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The school bell rang and everyone began to leave.

"Wait! Damn kids don't have respect." Anko mumbled the last part.

"Put your finished projects in the back left corner then you can leave."

"Hey, um what if he's my project?" Naruto pointed at the now awake and fuming Shikamaru.

Anko began laughing and took a picture, "I have a copy good work Naruto."

::End Recap::

Naruto walked out the door with his heads behind his head. Grinning that Cheshire cat grin of his. He hadn't a care in the world. That was until He felt a glare boring into the back of his head. Turing around to meet the gaze of the now infuriated Shikamaru, Naruto's grin faded as he began to run as if his life depended on it, which at that moment I think it did.

"NARUTO!!!" Shikamaru's Voice rang out through the hall ways making some people that were near him cringe. Being the lazy genius he was, Shikamaru walked into the bathroom to wash the paint from his face knowing he could get pay back in the next class seeing as his and Naruto's schedules were the same.

"I'm alive!!" Naruto screamed much to the students', which occupied the classroom, displeasure. Jumping for joy he was suddenly tackled to the ground.

"Eeeep!!" Naruto screeched.

"You're so troublesome you know that, baka?" Stated Shikamaru dully. Naruto noticed his face was clean of all paints and no longer looked like an evil cartoon character with a purple 'evil mustache', and no fuzzy Lee eyebrows, pink eye shadow, purple-silver-ish eyeliner, cherry red lipstick or multi colored polka-dots.(where Naruto got the make-up I don't know).

"Awwwh you ruined my art Shikamaru!" Naruto whined getting smacked up-side the head for his stupidity.

"Classsss. Pleasssssse ssssit down and sssshut up." Hissed a creepy pedophile looking guy. Long black hair and purple tinted skin and wearing… is that a dress? "I will be your teacher. My Name is Orochimaru. Welcome to Sssssciance."

Shivers went down all the children's backs. Man this guy was creepy.

"What was with his hair? Was he a Michael Jackson groupie, or just a creepazoid? Oh Mi Goshes!! Is that purple eye shadow?" Sakura whispered to Temari, Ino Hinata and Tenten.

The girls began to giggle and then all burst out laughing. Ino even fell out of her chair!

"Buhaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!" she yelled and laughed.

Temari's face began to turn red from lack of oxygen. Tenten was leaning on Hinata for support who was shaking and failing to suppress her laughter. Sakura was already rolling on the floor with tears pouring from her eyes.

"And jusssst WHAT isss ssssssso funny?" Orochimaru asked in his 'I'm Sasuke's pedophile stalker' voice.

"Noooooooooooooottthhhiiinnngggg…" the girls all said in the 'I'm innocent' pretend voice.

"No more interruptionssssssssss." He glared, then turned and saw Sasuke staring at the scene like the rest of the class. Little pink anime hearts became his eyes but no one saw them. Then he went back to the front of the class and began talking…… and talking… and talking…and ta- BRINNNGGG!! The bell rang FINALLY!!! (Sorry this class was short but,,, lol more will happen in the days and classes to follow XD)

"FINALLY! Ugh that guy Orochphile is SOOO weird!" Tenten yelled after exiting the class room.

"LUNCH TIME!!" Temari smiled at the schedule.

They walked towards the lunch room laughing and talking about what songs to play at the audition.

"Hmmm what to eat…" They mused.

"I'll just get a salad… what about you guys?" Hinata asked grabbing a salad bowl and adding her lettuces and other vegetables into her salad.

"A veggie wrap!" Sakura ran over to the wrap and sub station.

"I'll just get a sub." Tenten smiled walked to the station Sakura stood at.

"Salad!" Ino began making her salad as well.

"Pishshaa! You healthy people… I'm getting pizza!" Temari laughed.

----------------------------MuSiCa ahHhHhHhHhHhHhH AaAaAhHhHhHaAaAaAaHhHh-------------------------------------------

"Finally lunch! I'm soooo hungry!!!" Naruto complined rubbing his stomach for emphasis.

"You're ALWAYS hungry Naruto…" Kankuro sighed. (lol I was spelling his name wrong sorry!!)

"So, I'm not Mr. Make-up Man!" Naruto shouted.

"Huh?" Kankuro was confused.

"NOTHING!" Neji yelled putting his hand over Naruto's mouth.

"Whatever." Kankuro shrugged.

"What a drag. Let's just eat lunch." Shikamaru walked into the cafeteria and grabbed a tray.


"PIZZA!" Naruto ran to the pizza and grabs 3 slices.

The rest of the guys got food, duh. Shikamaru got a cheeseburger, Kankuro got chicken nuggets, Neji got a sub, and Gaara got a wrap.


"AHH! I forgot ice cream!!!" Sakura yelled. She turned back and began to grab dessert for everyone.

"COOKIES!" Naruto screamed grabbing all the cookies.

"Buwah!" Sakura tripped and fell backwards surprised at Naruto's random pop out of nowhere scene and outburst.

Her trap flew up and her veggie wrap landed on Neji's head!

"What the hell? WHY ARE THERE PICKLES AND LETTUCE IN MY HAIR?!?" He swerved around quickly, too quickly. He accidentally bumped into Ino who threw her salad in the air as a reaction. The salad was all over the, now again, fuming Shikamaru (the bowl was on his head!) who threw his cheeseburger at Ino but instead it hit Hinata. Hinata slipped on the lettuce that was on the floor and her salad which was now covering Kankuro who threw his chicken nuggets at Temari and got the stuck in her radical hair! Temari was pissed and threw her pizza in Kankuro's direction only to end up hitting Gaara in the face! He dropped his tray in surprise and his wrap unfolded and got all over Tenten who rushed to Sakura's side. Only she ended up slipping on the dressing and condiments on the floor.

As you can expect, this was a slightly hilarious picture. Everyone has food all over them and to say the least the lunch ladies and janitors were NOT happy.


"Okay okay! Don't bite our heads off!" Sakura shook her fist at them glaring.

That didn't last long because suddenly all the girls burst into fits of giggles. Which only got worse when the boys began looking at them like 'what's so funny we have detention the first day of school, AND are covered in food…? '

"You should see your faces!!" Temari and Tenten giggled.

"Hilarious!" Hinata was leaning against Ino and vise versa.

Sakura was laughing and leaning on Gaara's leg. (The girls are all on the floor while the guys are standing and Naruto is sitting on the cookie counter eating teh cookies!)

"Lets go get cleaned up then get to class. We have gym next!" Sakura cheered after she began to breathe normal again, giggling every now and again.

"Okay!" the girls stood and followed Sakura to the girls' locker room.

"What just happened?" Naruto asked after the girls left the room.

Poor Neji was still crying about his salad tainted hair. Shikamaru took the bowl off his head and began walking after Gaara into the boys' locker room. The rest followed after them.


END CHAPTER 6!!!!!!!!!

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