I was looking at a painting of a bluebird, and I came up with this. Scary how something so innocent can turn into something so vile, eh? Enjoy!

Hichigo's POV

My little blue bird has a pretty voice. He sings and sings, he begs me to let him go.

So sad my little blue bird is.

Why are you so ungrateful, little blue bird? Do you not love your pretty gold cage? I take care of you every day, I love you, I kiss you, I touch you. Why do you not return the favor? Why do you not love me?

Why won't you sing?

If I touch you like this, my little blue bird, will you sing for me? Will you cry out like you always do? Will you understand your place, even though you are king?

You are the one in the cage. You are trapped. You are mine. My pretty little blue with a pretty little voice.

Why won't you sing for me?

If I break you like this, will you stay with me? If I cut you like this, will you bleed for me? if I hold you like this, will you understand my love?

Did you know that you belong to me? Did you know that you can't get away? Why do you keep backing up, my pretty little blue bird? Why do you claw and nip, trying to keep me away? Don't you love me? don't you feel for me what I feel for you?

My pretty little blue bird with it's pretty little voice in it's pretty little cage.

Start singing for me!

Do you hate me that much? That you must pull away when I touch you, that you never make a sound,that you cry when i turn and leave, that you stopped singing...

Such a beautiful voice you had.

Sing for me with that beautiful voice. Make me feel like you love me. Let me touch you. let me hold you, let me show you the extent of my love.

My little blue bird in your golden cage. Are you not satisfied, when I give you everything you want? You're my king and my idol, my one and only love.

I'll pluck every single one of your feathers. Why do you hate me so much?

I'll destroy you and I'll kill you. All I want is to hear your voice. Your pretty little voice, crying out like you always do.

When you bleed, you are beautiful. When you are broken, I love you. Give in to me. Sing.

All I want is your pretty little voice. Make me feel like you love me.


what'dya think? I hope you like. I'm feeling a bit lazy. Sometimes I feel like I'm not doing enough stories...anyway. RXR ONEGAI!