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Chapter 4

'Me and my big mouth' Elena thought. Elena furiously began trying to think of a believable lie.

Reno however had other plans, "Don't think you can lie to us, we're the Turks, yo" he said smirking. Elena glared at the redhead, before catching sight of Tseng, whose face was a blank mask. Elena gulped silently, and wisely decided to follow her instincts and tell the truth.

Elena sighed. "Make yourselves comfortable we might be here for a while" the petite teenager said, resigned. "Do you remember the plague?" Tseng nodded grimly, remembering the disease that had killed thousands. Judging by the look of the other members on the ship, they remembered as well. Elena continued grimly "Anyway…"


Flashback (eight years)

It was the year that the plague had swept through The Planet, wiping out many of The Planets inhabitants, human and animal a like. A small blonde eight year old girl wept by the bodies of her dead parents. Another girl who looked about two years older approached the sobbing girl. Looking at the two, passers-by could tell they were sisters, due to the similarity in appearance.

"Get up Elena. No matter how much we want it crying won't bring them back" Gun said sternly. While most would thing that she was being hash, Gun was being realistic. The facts were; both their parents were dead. They were alone in the world with no relatives to help them. They had to fend for themselves. Elena's sobs echoed through the air.

"Come on Elena. I've heard about a group that helps kids in our situation. They're in Midgar." Gun said consolingly. "Re-Really" eight year old Elena asked. Gun nodded solemnly, she may only be ten, but Elena was her baby sister, and Gun would protect her at all costs. "I heard that they are the fierce guardians of the sky; they are called the sky dragons" Elena's eyes widened in awe and fascination, at her older sisters words. The Sky Dragons.

After taking one last look at their parents' bodies, Gun and Elena packed for the trip. They took everything from gil to food, blankets to jewellery, as realised that they would need money to get to their destination. The house was now emptier as the girls had taken anything that could be useful.

Gun looked at the place they had called home knowing that they would never see it again. With that the sisters left Costa del Sol leaving their tainted happy past for what they thought would be a better future. Both got on the next bus to Midgar.

When they reached Midgar, they had been at a loss at what to do. Neither of them knew where to start looking for the revered Sky Dragons. After hiding their packs, the girls started to look and ask about the elusive group. As the sun started to go down, both girls were exhausted, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Surprisingly neither had started quarrelling, like they would have if their parents been alive. Elena realised that Gun was the only person she had to depend on, while Gun was very protective of her only family left. Both girls had been close even before the plague, now with the death of their loving parents they were determined to stay together.

Sighing Gun decided to call it a night "Alright Laney, let's find a place to stay for the night, it's gonna get dark soon. We'll find the Dragons tomorrow" Gun said, they girls had decided to take a break, so they had stopped at a public park. Elena nodded she was ready to drop, but refused to complain. If Gun could take it than she could to, Elena refused to make her sisters' job harder by complaining.

They were about to leave when, when a boy in his early teens approached them. The boy was dressed in a very smart and expensive suit. He was tanned and looked like he spent a lot of time in the sun. The boys' grey eyes had a hint of blue in them; his hair which was midnight blue was tied in a low ponytail which was a few inches above his waist. He was frowning slightly, and looked concerned. "Why are you children out here alone? Where are your parents? They'll be worried about you." he said concerned.

Despite his brotherly demeanour, Gun ironically wasn't about to trust a stranger. "Yeah, our parent's dropped us of here to play. They told us to get home before dark, so we have to go" Gun lied, as she looked at the man suspiciously. Elena catching on nodded solemnly "They told us we had to come straight home, and not talk to strangers" she added innocently.

The teenager smiled inwardly, he knew that they were lying. He had seen them wandering around Midgar ever since they had gotten of the bus. They had caught his attention with their over stuffed backpacks. He was impressed that they had hidden them in a place no one would look. His instincts were right; these kids had lost their parents to the plague. The Sky Dragons were always on the lookout for new recruits.

The Dragons always sent out young people to public places such as bus stops, and train stations to find new orphans. They were known as scouts. The Dragons were smart as they sent out those who had a friendly and comforting air to them, so that the children would trust them more easily. To the Dragons, getting the trust of the orphans was important, as it would eventually cement their loyalty to the gang.

The scouts were also fairly young. This was to make the sure that children didn't feel intimidated, yet they were also able to feel comforted by the presence of someone who was older. The small age difference was meant to relax the children, making them feel that they were safer, as they were in the company of someone who was older and wiser.

