Yeah, so if you've seen the video clip, it's after that. Inspired by a teeny bit from The Wedding Date.

Disclaimer: I'm just playing with them! Not mine I'm afraid.

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"Rose? Nah, it can't be you… can it?" the Doctor asked, his brow furrowed, his eyes squinted slightly.

"Oh it's her Doctor," Donna said, shaking her head, amused at the sheer look of shock on the Doctor's face.

"It's me," Rose said, smiling nervously across at him, as she balled her hands in the sleeves of her jacket, worried he wouldn't believe it was her.

"But.. but.. it's impossible! You can't travel across the void, and between universes, it's impossible! Not without destroying the two universes, don't you think I tried!"

"Yeah, well I did it. And you want proof it's me? The very first word you said to me, we were trapped in that cellar, surrounded by shop window dummies. You took my hand, and said one word, just one word. "Run" And we never stopped." Rose said as calmly as she could, emotion edging into her voice slowly.

"Rose? Oh Rose it is you!" The Doctor cried, and ran towards her, sweeping her up in his arms, Jack, Martha and Donna all looking on with huge grins on their faces as they saw the reunion that was long overdue. Eventually, the Doctor put her down, and lowered his lips gently to hers, and kissed her as though he was going to kiss her forever, his hand cupping her cheek, before moving down her neck, before she broke off.

"I should be going…" Rose said, a sheepish look on her face, not only from the kiss.

"But, what? You can't!" The Doctor gasped, horrified at the thought of losing her again so soon after finding her again.

"I have too," she said, and smiled. "We've got a world to save after all!" and grinning, she took his hand, and they ran off to save the day, Jack, Martha and Donna racing after them.

And between them, between all of them, the world was safe. Until the next time of course.