New Chyan Fic

A Holiday to Remember

Genre: Romance, Holiday

Summary: After the baseball game at Lava Springs, Chad and Ryan have become fast friends. Now, four months later, its almost Christmas and Chad is starting to act strange. No one knows why. Ryan is determined to find out what's going on. Not only that, but he's so in love with Chad, its beginning to scare him. Scared that he won't return his feelings. ChadxRyan, TroyxSharpay, Chyan and Troypay fic.

It was the first of November and for once the weather in Albuquerque had taken a much colder turn. Ryan Evans was sitting in his bedroom, staring out the window. So many things had changed for him in just a few short months. For once, Ryan could actually say that he was happy. He had friends, who really cared about him and who he cared about in return. Other than his sister, Sharpay, Ryan couldn't actually say he any real friends.

It had all started back during the summer when the East High Wildcats had been hired to work at his parent's country club. When he first found out, he was less than thrilled about it. Turns out Sharpay had only wanted Mr. Fulton to hire Troy, but instead ended up hiring what seemed like the whole school.

Not too early into his summer vacation, Sharpay had stopped paying attention to him and had begun following Troy Bolton around like a little lost puppy dog. Of course, she would never admit to it, but that's how it ended up. Sharpay's goal had been to break Gabriella and Troy up so she could have him all to herself. And unbelievably, she had succeeded in it. Gabi had quite her job and broken up with Troy all in the course of five minutes.

Of course, everyone had expected them to get back together, but in the end, they had both decided they were just too different to make things work. So, after separating on good terms, Troy had set his eyes on none other than Sharpay Evans herself. No one could say they had seen this one coming. Troy eventually admitted he had liked Sharpay following him around for most of the summer. They have been together for almost four months now. Gabriella was happy for them, while still single, she said it just made more sense for Troy to be with someone like Sharpay.

Ryan was happy for his sister. She had finally landed the man of her dreams and he seemed to be just as in love with her as she was with him. Turns out, Troy Bolton was a good person. He treated Sharpay like the Queen she always knew she was. What surprised Ryan the most was how he had started being nice to him. Ryan had gone to school with Troy his entire life and not once had he ever acknowledged him in passing. My how things had changed. There wasn't a day gone by that Ryan didn't hang out with Troy. Not only Troy, but Gabi, Taylor, Kelsi and Chad as well.

Ah, Chad. That's where Ryan's smile grew. Just the mention of the darker skinned boys name sent shivers down Ryan's spine. Since the staff baseball game, Ryan and Chad had become hast friends. They would often be seen sitting by the pool, talking away. Sometimes Ryan would sit in the kitchen and wait for Chad's break to start so they could have lunch together. It was an odd sight, but one that East High had soon come to expect. Once school started back, Chad could usually be found sitting in the back of the auditorium waiting for Ryan to finish whatever Sharpay had him going over at the time.

While spending so much time together, Ryan had found out many things he had never knew about Chad before. And the same was said for Chad. He found out things about Ryan that no one knew.

One of the most surprising things the boys had learned about each other was something they also had in common. While no one but Sharpay knew Ryan's secret, Troy, Gabi, Taylor and Kelsi all knew Chad's.

It was the night of the staff pool party that found all seven friends sitting on the golf green watching the fireworks. Laughing and joking and just telling stories Troy had gotten a little carried away with his rambling. Looking back, Ryan was almost sure someone had slipped something into his drink.

Laughing at his own attempt at a joke, Troy fell backwards onto his back.

"Oh, man! That was hilarious! Right guys? Right?" Troy asked.

"Sure man, whatever you say." Chad spoke, rolling his eyes.

"Dude, you so wouldn't get it anyway. I mean, why would a joke about a hot dumb blonde make you laugh, you're as gay as they come!"

As drunk as Troy might have been, as soon as the words left his mouth he sobered immediately.

"Oh, shit, Chad, I'm sorry man."

Chad could only stare at his friend. It wasn't like he was mad at Troy for saying it, just shocked that who he had said it in front of. Sharpay and Ryan Evans. Turning to look at them, he saw a well-placed smirk on Sharpay's face and the faint sign of a blush on Ryan's.

