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Rosalie's POV

After Alice left, Bella and I talked about random things like school with Charlie. He seemed pleased that Bella was finally going to a school function. He had always been afraid of her not enjoying her high school years because she felt responsible for taking care of him instead of having fun. That was not the case, but still, I could tell that he worried about her. Just as an awkward silence began to fall, the door bell rang.

"We'll get it," I told Charlie. He smiled and bade Bella goodnight before heading upstairs. I headed to the door and swung it open to see Emmett standing there in full Greek armor. Can you say wow? Yeah, he looked better as Achilles than Brad Pitt did. We both stared at each other for what felt like an hour but was only a couple of minutes when Alice came around Emmett and pushed him into the house.

"Stop staring and say hello," she admonished her brother and I couldn't suppress the giggle that escaped me. Alice then proceeded to go talk to bell, successfully leaving Emmett and I alone.

"You look . . . . Wow," was all Emmett said as he walked over to me. I raised one eyebrow at his comment.

"That is the best you can come up with?" I challenged while secretly thanking god that my words came out steady and coherent. He laughed at my challenge before wrapping his arms around my waist and twirling me through the air.

"Your beauty impaired my speech," he responded as he set me down. Then he stepped back and took another long look at me and whistled. "And let me just say that there is no way Helen of Troy could have looked as amazing as you." I smiled at the compliment.

"Thank you," I replied. "You aren't lacking in the good looking department either." At this I stepped back into his arms and placed a soft kiss on his lips. He was just about to deepen the kiss when a cough came from behind him.

"As much as I hate to interrupt, I would like to get through the doorway," Edward stated as we turned to face him. The instant I saw his costume, I burst out laughing. I had expected him to be Dracula, but Alice had gone and put fangs in his mouth! It was just too much.

With all the commotion, Bella and Alice came into the room. While Alice joined in on my laughter, Bella went up to Edward, gave him a hug, and whispered something in his ear that seemed to calm him down. Now we were just waiting for Jasper to come before we could leave.

"What's so funny?" I heard none other than Jasper ask. He was wearing an old civil war uniform for his costume.

"We were just laughing at Edward," Alice explained as she walked up to him. "Where did you get this costume? It looks real." At this comment, Jasper smiled.

"It is real," he declared. "My mom has tons of old keepsakes from her family and this happens to be one of them. It just so happens that I am named after him too." I smiled at the pride in his voice. Jasper took after his mother in the fact that he loved history and he took pride in the fact that he was named after one of his ancestors.

"You were named after him?" Alice asked. He nodded and she squealed. "That is so cool. You are lucky that you have so much family history. I just have one question: why does the name tag say 'Major Jazz Whitlock?'" He chuckled when she asked the question.

"It was the nickname his fiancé gave him before they got married," he replied.

"Well I like it," Alice said matter-of-factly. "From now on can I call you Jazz? Please?" She pouted at him and I laughed when he just nodded at her.

"Well now that we all have dates, let's go party!" Emmett exclaimed. I laughed at his silliness before allowing him to drag me out to his jeep. He helped me into the car before climbing in himself and we were off.

"Everyone looks great together," I started. Then I thought about it. "Well, Jasper and Alice don't really match, but they are such a cute couple it doesn't really matter." Then another thought occurred to me. "You know, why did Alice give you an Achilles costume instead of Paris?" Emmett didn't even blink before he answered.

"Well, besides the fact that Paris is a coward and Achilles and I are both warriors at heart, we are also both immortal with few weaknesses," he answered.

"What do you mean you're immortal?" I asked, totally stunned. He had to be joking, right?

Emmett's POV

Oh, crap. I can't believe I just told her that I was immortal. Well, I guess I could just make it out to be a joke. Or I could just tell her the truth. I decided to tell her the truth; I could see how hard it was for Edward to not have Bella know and I was tired of all the secrets. I pulled over to the side of the road.

"I mean that I am immortal, Rose. All joking aside, I really am," I said honestly. She gave me a look that had disbelief written all over it. "Get out of the car real quick, I'll prove it to you." She did as I asked and came around to my side of the jeep.

"How are you going to prove that you are immortal?" she asked curiously. I just smiled.

"I am going to pick up my jeep with my bare hands," I told her. Her jaw dropped as I bent over and did just that.

"No way," she breathed. I set the jeep down very carefully, dusted off my hands and stepped towards her cautiously. I didn't want to scare her. "I'm sorry. I don't mean to scare you. I just couldn't keep it a secret anymore." She nodded silently before letting me lead her to the passenger door and helping her into the jeep. I zipped back around to the driver's side and slid in.

"What kind of immortal are you?" she finally asked as we neared the school. This was the moment of truth. I had to go about this the right way so as not to scare her off.

"Well," I began. She raised an eyebrow at my hesitance. "I am a vampire. Don't worry though, my family and I are vegetarians." I was waiting for her to freak out but when I looked over at her she was smiling.

"Vegetarians?" she asked giggling a little. I laughed too, glad that she was taking this so well.

"We only drink from animals," I explained. She nodded at receiving this information as if it was everyday that your boyfriend announced that he was a vampire.

"That's cool; you're one of the good guys," she said before climbing out of the car.

Rosalie's POV

That was definitely not the answer I was expecting, I thought as I climbed out of the car. I had expected him to tell me he was just joking, not tell me he is a vampire and pick up a jeep! Though that was really quite impressive. I watched him get out of the car and come up to my side.

"My lady," he said, bowing before holding out his hand for me to take. "Are you ready to go dance?"

"Most definitely," I responded and took his hand.