. She smirked into the kiss. 'How like him…'

When he pulled back Kari, grinned once more. She couldn't help but break into laugher when he looked at her. His glasses slid down the bridge of his nose and landed on her stomach. She was somewhat lucky it didn't go down her shirt with the way she was wriggling underneath him. That would have been slightly embarrassing to have to pull his glasses out of there. Not that Shino was perverted or anything. Kiba and Naruto were the perverts.

Shino freed on of her hands and took his glasses. When he caught Kari pouting he placed the glasses inside his coat in the coat pocket. Kari instantly stopped pouting. She looked at him wondering what he was going to do next. He helped her to her feet. Kari let him get her to her feet. Then she playfully shoved him and began running from him. She knew he could easily catch up since they were the same speed but it was still a fun game nonetheless.

Shino gave her a ten second head start. Then he began to chase after her. Laughter echoed across the clearing. The wind blew all around them. Flower petals floated on the wind. Never had Kari seen such a peaceful sight andshe was glad to share it with Shino. She saw no one better than Shino to share the night with.

Kari walked across the grass. She had her hand interlocked with Shino's. He smiled at her when they reached the top of a hill. The grass was wet with dew and the night sky seemed to be lit up just for them. She could see a lake below them. It looked like glass underneath the moonlight. Fireflies danced across the surface, making it shimmer. She sighed contently. It was the perfect night for her. Everything was going right.

Then Kari ran towards the water. Shino ran with her. Both of them refused to let go of the other. She smiled when they reached the edge of the lake. She took a step onto the water. Shino let go of her hand, letting her walk across the water's surface. Closer up she could see the fireflies dancing across the top of the water a little better. Now it made it appear as if there were lights underneath it as well. The water seemed to glow.

Kari cast Shino a smile over her shoulder. She walked to the pond's edge and stepped onto the water. Sighing Kari walked to the center of the pond. There wasn't a single ripple as she walked. When she was in the center the fireflies seemed to dance around her. She smiled and watched them with a look of wonder in her eyes. Laughing she looked at Shino, who was watching her from the shore.

He sat underneath a willow tree as the fireflies danced around the girl. She smiled, humming a soft lullaby to herself. Shino looked at her. He had a blank poker face on so she couldn't tell if he was worried about something or if he was just tired. To her surprise he got to his feet after a while and walked across the water towards her. She smiled, not moving an inch, letting him come to her.

When he reached her he bowed, deeply. Then he took her hand in his and placed her other hand on his shoulder. She knew what he was doing when he put his hand on her waist. They were going to dance across the water top. She watched him, laughter dancing in her eyes. She could feel butterflies dancing in her stomach as she watched him.

"May I have this dance?"

"How could I refuse?" She asked.

They began to glide across the water gracefully. The fireflies seemed to dance around them as well. To Kari this was one of the best nights of her life. She never wanted it to end. Everything was perfect. She was with the man she loved, she'd stay with him for a long time, they were going to get married, and she'd have a family that she always wanted. Life was good.

She had received dancing lessons from Shino two years ago. She remembered the event, wincing. She had stepped on his toes so many times in that period of time. She seriously thought he was going to strangle her because of it. After he taught her they went to a festival in Iwa and danced the night away, much like what they were doing right now.



"I love you." Kari said.

"I love you, too, Kari."

Kari walked through the door to the Aburame compound. She no longer felt uncomfortable just showing up there. She felt more than welcome in the home and was glad that they took to her as if she were one of the family. When the two of them walked into the living room the light clicked on. Kari had to shield her eyes from the light.

Yuki and Shibi were sitting in the living room waiting for the two of them. It was much unlike usual. They normally let the two teens stay out as long as they liked. No boundaries, no restrictions holding them back. Kari instantly began to worry. She gripped Shino's coat with the hand that had the ring on it. A squeal of joy made her jump and hold tighter to her fiancé.

"He proposed!" Yuki sighed.

She grabbed Kari and hugged her tightly. Kari just blinked. She wasn't expecting to be hugged the way she was. She could see Shibi, smiling at her. She stiffened. They both knew what Shino was going to do. She blushed darkly. It only made Yuki hug her harder and tighter. Kari nearly winced but she was used to having Yuki hugging her the way she did.

"He did propose..." Kari said, blushing.

"Took you long enough, boy." Shibi said.

"Long enough?" Kari asked.

Kari pulled away from Yuki. She looked at Shibi and then to Shino. She was utterly and completely confused. She blinked once, then twice. Her head was cocked to the side as she looked at her fiancé. She frowned but then smiled when it finally clicked. He had been planning to propose for a while. She blushed and ducked her head so he couldn't see her blushing.

"I had been planning to do it for a while..." Shino said.

"How long?"

"A year and a half."

"That long?" Kari asked shocked.

"I think he was too embarrassed to ask you in fear that you'd say no." Shibi said.

Kari blinked in surprise. Hinata and Kiba had tied the note a year or so ago. They were even expecting a children. Turns out that Hinata was going to have twins. Hiashi wasn't too happy when he found out that Hinata and Kiba were dating but with some gentle nudges from Kari, Neji, Kiba and Naruto he quickly changed his mind. Even Hanabi was on their side. She also wanted her sister to be happy.

Naruto had long since become the Hokage and the Akatsuki were no longer a threat. Even Orchimaru was dead. Everything was peaceful. Everything was perfect with the world. Kari looked up at her friends - no her family and smiled. She finally got the home she wanted. She'd have a loving mother-in-law, which was more than she could say Ino. Ino had married Sai and well, Sai had no family.

She had a caring father-in-law. Shibi had always stood by her when Shino couldn't. She had caught him once or twice watching her from outside her apartment, just checking in on her. He didn't even deny the fact that Shino had sent him to make sure she was okay while he was gone. It was really sweet to know that Shino worried about her while he was gone.

"Idiot..." Kari muttered.

The Aburame family just looked at her as she began laughing. Then she punched Shino in the shoulder, not hard but just enough for there to be some sort of sting. He just stared at her. It was no his turn to be confused. He didn't know why she was laughing the way she was. Slowly she calmed herself down, stopping and clearing her throat.

"I would have said yes even if you had asked sooner, you idiot!" She said.

Then it was Yuki and Shibi's turn to laugh at their son. Shino just hung his head and looked away. Kari smiled. It was fun to embarrass him. Kari just smiled. She leaned up on her tip toes and kissed Shino on the cheek. He pulled her close to him. Now it was her turn to be embarrassed. Shino wasn't going to let her live it down anytime soon either.

The two of them didn't really care for public displays of affection. It never bothered them to hold hands in public but kissing and what not could wait until they were alone. Sure, they had cuddled in front of other couples like Temari and Shikamaru or Hinata and Kiba but they kept other displays for when they were alone.

"I love you." Shino whispered.

"I love you too."

And Kari knew he meant it. She silently thanked Kiba for trying to help her overcome her fear. If he hadn't she'd have been dead and she'd have never gotten to know Shino at all. She smiled and leaned her head against Shino's chest. She was the luckiest girl alive and it was all because of a little dragonfly.

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