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Temperance Brennan sat down in a huff on the creaky barstool. She'd been in New York City for just one week, and she was very much looking forward to going home the next day. The hustle and bustle of the city had been charming at first, but the quiet confines of her lab back at the Jeffersonian seemed like a far-off dream at this point.

She'd been working 10 hours a day at the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan identifying and helping to catalogue remains for their new ancient Egypt exhibit which was set to open in just one month. The work was extremely enjoyable and the specimens were truly fascinating, but part of her was missing the excitement and intrigue of being Seeley Booth's partner.

Brennan had agreed to call Booth every now and then, just to check in. He didn't want a repeat of what happened to her on her last 'vacation' in New Orleans, and he also liked to hear the sound of her voice on the other side of that phone. She'd rolled her eyes and complained at the time, but now she was really looking forward to getting back to her hotel room and giving him a call. After her drink, that is.

This particular bar had been suggested to her by a colleague, who had claimed that it was the best place to "look for stars". Though Brennan hadn't been expecting a planetarium, she was surprised to see that this bar had absolutely no star-gazing prospects whatsoever. Little did she know that those weren't exactly the 'stars' to which her colleague had been referring.

Brennan gave the bartender her order, and then opened up her bag to retrieve a bulky file folder. Sipping her drink slowly, she looked over some of the contents and thoughtfully bit down on her lip.

"That definitely doesn't look like light-reading." A male voice spoke from behind her.

Brennan tore her gaze away from the file and looked up to see a tall, handsome man in a blue shirt sit down on the stool next to her.

Oh great... Brennan thought. Just what I need...

"That's because it's not." She replied blankly, before taking another sip of her drink and looking back down at the file, completely ignoring the smirk on the unidentified man's face.

"I'll have what she's having." He said, pointing at Brennan. The bartender nodded and gave the man his drink before turning to serve another customer.

"Cole Myers." The man said proudly.

"Good for you." Brennan said, looking up at him strangely. This man had said his name as if it were some kind of accomplishment. She instantly saw the confusion cloud his eyes at her unimpressed answer.

"Really?" The man said, almost disbelievingly.

"Really what?" Brennan asked, beginning to get impatient with the man. She looked up again into his startlingly blue eyes and couldn't help but feel a sense of familiarity with the man. He was strikingly good looking, and she could feel the eyes of many jealous women burning into her back.

"You don't know who I am." He said curiously, as if expecting her to jump up and hug him as if he were a long lost brother.

"How would I possibly know you? You just walked in and sat down beside me."

The man's face instantly broke out into a large smile as he studied the beautiful woman in front of him. "Alright, well I told you my name. Can you tell me yours?" he asked, extending his hand.

"Temperance Brennan" she said after a moment. "Most people call me Tempe" she added quickly.

"That's a beautiful name" Cole said before taking a steady sip of his drink.

Brennan thanked him quietly before turning back to the file. Though she was no longer annoyed with this stranger, she did have a lot of reading to do before she could turn in for the night. Her flight was scheduled to leave tomorrow morning and she needed to email several of the museum employees she had been working with before that time.

They were both silent for a few minutes before Cole put his drink down and turned his body to face Brennan's more fully. "Look, if I'm bothering you then I'll leave, but you seem like the kind of person who could use a night of doing something other than work."

This certainly got Brennan's attention. She turned to study the man curiously as he continued.

" I'm not some creep who walks into bars to pick up women, I'm just here to escape the day-to-day just like you. I find you refreshing."

"Refreshing?" Brennan asked dubiously.

"You're not from around here, are you?" Cole asked.

"No, I'm here for work. I'm from DC." She said, shutting her folder and motioning to the bartender to bring her another drink. "What about you?"

"I live in New York, but I travel a lot for work."

Brennan nodded her head. "What do you do?" she asked.

At this question the man averted his gaze slightly as he tried to find the right words. "I'm in the entertainment business" he said vaguely. "What about you?"

"Forensic anthropologist" Brennan said quickly before sipping on her drink and avoiding the impressed and intimidated stare that always followed after she announced her profession.

