Closer Togather

an InuYasha Blanket Scenario

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Chapter One

Her day just couldn't seem to get any worse. They had been searching for the shikon shards when it began to snow unexpectedly. A few hours went by and the weather went from snow to a blizzard! Ontop of that, she and InuYasha were seperated from the othes!

Kagome was not expecting it to snow, and she hadn't brought any warmer clothes for herself. It ceased to stop snowing so badly and, and the snow was practically knee high now. The young Miko followed behind the young hanyou male who continued to break through the snow, unlike her, he seemed to be unaffected by the cold. The icy wind stung Kagome's face. The sun was starting to set and it had gotten colder. Her fingers were numb, and she was shivering badly. She hated winter.

InuYasha would look back to check on the girl every so often, making sure she was still following behind him. They would have to find shelter...and soon. He knew that humans, if they got too cold, could die of hypothermia. Not only that worried him, but, she was beginning to smell sick.

Kagome began to cough violently, making the hanyou look back, Worry on his face, though, to her, his expression was unreadable. She was forced to stop walking. When the coughing finally subsided, she noticed InuYasha was looking at her. She smiled slightly to let him know she was okay, which made him turn around and continue breaking through the snow. Kagome followed him.

The inu-hanyou desperately searched for shelter as he walked, Kagome wouldnt last much longer. He stopped once again when he heard Kagome go into another coughing fit. He could tell she was soaked to the bone, her hair looked wet aswell. He felt sorry for the poor girl. Kagome's face was pale and her lips were tinted a light shade of blue...they needed to find shelter.

"Kagome, " InuYasha called, "I'll carry you on my back if you want." he suggested.

Kagome looked up at her hanyou friend and nodded. She stumbled over to him. InuYasha crouched down to make it easier for her to get on. Once she crawled onto his back he secured his arms around her legs to help her stay on better. Kagome layed her head on the back of his shoulder. He could feel how warm she was, the poor girl had become sick Soon after, she closed her eyes falling into unconsiousness, free from the cold and sickness.

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