Hi, everybody! This story, as you know, is called "Goodbye Bella". I really wanted to write something different.

And yes, Bella really does die in this story. Not yet, though. It's sad, but I think it's good. This is my second fanfic, so hopefully you'll like it!

Dear E-Journal,

Charlie exploded. We told him about our engagement and he blew up. Right now, I'm in my room (I was sent here by Charlie) and Edward, after climbing through my window a couple minutes ago, has been pacing back and forth across the small space. He's really upset by everything Charlie said. I am, too, but I think Edward was secretly hoping Charlie would be pleased. Impossible.

Edward has every right to be upset. Even if he isn't so much upset as distraught. Charlie was terrible to him. Charlie said he thinks Edward threatened me to accept Edward's proposal. He said Edward just wants me to watch me get hurt all over again when he leaves. Edward tried to tell Charlie that he wasn't going to leave again, that he couldn't leave again, but Charlie cut him off. He said that Edward was a good-for-nothing that deserved prison time. He even went to get his handcuffs before he realized that he had no legal reason to arrest Edward though I'm sure he thought long and hard about it.

Bella's POV

"Edward? Are you okay?" The way he's acting is really starting to frighten me. He's usually so calm and collected. I'm afraid he's reconsidering…everything. "Edward, it's alright. We can just…elope. Or we can get married without him. We're old enough to get married without parental consent."

"Bella. Maybe we should just…" He trails off and looks at me closely. Suddenly, I see the floor rushing away from me to be replaced by Edward's hard lap. We're sitting on my rocking chair.

He sighs. "Maybe we should just…" Again he can't finish and lays his head on top of mine. "I don't know. You should have heard what he was thinking. It was worse than what he saying. Not by much though."

I can't stand to see Edward this upset.

But there's not anything I can do. I guess I'll just have to wait here and see what Edward wants to do. I want to get married to him. Not because it's something I really want to do, I still shudder at the thought, but because Edward wants to. And when we do, I can be changed. We can move off somewhere, and live happily ever after. Or, we should.

"I'm okay." He must have noticed how I was looking at him, watching his every movement.

"Why don't we go out and do something?" My enthusiasm is so fake he actually surrenders a low chuckle. "We both need something to keep our minds off of today's…occurrences. Come on – let's go see a movie or something!"

In response, he turns my head toward him and gives me a slow kiss. Once I pull away for breath, he tucks my head under his chin and says, "I'd love to. But what about Charlie? I don't think he'll be thrilled about the two of us going and doing anything right now."

I feel the teenage anger rise up in me again and practically spit, "Who cares about what he thinks? I'm of legal age. And we're engaged! We should be able to go out on a date without anyone protesting!"

He laughs and stokes my face, willing me to calm down so Charlie doesn't hear and come to investigate. As always, the effect is instantaneous. I calm down immediately.

"I'll meet you in my truck in a half hour." I give him a quick kiss goodbye before he ducks out the window and speeds down the tree. I stare after his nearly invisible form as it speeds into the woods. He must be going out to hunt while I get ready.

I hope you like it now! See, it's not all depressing. It's just a different kind of story than some of the others. I hope you'll keep reading!