"Wow, that sounds intense." Cole said, raising his eyebrows.

"It can be" she nodded. "It's very rewarding" she said, and the honesty in her words was extremely obvious.

"I love my job too, but sometimes it can be very consuming. It's rare that I can just sit in a bar and talk to a perfect stranger." Cole said as he mixed his drink with his straw. He glanced over to see Brennan nodding her head in agreement.

Brennan opened her mouth to continue that particular line of conversation, but changed her mind when she saw a group of girls giggling at the table across from the bar. "Why are those people staring at you?" Brennan asked, motioning over to the table.

"Who knows." Cole said, knowing perfectly well what those girls were giggling about. "Listen, do you want to get out of here?" he asked, smiling in a way that reminded Brennan of Booth.

"Excuse me?" Brennan asked, dubious of this stranger's intent.

"Nothing sketchy or anything, it's just that I know this really great pizza place over on 47th that's open all night, plus I think we both could use some air."

Brennan tilted her head, rather puzzled, and eyed the man in front of her. Any other night Brennan would have immediately dismissed the man, but there was some kind of friendly mutual understanding that she felt in his presence. Well, Angela had told her to have a fun time and try to meet people...

"Okay." Brennan said spontaneously, surprising herself at her own answer.

Cole beamed, "Great, let's get our coats."

Brennan zipped up her knee-length brown coat and walked toward the front door when she felt Cole's hand gently touch her on the shoulder.

"How about we go through the back door..." He suggested, motioning to the back.

"Why?" Brennan asked curiously.

"Um... I think I saw a girl throwing up out there." He said believably. Brennan nodded her head and followed Cole out the back door, casting one last curious look at the giggling group of girls who watched her every move. She shrugged and slipped her hands into her coat as they headed out into the cool and frosty night.

"This is truly delicious." Brennan exclaimed, chewing one of the last bites of her cheese pizza.

"Whenever I'm in town I always have to pop in here." Cole said between bites. They were walking along 6th Avenue munching on pizza and taking in the sights.

"I could tell – everyone in there seemed to know you by name!" She said, taking another bite.

Cole nodded his head and smiled as he saw a woman crossing the street with her five Chihuahuas and an equal number of shopping bags. Moonlight and street lamps were the only things that lit the New York City streets, and the crowds of tourists and shoppers had long since retired to bed. A number of couples walked arm in arm, but for the most part there were not many people around.

"Wanna sit?" Cole asked, motioning to a bench.

"Sure." Brennan nodded, scrunching up her napkin and tossing it into a nearby garbage can. She sat down beside Cole and tucked her bag safely beside her.

"So when do you go home?" Cole asked casually, licking a tiny bit of tomato sauce off of his finger.

"Tomorrow morning." She replied. "I've been here for a week, so I'm kind of looking forward to it."

"I'm sure your boyfriend will be happy to have you home." Cole said, looking at her curiously for her reaction.

Brennan pursed her lips. "I don't really have a boyfriend."

"Don't really?" he asked, smirking at her vagueness.

"Not exactly." Brennan said, unsure of how to classify her relationship with Booth. Obviously they had soared through the friend-zone long ago, but it was impossible to classify him as her boyfriend. However, it was easy to say that he wouldn't be thrilled that she was strolling around New York City at night with a perfect stranger.

"Gotcha" Cole said, winking at her. She mirrored his smile and then looked back over at the street which was overcrowded with sunshine-yellow taxis. Feeling a sudden gust of wind, Brennan involuntarily shivered.

"You must be freezing" Cole said, draping his arm around Brennan's shoulders. At this contact, Brennan immediately stiffened. Sensing her discomfort, Cole awkwardly retracted his arm.

"I should really head back to my hotel now, it's getting late." Brennan offered, standing up from the bench and glancing down at her watch.

"Of course. Here, let me hail you a cab." Cole said, standing up and raising his hand at the oncoming traffic. In a matter of seconds, a cab pulled up on the side of the road.

