October fest came but once a year, and though Rinku was not of age this didn't seem to matter to Chu who was now 'educating' the boy on the 'man's drink'. The ale, whisky, and beer had been enough for the youngster. However, when Chu had shoved the Tequila down the young demon's throat his stomach couldn't take anymore. He tried telling the Aussie over and over that he wasn't feeling well, but it seemed every time he opened his mouth the purple haired demon was talking to a waitress or chugging another beer.

The brunette child gave up sitting in a corner and holding his pained abdomen. 'Aw man, it hurts…it hurts! IT HURTS!'

"It hurts!" The yo-yo child gasped, sitting up in bed. Blinking several times the youth observed it was still dark outside. Two-thirty in the morning his' bedside clock read. It was only a dream, he realized. Well part of it was a dream, Chu was currently over seas in Germany for October fest, and Rinku's stomach was still hurting. Sighing the child laid back down trying to stay still, yet the throbbing still continued. Rinku tried rolling over on his side, but the pain remained. The child briefly considered using his energy to heal himself, but instinct for some reason was telling him to save his energy. Maybe if I walk around a bit.

Sitting up carefully the yo-yo child slowly made his way to the hall, down the stairs, and quietly began his pacing through the living room, into the kitchen, around the dining table, and back. It still hurts. He realized after slowly finishing lap twelve.

Aww man why did this have to happen on the one-week Chu goes out of town! Rinku knew it was hard enough to play the 'tough' act being the youngest member of the house especially when it was around Shishi, Jin, and the other demons he hadn't been acquainted with as long as Chu. True as it was he thought of all of them as his 'family' but still when ever he was sick or injured Chu was usually the one he went to first.

Looking up the stairs, however, Rinku was beginning to think that now was not the time for pride. His abdomen was still bothering him, and the pain seemed to be getting worse. Suzuka and Touya he knew had better knowledge in healing methods. It's almost three in the morning. Suzuka was cranky enough right after waking up, Rinku wasn't sure if he wanted to try rousing him in the middle of the night…Touya sometimes stayed up late reading, but Rinku didn't see his light on when he walked down the hall.

Taking a deep breath the youth slowly made his way up the stairs, arms clutching his stomach the entire way. Coming up to the ice master's room the brunette hesitated before slowly opening the door. Letting himself in the boy shivered feeling the atmosphere drop at least five degrees than the hallway temperature. Squinting only for a moment the demon's eyesight quickly adjusted letting Rinku eye the ice shinobi's bed, and the assumed ninja that was lumped in the covers. Walking slowly up to the pile of blue, the boy was about to reach a hand to shake him, when a colder hand clamped around his wrist.

"Touya." Rinku whispered, trying to identify himself before he was harmed. "It's me."

A groan sounded before a noise of reorganization. "Rinku? What are you doing up?"

"…I um…I couldn't sleep." He mumbled, watching as Touya removed his hold on the boy's wrist.

Touya sighed, sitting up slightly, his green bangs sticking up oddly from sleep. "Did you have a nightmare?" He guessed, rubbing his eyes.

"No…well kind of. I had this weird dream about Chu."

"Chu's fine." The koori demon waved dismissingly. "The only thing that could possibly be damaged is his liver. Go back to sleep, you can call him tomorrow."

"It's not that." The brunette shook his head, looking down at his feet.


"…My stomach hurts." Rinku mumbled, trying to sound as dignified as possible, instead of some sick whiney kid.

The blue haired demon immediately shifted back in bed. "You're not going to throw up are you?"

"If I was going to hurl, I would have hurled and then gone back to bed instead of waking you!"

"Sorry," Touya shook his head, reaching to turn on the bedside lamp. "Once a niece of mine came into my room, much like you did, just to tell me she was going to vomit…and then did."

Rinku would have laughed, if he knew the movement wouldn't hurt his stomach even more. "I didn't know you had a niece."

"Two actually, but that's not important right now…Where does your stomach hurt?"

Rinku frowned, putting his arms down and motioning to the right lower side of his abdomen. "Right here…though it feels like it moved. I don't feel sick, just I don't know, pain."

