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"Ahem, we are here for the planning of the war. Is every cabin's leader here?" Chiron said. Excluding Hera, Artemis, Apollo, Dionysus, and Demeter cabin, everyone were here. Well the Hera and Artemis thing is obvious because of their whole 'don't do anything with boys' thing, but the Dionysus twins were on quest and they brought the leader of the Apollo and Demeter with them. If you're thinking 'Why don't the Apollo and Demeter cabin just pick another one' well let's just say they had some bad BBQ last night. Well the cabin leaders were there, sitting in a very long table. Percy was next to Annabeth, Annabeth was next to Grover, Grover was next to Thalia, Thalia was next to Nico, Nico was next to Beckendorf, Beckendorf was next to Travis, Travis was next Connor, Connor was next to Silena, Silena was next to Clarisse, and Clarisse was sitting next to an undetermined kid. The undetermined kid has been here the longest without being determined so he's here.

"When is this gonna be started?" Mr. D complained.

"It started 3 seconds ago" Chiron said.

"Oh my titans, it seemed like forever."

"Yes well we have got to start planning or else you guys are gonna be half-blood kabobbed." Then a crash was heard outside. "Oh no they are at it again" Chiron said heading out the door.

"Well I'm gonna order some fries so stay still" Mr. D said heading to another door. Almost immediately, everyone started talking.

"Hey Annabeth, I hear Luke's got a sword where you can slice like a billion monsters and can listen to music. Pass it on" Percy said. Annabeth started to whisper into Grover's ear.

"Hey Grover, A kid named Lucy has a million monsters under her command just because she was tortured by muzak music. Pass it on" Annabeth said. Grover turned and whispered into Thalia's ear.

"Hey Thalia, there is a lid that can contain a million monsters all at once and you can torture them with music until they get killed. Pass it on" Grover said. Thalia turned and whispered into Nico's ear.

"Hey Nico, there is a kid thats hidden from a lot monsters because she played them Mozart and some of them died. Pass it on" Thalia said. Nico turned and whispered into Beckendorf's ear.

"Hey Beckendorf, a kid ran away from a parking lot filled with Mozart-crazed monsters with some other kids but they died. Pass it on" Nico said. Beckendorf turned and whispered into Travis's ear.

"Hey Travis, a kid can turn into Mozart and kill monsters in a parking lot but he killed his friends by accident. Pass it on" Beckendorf said. Travis turned and whispered into Connor's ear.

"Hey Connor, a kid can shape shift into anyone and any monster but mostly favors Mozart. I guess has a lot of brains. Pass it on" Travis said. Connor turned and whispered into Silena's ear.

"Hey Silena, a kid can shape shift into brains, monsters, or sometimes an army of brains and brains. Pass it on" Connor said. Silena turned and whispered into Clarisse's ear.

"Hey Clarisse, a shape shifting monster that eats brains has an army of others with him. Pass it on" Silena said. Clarisse turned and whispered into the undetermined kid's ear.

"Hey whats-your-name, be warned.A shape shifting, brain-eating monster is passing info to his army" Clarisse said. The undetermined kid's eyes bulged and his lower body turned into tentacles, ran, and shouted,

"Gah, I am discovered!"

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