"I'm really glad I met you." Cole said, touching Brennan on the shoulder.

Brennan smiled genuinely at him and nodded, "You too. This was a very nice break."

She opened up the door and stepped inside the cab. Just before the taxi drove away, Brennan unrolled her window to the sound of Cole's hand tapping against it.

"I almost forgot, take this. If you're back in the city sometime, give me call." He smiled, passing her a crumpled paper with his number on it.

"Thanks" she said, before the taxi drove off into the night. Though fairly certain she would never run into Cole Myers again, she was thankful for the time she'd been able to spend away from work, even if it had just been for a few casual hours.

She leaned her head back in the smelly cab and studied the note carefully before tucking it into her coat pocket. She'd had a pleasant night, but it was certainly time to go back to DC.

"Bones!" shouted a familiar voice from across the Arrivals' gate. Brennan twirled around to see Booth grinning and waving at her from a few feet away. He walked over to her and kissed her on the cheek.

"How was your trip?" he asked, reaching for her bags.

"Fascinating. The museum had some truly intriguing sets of remains, and I got a lot of reading done."

"But you missed me." he said, winking at her as he tugged the bag out of her stubborn hand.

"I missed you." She concluded, laughing as he managed to grab her bag.

"Let's get you out of here." he said, motioning to the exit that would lead them back to his SUV. Brennan followed as Booth led the way to his car, but couldn't help but feel like someone was watching her.

"So tell me all about it." Booth said as they finally drove out of the parking structure. He slipped on his favourite pair of sunglasses and glanced over at Brennan who had relaxed into the passenger's seat.

Brennan opened her mouth to speak, but was cut off when she heard the familiar chirping of her cell phone in her purse. She glanced over at Booth before answering her phone.

"Brennan." She stated normally, knowing from the caller ID that it was Angela on the other end.

"You're home!" Angela exclaimed. "Bren, are you with Booth?" she asked quickly.

"Yes, he's driving." Brennan replied, rather confused by her best friend's line of thought.

"Get him to take you to the lab right now." She said emphatically, her voice portraying no hint of her intent or emotion.

"What's going on, Ange?"

"I can't explain on the phone. You have to promise not to be upset –"

"Upset about what?" Brennan asked, glancing over at Booth who was looking at her curiously.

"Just get here soon, okay?" Angela asked, knowing that the curiosity would nearly drive Brennan there on her own.

Brennan clicked her phone shut and turned to Booth. "Can you take me to the lab?" she asked.

"Aww come on Bones, I thought we were going out for brunch. There's no way you're working today, you just got back –"

"I know, but Angela says it's important. It won't take that long." Brennan said, sitting up straighter in her seat.

"Fine." Booth sighed as he switched lanes and headed in the direction of the Jeffersonian. He knew when not to get in the way of his partner.

"Zach, where is everybody?" Brennan asked confusedly as she swiped her key and entered the lab. Booth followed her and glanced around at the squints' empty work stations.

"I would check the break room. Angela has been in there for most of the morning." Zach said flatly and respectfully, clearly enthralled in his work.

Brennan glanced behind her at Booth, who simply shrugged and headed back down over the steps towards the break room. Just as they got closer they could her Angela's voice saying something excitedly.

Brennan turned the knob of the room and was shocked to see the number of people who were crowded around the modest television set. "What are you all doing in here?" she demanded, trying to see what the commotion was about.

"You're here!" Angela exclaimed, smiling and walking up to her best friend and greeting her warmly. Brennan returned the smile but pulled back out of the hug and studied her friend curiously. Booth walked closer to see what everyone had been watching on television while Brennan opened her mouth to question her friend's odd behaviour.

"What did you want to..." Brennan's statement was cut off when she heard the voice of the TV announcer echo through the otherwise silent room.

"Sources claim that movie legend Cole Myers and his new mystery woman were seen just last night strolling along 6th Avenue. Since then, her identity has been confirmed as Temperance Brennan, an internationally renowned author from DC. The couple were seen cuddling on a park bench..."

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