Chapter 7

Minerva McGonagall stood outside of the Great Hall with her newborn daughter Faith resting in her arms. She had decided to forgo the severe appearance she had presented to the world to rebel against Voldemort and was now second-guessing her decision. Her husband, who was standing next to her holding Joy in his arms, attempted to reassure her, "You look wonderful my love, everyone will accept your true appearance."

Minerva sighed in defeat and looked down at Hope when she felt a tug on her robes. Hope smiled at her mother before saying, "You pretty Mama!"

Minerva laughed and then playfully tapped her daughter on her button nose. She looked down at her clothing once more and gathered her courage. She moved her head a bit and smiled as her long raven hair sway freely from side to side. It had been decades since she had worn her hair down in public and she had forgotten how wonderful it felt. Her baggy green robes were replaced with formfitting red robes. She showed quite a bit of cleavage and hoped it did not cause the male students and teachers too much distraction. "I am ready," she said in a mere whisper before pushing open the oak doors to the Great Hall.

Minerva and Severus entered the Great Hall carrying their twin daughters while Hope trotted along a few steps ahead of them. A silence fell upon the Great Hall as the Snape family made their way to the teachers table. Minerva could fell every eye upon her but she refused to glare back at them as she normally would have instead she simply smiled a genuine smile.

"Bloody hell, McGonagall's hot," she heard a Ravenclaw boy shouted and then immediately saw his presumable girlfriend slap him on the shoulder.

A minute later Hope laughed happily and stopped at the Gryffindor table where Harry, Hermione and Ron were sitting at, waiting for breakfast. Hope looked up at her mother with pleading eyes and pouting lips. "I sit here," she asked her mother.

Minerva laughed at her daughter's antics before seeking out the eyes of the Golden Trio. She saw Potter nod slightly to her unasked question before agreeing to let her daughter sit at the Gryffindor table. "Granger, you are in charge of Hope," barked Severus which prompted Hermione to nod her head furiously.

Minerva and Severus continued their journey to the teachers table and sat in their customary places. Severus had gladly stepped down as Headmaster of Hogwarts to teach Potions again and Minerva was immediately made Headmistress of Hogwarts by Minister Shacklebolt. The Magical Community now rallied behind Minerva at every turn and looked to her for guidance, much to her dismay. She had always disliked the way they had flocked around Albus and now it appeared as if it was her turn. She always believed Harry Potter would be the next idol in the Magical Community but he managed to slip through the cracks and leave her to be the one everyone relied on.

"Let breakfast begin," Minerva said in a low tone, flicked her finger and watched as the tables filled with delicious breakfast dishes.

Severus began to fill his plate; however, Minerva distracted him. "What would you say if I suggested we leave Hope and the twins with the Golden Trio after breakfast so we could spend some alone time together," she whispered seductively, her emerald eyes twinkling.

"It's a deal," he hurriedly agreed then asked, "Do you still have that tartan bikini?"