Valentine's Day

By ellie-chan101

Here comes another Valentine's Day

What's so great about love anyway

All you do is get hurt in the end

No "Happily Ever After" but then again

Isn't it better to have loved and lost

Instead of being left out in the frost

To have your body and heart feel warm

By someone special as love begins to form

And even if you get hurt when it ends

You should remember you still have your friends

Because love is like bundles of thread

You never know where you're going to be led

Your string can get tangled up or rip

As you go on a confusing trip

Just when you think you found the one

Being together and having fun

But they leave for another person

You try to forget him and curse him

You're hurt, sad and alone

Just staring at the silent phone

But it must rain for a rainbow to appear

Because the one you love might be near

He could the one who's comforting you

You're in denial 'cause you're afraid it might be true

Thinking it through after a while

You'll realize it and no more denial

Carpe diem: seize the day

Let them know some way

From acts of friendship to little blushes

Fast heartbeat and head rushes

One day you'll get the courage to confess

And he just has to do the rest

It may work out it may not

Just know that you gave it a shot

He might be the one at the end of the thread

And happiness comes from the dread

All you can do is hope and pray

That he's the one and he'll stay

If it's not, repeat the steps

Keep getting back up when you trip

Even in the darkest of nights

Just wait until the first rays of sunlight

It's a new beginning of another day

And you know everything will be okay

Even if the day before went wrong

The morning can make you strong

It's a chance to mend the hardships

Make it better even if it's ripped

You can start all over again

Because there will never be an end

There's someone out there for every one

Keep this on your mind so you don't try to run

The road of life is a bumpy track

Don't be afraid to take a chance to act

Learn from your mistakes and don't regret

Live and learn, but don't forget

Take this advice, if you will

And you'll find someone that gives you a tingling chill

The ideal person, just for you

The one who will truly love you