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Chapter 1

A young blonde woman who looked to be about eighteen stood on the deck of The Waterwolf. Elena sighed as she felt the sea breeze flow through her almost shoulder length hair. Her dark brown eyes scanned the horizon. Her eyes were met by nothing but the ocean. Elena sighed, she didn't know why but she had a feeling that something bad was going to happen.

Elena felt a tug on her sleeve; she looked down to see the cabin boy and ships messenger Callam. Elena's face softened in to a smile as she saw his strait blond hair, just long enough to tie into a low ponytail, and wide innocent blue eyes. Callam was bout five and had been found by Elena wondering one of the many ports they had visited.

Elena had rescued him from being chased by a pair of thugs he had stolen from. It turned out that Callam was orphaned, forcing him to fend for himself, meaning to steal. After that Elena had felt an odd sense of attachment to the small boy and readily protected him from the rough crew. Though Elena was petite in build she, knew where to hit a person in order to cause excruciating pain, besides the groin and stomach, Elena knew that spots under the armpits and behind the knees was extremely sensitive.

Elena leaned down and looked the cute boy in the eyes "What is it Callam". Callam gave Elena a sweet smile "Cap'tn wants to know if we need to stock up on anythings" he said. Elena shook her head "Please tell the Captain that we don't need any supplies". Callam nodded and ran of to deliver the message. Smiling Elena watched Callam scamper away to deliver the message.

The smile turned into a frown as she once again scanned the empty horizon, unable to shake her uneasy feeling. Elena shook her head and returned to the cabin area.


It was now dusk and the star were beginning to shine. Elena lay on her back on the deck and watch as the stars got clearer; Elena smiled as Callam dropped down beside her resting on his stomach with his hands under his chin. Elena subconsciously fingered a gold circular pendent on a gold chain. The pendent was inscribed with odd symbols. Elena tucked the necklace under her shirt. They remained there surrounded by a comfortable silence.


The sound and vibration cannon fire resonated throughout the ship. "Shit!" Elena blurted as she jumped to her feet. She then looked guiltily at the small boy standing beside her. However he seemed not to have herd as he was clutching tightly to Elena's leg, eyes wide in shock.

Elena swept Callam up onto her arms as she quickly but cautiously made her way to the sound of fighting. Elena put the boy down and drew a pistols as the drew near to the sounds of fighting.

Elena soon saw another ship floating alongside the name on the side simply read 'Shin-Ra Turks'. The crew of Elena's vessel contained at least two dozen men, Elena was surprised to see half of them unconscious. What surprised Elena the most was that there only five people fighting. Their captain had remained on their on vessel, merely looking at the raging chaos.

Elena blushed, the captain was extremely handsome. He appeared to be of Wutain (sp?) heritage. He had pale skin and long black hair. His eyes were so dark they could be mistaken as black, he looked to be about twenty-two twenty-three years old. Elena quickly turned her attention to the opposition's crew.

One of the tallest ones was completely bald. He tanned and was of muscular build and wore sunglasses making it impossible to determine his eye colour. His facial expression seemed to be frozen on stoic and expressionless as he mercilessly pummelled the crew. The other tall one was lanky and had messy red hair, which was spiky at the front but was tied into a low pony tail. He had piercing Mako blue eyes, which seemed to dance with mischief as he zapped her fellow crew with an EMR. The red head looked to be twenty or twenty-one, while the bald man looked to be the same age as the his Captain.

The other three looked younger than the redhead and bald man. The youngest seemed to be about fifteen, while the oldest about seventeen or eighteen. They seemed to be related as the all were pale and had silver hair of varying lengths, and cat green eyes. Elena assumed that they were brothers.

The youngest one seemed to be in charge as Elena saw him telling his 'brothers' what to do. He had neck length hair, which continuously fell into his eyes, as gracefully wielded a double bladed katana. The teen's hair didn't seem to bother him though as he cut through the crew as if they were water.

The middle brother had the longest hair which fell a little past his shoulders. He wielded an impressive looking gun which looked to have ended many love as Elena looked around at the bodies. She had to admit that his aim was yet to be unrivalled by anyone she had seen.

The oldest had his silver hair cut short. He had an odd looking weapon which seemed to generate electricity (I have no idea how to describe Loz's weapon). He was built bulkier than his two slimmer 'brothers'.

Elena shook herself from her dazed state. Elena had never liked killing despite working for naval ships as well as merchant ships. Making sure that Callam was behind her, Elena shot at the redhead, his shout of annoyance and pain told her she had hit him. Elena was surprised as he kept fighting despite getting shot in the knee.

Annoyed Elena changed targets to the bald man, who to Elena's shock merely grunted when she shot him in the shoulder. Getting really annoyed Elena shot the short silver haired brother in the arm. To Elena's extreme surprise he seemed ready to cry. This was by far the oddest crew Elena had crossed paths with.

Elena's eye's narrowed in determination. She heard taunts coming from the redhead deciding to focus on him. As shots from Elena's gun wrung out the air was filled with very rude but creative curses from the lanky man. Elena frowned as something tugged at her memories; the Wutain, redhead and bald man looked vaguely familiar.


Flash back

Thirteen year old Elena watched as her older sister Gun came home with her friends. Gun introduced a Wutain boy in his late teens as Tseng, a red haired boy a couple of years younger as Reno, and a bald boy also in his late teens as Rude. Gun looked smug as she said "They work at sea for Governor Shinra and his son Rufus for their merchant business "her older sister had said proudly. Gun had also claimed that she was going to follow them. After long arguments with their parents they finally let Gun go with them.

They hadn't heard from her since.

End Flash back


Elena whirled around to see the captain whom she thought was Tseng. She suddenly felt calloused fingers at the pressure point behind her neck. She felt her gun drop fro her hand, Elena slowly collapsed on Callam whom tried to shield bodily. Elena saw the world go black as she fell in unconsciousness.

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