Hey here's a messed up story! Lol another yes. Sorry I had to post it before I forgot all of it. It's a high school/band touring story kay read review!



-------------------------------annoying separation line------------------------------------


'Oh crap. Ino is gonna kill me that's like what…the third one this week?' 'haha nope the fifth.' How she hated her inner sometimes… 'Shut up' 'fine…crazy woman yelling at yourself to shut up…. tsk' 'I'm not crazy YOU are!!!' 'I AM you…'

"SAKURA!!!" Ino Screeched up the stairs, "Get your ass out of bed its 6:00 already!!!"

"Uuughhh five more minutes…" I mumbled 'did she HAVE to be such a morning person?'

"Don't make me come up there, or I might just send temari..." Ino threatened.

"I'm up!" I shot out of bed not wanted to get ice water dumped on me again.

After taking a shower, brushing my teeth and getting dressed and all that fun morning stuff I walked downstairs.

"Good morning Sakura," greeted the almost always shy Hinata. A smile was on her face as she turned to walk with me.

"Oi Tenten what's for breakfast?" I asked as a delicious aroma filled the dinning room as it seep through the kitchen doors. 'I didn't think I was THAT hungry haha' 'CHA! Hurry up I'm starving!!'

"Well, bagels, eggs, bacon, omelets if you want and V8." Tenten appeared with massive food trays filled with dishes she knew would be wolfed down in moments.

"Ino, your alarm clock broke…" Well she was gonna find out sooner or later.

"Again?!?! Sakura your are so lucky your like my sister or I would kill you about now." Ino teased.

"Hey don't we need to get to school soon it is the first day after all." Hinata remarked checking the time.

"Yea but where's Temari?" Tenten looked confused; Temari was usually the first to eat.

"Miss me?" Temari's voice was coming from the stair way.

"Oh of course Temari what would we do with out you all mighty one?" Ino sarcastically went along with her.

Soon all of us began giggling. Why? Hell we didn't have a clue but when we stopped we realized we were late to school already.

"Shit! And I wanted to show off my new outfit." Tenten pouted.

"Well let's go already!!" I demanded as I opened the car door.

-------------------------------annoying separation line again----------------------------

End chapter one. Okay pretty much the summary is the girls live together at one house and are all in their junior year of high school. The guys who haven't come in yet also live together in one home and are juniors at the same school both 'gangs' are in separate bands and they are rivals/enemies w/e you say. Oh well hope you enjoy the story so far. ♥ R&R