Summary:AU(Alternate Universe) Bella never lived in Phoenix. Instead, she and her mother lived in the sprawling city of New York. And she knew the Cullens, for they lived there until the end of Bella's eighth grade year. So what happens when she runs into them at Forks after she moves in with her father? What happens when she sees them, and they look exactly the same as they did three years ago? Let's find out!


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The Wonders of Fate

"Are you sure you want to do this honey? I mean, you're going from the huge city of New York to the town of Forks." She said 'Forks' as if it was a disease or something. Like it was the last place she thought I'd want to be. She was right. But what she doesn't know can't hurt her.

"Yeah Mom. I'm positive. I'll be fine. I want to go, a lot." I reassured for what seemed to be the billionth time. I had said this lie so many times it almost sounded true. Only I could sense the tiny amount of falseness in my voice, and even that was probably just me being paranoid.

My name is Isabella Marie Swan, but I go by Bella. When I was only a few months old, my mother fled from the dreary, rainy, and gloomy town of Forks. And small. Very small. It was practically microscopic. Compared to New York City, it was the size of a mosquito. The high school there had less than four-hundred students in total, as opposed to my school in New York, which had at least eight-hundred students in my grade alone. And that was only one of the many high schools there.

Well, it was to Forks that I was now sending myself. I wanted my mother to be able to travel with her new husband, Phil. He was a minor league baseball player, and he traveled around a lot. I knew my mother would love to travel with him, but I was always standing in the way. Renée minus Bella equals free time and happiness with Phil. See? The equation was quite simple.

"I'm going to miss you Bella," my mother said, close to tears.Oh no! I thought horrendously. She was going to bring in the waterworks, drowning me in guilt.

"Mom, please don't cry," I whispered, wiping an escaping tear from her face.

"I'm sorry. This is just going to take some getting used to, I guess. I'll really miss you, Bella, a lot."

"I'll miss you too, Mom," I said. I paused before speaking again. "Mom?" I asked.

"Yes?" she sniffled.

"I love you."

A faint smile appeared on her lips. "I love you, too."

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