At last, a new story regarding Zack and Maddie. But it was all a dream… or is it? Well, find out…

Zack was walking in the aisle, and he can remember everything that he and Maddie did while they were still young. Now, he was happy that he will get married to the love of his life, Miss Madeline Fitzpatrick, the soon-to-be Miss Zachary Martin.

With his Mom, Carey, his brother Cody, and his father Kurt, He made it to the altar of the Pastor who will bind them together in mind, heart and spirit. Then, his lover arrives with her family to assist her to the altar.

His Heart beats at a faster rate, because he was in love and getting married. He said, "Oh! Maddie! You made it!" Maddie was all pretty in her best wedding gown. As she walks in the aisle, the Pastor said, "Now everyone's here, we can begin, since I feel that no one is against this ceremony."

The Pastor said, "Do you, Zachary Martin, take Madeline Fitzpatrick, as your lawfully wedded wife?"

Zack said, "I do."

Then, turning to Maddie, the Pastor said, "Do you, Madeline Fitzpactrick, take Zachary Martin as your lawfully wedded husband?"

Maddie said (In her sweet, innocent voice which made Zack froze in love), "I do."

After that, there were more things to prove their love and at the end of the ceremony, the Pastor announced, "I now call you, Zachary Martin, and Madeline Fitzpatrick, man and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

As Zack and Maddie kissed, everyone was cheering for their love. As in ALL the Disney Channel Live-Action characters and Power Rangers characters (good guys in civilian form) were happy for their marriage, the first DC Characters to get married!

Zack was busy kissing Maddie in her lips like there was no tomorrow that he doesn't seem to notice that it was getting louder and louder as if all were near… or is it?

Zack opened his eyes to see…

Mr. Moseby, Cody, Carey, Kurt, Arwin, Esteban, London, Maddie, Max, Tapeworm, Corrie and Mary-Margaret were all near his bed. He shouted, "What are you all doing here?!?!"

They all laughed and Cody said, "We all were laughing- because of the ruckus- you were making- in your sleep!" they all laughed, and Zack can't stand it anymore.

Zack said, "Stop… this isn't funny… enough already… please… STOP IT!!!"


In the lobby, he was still thinking about awhile ago. Then he saw a diamond ring on his finger, and he thought, what's a diamond ring doing in my finger? Is this true… or is it just me? Then, looking at Maddie, he said, "Maddie… thank you."

Maddie said, "Thank you... for what?"

Zack showed her the ring and said, "For this."

Maddie laughed and said, "Oh, that? Ah! That's my promise ring to you! I think I could never find someone else like you so..."

She whispered in Zack's ear, "When the right time comes, I'll marry you."

Zack was happy and tears welled in his eyes and he said, "You mean my dream will come true?" Maddie nodded and she said, "Well, yes. Just you wait." She kissed Zack and he said, "Ok, I will wait." After that he left.

At the doorway of the Tipton, he looked back at Maddie, who was looking on him, and he murmured, "At the right day, I'm yours." Then he left.

After all, it's not just a dream… it was for real.

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