AN: When I read this spoiler for season two I nearly wet myself with excitement!

Ianto and Jack's relationship is set to develop, with Jack asking Ianto out for a proper date. For those interested (or intrigued), Ianto still keeps his stopwatch handy.

So, I decided to write a fic based on it, and here we are.

Yes Sir?

"Ianto can you come in here a minute?" Ianto propped the tray or aromatic coffees he was holding onto the nearest desk and headed for Jack's office.

"Yes sir?" Ianto could tell Jack was nervous. He was fidgeting and biting his lip. He never fidgeted, and the only time he ever bit his lip was in those kinds of situations.

"I was wondering if you wanted to go out for a drink tonight?" He could hear the apprehension in the other man's voice, and he couldn't resist teasing him just a little.

"Like a date, sir?" He practically purred out the 'sir' and he could see the effect it was having on Jack.

"Erm…yes. Yes, a date." He was fidgeting again, and Ianto couldn't help but feel a little guilty. Only a little, though. After all Jack had run off with the Doctor, and hadn't given Ianto so much as a flirty grin, or 'accidental' squeeze of his bum in all the two months he had been back.

Yes, pay back is a bitch.

"I'll have to think about it sir. May have other plans." Ha! The only plans he had were staying in and eating a curry on his own, but he loved watching Jack squirm.

"Oh. OK." The disappointment in his voice was obvious. Ianto couldn't help a small smile to himself as he walked out of Jack's office, fully aware of Jack's eyes on his ass.

Later when Jack returned to the Hub after a weevil chase with Owen he spotted a yellow post-it note strategically placed on the top of his mound of paperwork. He noticed the hand writing as Ianto's straight away.

"I've checked my plans.

Looks like I'm free tonight, if you still fancy that drink.


P.S. Still got that stopwatch if you're interested?"

Jack looked down onto the Hub where he could see Ianto working. At that precise moment he looked up and gave him a shy smile. Jack returned the gesture with one of his trademark flirty grins, and Ianto knew he's made the right decision.