An Edward and Jacob scene…

WARNING- Contains: Mulling, biting, howling, and undeniable fluff!

"Bella?!" Edward called from downstairs, Charlie at work. "Bella?!" Was she not here? He moved up to her room once again, her scent filling his nose, but her heartbeat lost to his ears. She had to be far. He couldn't hear it at all.

It was summer and he had just gotten back from a hunting trip. It was one week until they got married. He was so happy. But now he was worried. Where ever could his Bella have gone?

Moving outside, Edward followed her most recent scent, and followed it to her truck, which was still in the drive. Frowning, he opened the door and found a envelope on the driver seat. It had his name in her messy writing on it. Picking it up, he opened it and read out loud the opening.

"Dear Edward…"

My love, I know you're probably confused, which may be new for you. But, I am going to explain this as best I can before I start to cry…

I couldn't take it. The wedding. The fear. The fact that I keep hurting you and Jacob. Its all too much for me to take. So… I've decided.

Right now, I'm in Italy with the Volturi.

Demetri came to me after you left, and wondered why I wasn't a vampire. I don't know why Alice didn't see him coming, but he was here. He said that my time was up, so I agreed to leave with him. I had no other choice.

I am a vampire now. I'm probably starting my three days, tortured by my own thirst.

I love you Edward… and I know I have broken your heart and your trust. Please… try and live without me.

Love always,

Isabella Swan.

Edward stared at the letter, shocked. Alice stood behind him, her black hair lulling in the light rain that had started. "I am so sorry Edward…"

"Why didn't you see this Alice?" He asked, not turning to look at her.

Alice's topaz eyes darkened, and she shook her head. "I don't know. Maybe its been too much… all the watching… but… I should have seen this and I am so sorry that… I…" For once, Alice was at a loss for words.

Edward sighed and slipped the letter into his pocket. He slammed the truck door shut and lifted his head up. "Leave. Jacob is coming." He could slightly hear the wolfs thoughts, knowing he was coming to try and talk to Bella.

In a second, the tiny vampire was gone, her last apology still ringing in his ears. He leant against the truck, trying to look natural. It was hard. He was thinking about going to Italy, and try to reason with Bella. Or just anger Jacob enough to end his life.

As if on cue, the werewolf broke onto the drive. He instantly spotted Edward and growled, his chest bare. "Where is she?"

Their eyes locked and Edward shook his head. "She's gone Jacob." He slipped the letter from his jeans pocket and held it out to him. When it was snatched from his fingers, Edwards quiet contemplation started again. Just one word and my life could be over. Or rather my after life.

Jacob read it over and over again, a growl slowly picking up in his throat. "NO! The moron! NO NO NO!" He crumpled the letter up and threw it to the ground.

With a sigh, the graceful vampire picked it up and smoothed it out, slipping it back into his pocket. "I would appreciate if you would not crumple up the last thing I have of my mate. Thank you."

The growl was suddenly snuffed out, the werewolf's angry eyes softening. "Oh… sorry." Pursing his lips into a straight line, he scratched the back of his head, his hair slightly damp. "I guess you… loved her too."

Smiling, he shrugged. "We have something in common mutt." Despite the comment, there was no sarcasm or venom in his voice. "Now… if you will excuse me…" Edward began to walk away.

"Hey! WAIT!" Jacob followed behind him. "Aren't you going to go after her? Come on! Fight for her!" Bring her back so I can fight you for her!

Edward laughed. "Nice try Jacob… if you want her… go get her. Or try. No matter what you say this is still what she wants, I cannot deny her."

It was true. Not matter what his mate, his soul mate, wanted, he had to oblige. There was nothing he could do for her now until she came back to him. And he had the feeling she wouldn't in fear of his fury.

But he could never be mad at her.

Jacob grabbed his stone arm and turned him. "Come on leech! You think this is good for her?!"

He shook his head, copper hair falling in front of his eyes. "No. It is not. But she is doing what she thinks is right."

The wolf snarled and gripped his arm tighter. "You're an IDIOT! We have to show her the right way here! She's becoming a monster!"I'm going to lose her forever! Once she becomes one of them… I'll never have a chance at happiness!