The teenager whose name was Connor was happy. Not only did he have possible new recruits, but they were obviously intelligent. They would make excellent additions to the Dragons in the future. All Connor had to do know was get the children to follow him willingly, as kidnapping them would definitely not get loyalty from them. Connor knew that all these girls needed was an incentive to follow him, he had heard them discussing the Dragons.

The boy nodded, "Oh, that's good. Be careful, you know that the plague is killing a lot of people. If you know anyone who has lost their parents to the plague, tell them to find the Sky Dragons, they always help kids in need." Connor said as he watched the girls carefully.

Gun and Elena looked at each other. Gun eyed the boy and said cautiously "If we did anyone in that situation how could they find the Sky Dragons". Connor's smiled softly at them "I know how to contact them, and I'm normally around this park at this time, my name is Connor by the way" he said.

It was true, the case of a children arriving just before dark in Midgar was slim to none, but the Dragons always had someone at the places just in case anyway. Each of the scouts had also been "given" as public place to watch. It just so happened that the two girls he had been watching had chosen to rest at his designated park.

His inward smile now practically a beam, Connor knew that the almost had the trust of the girls, they didn't have many other choices anyway. Gun and Elena froze. Gun didn't know what to do next. Here was someone who said that they knew where to find what they were looking for, but Gun didn't know if the could trust him.

The girls watched as comprehension, sadness, sympathy and understanding appeared on his face. "You lost your parents didn't you?" he said gently. Gun nodded stiffly. "I know you don't have any reason to trust me, but I promise you, I can take you the Sky Dragons" he said in the same gentle tone.

"Pinkie promise?" Elena asked as she held up her pinkie finger. "Pinkie promise." Connor said smiling as he hooked his own pinkie around Elena's, and shook it gently.

Still in quandary Gun assessed her options. She unlike Elena knew that a pinkie promise meant moot to most, but she didn't have many other options. Sure they had gil, but it wouldn't last them forever. Both she and Elena needed food, and lodging, so most of there money would be used on that. From what she had seen things here were pretty expensive, so the money they had taken wouldn't last long.

Connor say the look of resignation on Guns face, "So, you want to come?" he asked. Gun hesitated for a second before nodding. "Can you wait a few minutes, so we can grab our stuff" Elena asked as she practically bounced from excitement, they were going to join the group she revered.

Connor gave a genuine chuckle, "Of course small fry" he said humorously. Elena pouted "I'm not a fry. I may be small, but I'm not a fry. Fries are yummy, they made out of potatoes. I'm not made out of potato." Elena said. Even Gun had smile at this, Elena looked really cute when she pouted.

After they retrieved the backpacks, Connor led them to a nice looking house. Entering a large hall the two sisters realised that it was the dining room, there were rows and of tables occupied by many adults and children.

Gun and Elena were surprised; there were dozens and dozens of other children. All of them looked happy and relaxed. Connor led them to two empty spaces on the dinner table, he sat with them. Gun and Elena looked at the food in front of them it looked really good. They only had eaten dry supplies like chips, as Gun had wanted to save their gil. Connor seemed to notice their hesitation, "Go on dig in, it was made to be eaten" he urged. Needing no more prompting they dug in with vigour.

After dinner, Connor told them they would be taught how to look after themselves. They would be educated, trained in fighting, taught how to use computers, weapons and many other skills which were deemed necessary by the group.

Connor also told them that if they wanted to stay here all they would have to do was learn all these things to best of their ability. They didn't have to decide know, but they had till morning. Of course nothing in the world comes free, the children being young didn't even think about the price till it was too late.

In the morning the Gun and Elena told Connor that they wanted to stay. Neither noticed that the sad smile that appeared on Connor's face. The girls didn't know what they had committed themselves to, none of the children here did. Connor had a feeling that even he didn't know what the Sky Dragons were really after.

Connor was old enough to know that only people who were desperate were here. To be honest, the building only housed those who had no other options. In a warped way this was the only family he had, and he would rather have a dysfunctional family than none at all.

End Flash back


"Well that didn't take that long" Reno said. Ellie rolled her eyes, sometimes she wondered if he had lost one too many brain cells during their many. Elena had stopped when they were kids, obviously more had happened when they had grown older.

Tseng however was thinking. Gun had certainly left out that detail when she had applied to be a Turk. Perhaps that would explain how the now infamous gang had always just avoided being caught.

It was true that the Turks had caught some of the gang, but those that were captured, were merely pawns. Pawns that didn't know anything of use. If Tseng had learned one thing about chest, pawns always go first. When Gun had been alive had she been a traitor?

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