"Its ok, Troy. Not like it was that big a secret anyway."

Chad turned once again to look at the Evan's twins. This time, he caught Sharpay poking Ryan in the side and whispering something in his ear. Ryan was now completely red in the face. Chad found it almost cute.

"Damnit, Ryan! Just tell them already!" Everyone was shocked to hear Sharpay yell, especially at her own brother.

"Shar, no. Please, don't make me." Ryan said, almost pleadingly.

If ever the ground would open up, Ryan wished it were now.

"God, Ryan, stop being such a little Drama King. No one here is going to care!"

"Um, Sharpay, what are you talking about?" Gabriella spoke. After their confrontation at the pool, Gabi and Sharpay had gotten back together and talked through most of their issues with each other. They were now as close as best friends could get.

"Ug, Ryan has this stupid little secret that he won't tell anyone! It's not even that big a deal but all he can see is everyone running away from him screaming. Like I said, Drama King." Sharpay rolled her eyes as she spoke.

"Ry, man, come one. If you have something you want to tell us, we'll listen. No one here is going to judge you for it." Troy smiled as he spoke to Ryan.

"Thanks, Troy, but really. Sharpay is making way too much out of this. Its not that big of a deal."

"Ryan Nicholas Evans, if you don't tell our friends right now what your secret is, then I WILL!"

"What? Shar, no! Why are you doing this to me?"

The look on Sharpay's face softened. She scooted closer to her brother and put her arms around him. Leaning her head on his shoulder, she spoke.

"Ry, I care about you and I just want you to be happy. I can see that you aren't. Not with this secret you've been carrying. Just tell them. They won't care. It would be highly hypocritical of them if they did."

After a few minutes of no one speaking, Ryan turned to face his new friends. Most of them were smiling at him. He instantly felt at ease. There was just something about them.

"Ok, guys the thing is...well, what Sharpay has been trying to get me to tell you is that I'm gay."

"That's it?" Taylor asked.

"Yeah. That's it. I'm gay."

"Dude, why would we care? If we're cool with Chad then why would we have a problem with you?" Troy punched Ryan in the arm, almost knocking him over.

"I guess I thought you guys wouldn't like me anymore. I mean, you've known Chad a lot longer than me. I'm the new guy. I just didn't want to lose the only real friends I've got."

"Aww, Ryan! Honey, we love you, no matter if you are gay or straight!" Gabriella pulled him into a massive hug.

Not giving them time to break apart, Sharpay join into the hug.

"Love you, Ry."

Quickly following Ryan soon found himself being hugged by not only his sister and Gabi, but Taylor, Kelsi, Troy and Chad as well.

That night was almost three months ago.

It was Sharpay's shrill voice that pulled him from his memory.


Rolling his eyes, Ryan got up from where he was sitting and opened his door.

"What is it, Shar?"

"Ryan, are you ready yet? We have to meet Troy and everyone else in less than an hour!"

"For what?"

"Oh my God, you forgot, didn't you?"


"Dang it, Ryan, we have to meet them at the mall. We are going to draw names for Secret Santa's and then start our shopping tonight!"

"Crap, I did forget. Give me twenty minutes to get ready. I'll meet you in the car."

"Sure thing, Ry. Just hurry please! I can NOT be late!"

"K, Shar. Be ready soon." With that, he closed the door and Sharpay could hear him throwing things around in his room. She silently rolled her eyes. She was just happy to finally see her brother happy. And if she had anything to say about it, she knew exactly what she would be getting him for Christmas.

A/N: So, here is the first chapter of my Christmas fic. Just incase anyone missed it, this is a CHYAN fic! Yay for Chyan! Not only is it Chyan but its Troypay too! Anyway, I hope everyone likes this. I have an idea where I want this to go, so I'm thinking somewhere around ten chapters. Maybe less. I'm not sure yet.

So, if you liked it and want me to continue, leave me some feedback! Good or bad, I'll take what I can get! Until next time, Tootles:)