Edward frowned and pulled his arm from Jacobs's too hot hand. "You can only think of yourself. If Bella wants to become a monster…" He paused, seeing the way Jake narrowed his eyes. "Then so be it."

Jacob's eyes gave it away. He couldn't be selfless. He wanted Bella. But Edward knew something he didn't. "You have not imprinted with her. It's impossible. If you had, you'd be agreeing with me."

This surprised the wolf. He took two steps back and shook his head, looking down. "No… no I have. She's the one. She HAS to be."

"She's not Jake. I'm sorry."

A howl of fury ripped from Jacob's throat and he grabbed Edward, bringing his face right in front of his. "You're WRONG!!"

I've done it. Without even trying, I've brought on my own demise. "I'm right. Think about it Jacob."

"NO!" He snarled, throwing Edward to the ground.

The vampire caught himself and turned to smirk at the werewolf. "Come on mutt… that you best you got?" He moved quickly into the woods, hearing the other give chase, but not turn into his beastly self.Come on wolf! Do what is natural when you hunt!

However, Jacob caught him in his human form, pushing him to the ground. He panted hard and knelt beside him, pressing Edwards hard body into the soggy earth.

He could feel the pain now, the pressure from the strong boy causing it. It was enough. "That's all? How… weak."

Both boys were now muddy, the larger one pressing even harder, then suddenly stopping. "I see what your trying to do!! I'm not going to kill you!!" He yelled, standing and letting out a shout. I can't! I won't! He is NOT getting out of this so easily.

Edward got up swiftly and was in front of Jake in a second. "Bullshit! Yes you ARE!"

In a second, Edward was pressed against a tree, pinned by a large, over heated body. He smirked. "I'm getting out of this just fine."

Jacob brought his face right in front of his. "No… your not bloodsucker…" He's the closest I have to Bella… my only connection left.

The next thing the vampire knew, too hot lips were against his, and his cold one were reacting. But he quickly pushed Jacob off and wiping his mouth. "THE HELL!!"

Jacob panting, not believing what he did himself. "You heard what I thought."

Edward stared, his eyes wide.

Then the two were back together, clothes being torn off, pale skin mixing with russet. Edward was on his back, the soft earth molding to comfort him. Jacob was all but eat his throat, the cold, hard skin not reacting, but sending shivers down Edwards spine.

Pale hands slid over the wet russet skin of Jacobs back, nails scratching, causing red to ooze out slightly. Both pants were removed, the jeans torn off, the cut off shorts tossed away. Edward grasped the warm butt, lifting his legs at the same time.

Jacob grappled at his hips, pulling him closer, pressing against his hidden entrance, not wanting to stretch and prepare the hard muscle. He pressed in, an to his surprise, he was met with living tissue. It was not warm, but it welcomed him in. He gasped at the feeling, enjoying it way to much.

The body beneath him writhed and leant up, clamping his teeth down into the neck, not like a vampire, but more of a love bite. Edward was careful not to let his venom into Jacobs blood stream.

Harsh movements followed. The sound of skin pressing against skin willed the quiet air and moans, gasps and quickened breathing became background noise.

After a few moments, things went faster and a chain of events brought both boys, one immortal, the other a beast, let out a loud, unified cry as an simultaneous orgasm rippled through their bodies.

Jacobs heavy body fell on top of Edwards hard one, but the vampire did not feel the weight. The next few minutes were quiet, Jacob finally lifting his head and looking down. He could feel his hot seed inside Edward, but felt nothing of the sort on either of them. "Was it no good? You didn't…"

Edward understood, reading his thoughts as well. "No. I'm not alive… I don't have sperm."


Both boys got up and dressed. Edward knew something had happened between the two, but he would not admit it. And neither would Jacob to the best of his abilities. His jeans were torn, but still good enough to wear. As for his shirt, well, that wasn't even usable.

"I'm sorry…"


Jacob sighed and shrugged. "For… what just happened. We both cheated on Bella and our families."

"It will never happen again…" With that Edward was gone, and Jacob was left alone with his burden.

He felt the scratch and bite marks start to heal, the scratch on his butt healing first. He knew that now, just because they were healed, he was marked as Edwards possession.

Okay. I just added the last line for the hell of it. Does it fit? I don't know. Meh. Hope you liked it.