The ice master frowned seeing where Rinku was hurting. "How long has it been hurting?" He asked, hands gingerly feeling the spot on the boy's stomach.

"It hurt a little bit before I went to bed, but then it woke me up about a half an hour ago." He shrugged.

"Why did you wait so long to say something?" The green-banged demon stared moving his hand up to the boy's forehead. Not waiting for an answer Touya stood up and walked to the hallway mumbling something about a thermometer.

A few minuets later the apparition returned with the measuring device, quickly sticking it in the boy's mouth with a warning of 'don't talk'. Rinku held the device under his tongue for what seemed like an eternity, which he knew wasn't good. He learned before hand the longer the thermometer took to read your temperature the higher your fever was.

Finally the device gave three small beeps, before Touya pulled it out to read the digital numbers.

"How high is it?"

"You're a bit warm." The apparition said almost too quickly for Rinku's trust. Turning off the thermometer, the ice demon turned to the brunette. "I'm going to wake up Suzuka, he has a better understanding for internal things. Just lay down here and take it easy, understood?"

"…Now you're scaring me." Rinku muttered.

"Don't be. I'll be right back."

Walking into the hallway Touya came face to face with a sleepy wind master, holding a glass of water. "What's all the ruckus, at this wee hour?"

"Rinku's sick…I think it might be his appendix."

Jin's eyes widened. "Shouldn't we be gett'n him to a doctor then?"

"Once we're sure. I'm going to wake up Suzuka, and see what he thinks. If it is I guess we'll take him to the hospital."

"The human hospital?"

Touya rolled his eyes. "It was just a thought, since we're in human world I though it would be closer than taking him back to a demon hospital in the Makai."

"I was just say'n." Jin defended. "It's bound to be an experience. Well ye better go wake up sleep'n blondie, I'll go check on the lad."

"Thanks." Touya nodded, heading for the last room at the end of the hall. The ice demon knocked swiftly on the door before opening it. "Suzuka?" Quickly finding the light switch on the wall the demon flipped it. "Suzuka? Wake up."

At the first sight of light the blonde quickly pulled a rainbow throw pillow over his eyes before burying himself in the covers. "Turn off the light or die." He threatened, groggily.

"Sorry for the inconvenience, but I need you to get up. Rinku's sick."

"Rinku who?"

Sighing Touya walked over to the blonde, and ripped the pillow away from his face. "Sorry to disturb your 'beauty' sleep. But I think it's his appendix, and if it is we need to hurry."

Blinking several times the beautiful demon sat up, golden hair plastered down around his face and neck. "Does he have a fever?" He asked, grabbing a pair of sleep pants from the foot of his bed and putting them on.

"One hundred and two point one Fahrenheit."

"That's pretty high." He mumbled following the shorter demon into his room, where Jin seemed to be engaging the kid in some sort of fighting story from his past.

"Morning blondie!" Jin greeted, watching the former clown immediately feel the right side of Rinku's abdomen.

Frowning Suzuka pushed a little harder on the swelled area near the boy's hip.

"Ow! Hey!"

"Sorry…Rinku this is probably a obvious question, but do you have your appendix?"

Aquamarine eyes rolled. "Why wouldn't I?"

"I'm just asking," The beautiful man glared. "It's never been taken out before?"

"…No. Why?" He frowned; suddenly nervous at the look the three adults were giving each other.

"Just wondering." He stood. "I have something that should help with the pain…Touya, Jin, will you help me look for it?"

Taking the hint the two older demons followed the blonde into the hall. Shutting the door, Touya turned to look at him. "Well?"

"His appendix is definitely inflamed. I can give him something to take the edge off the pain, but he needs a doctor. It has to come out, and soon."

"How soon?" The wind elemental asked.

"Seeing as one can FEEL the inflammation from the exterior part of the body, I would say at least an hour ago."

"How we be get'n a human doctor?"

The blue haired demon blinked. "There's a human doctor, with a clinic for apparitions, remember Koenma told us about him when we moved here…He has some sort of abnormal powers for a human…Dr. Komeia? Kaimya?"

"I don't remember the name off the top of my head." Suzuka admitted. "But I remember Koenma saying something about that…His name and contact information should be in that white packet along with our human ID's."

"Where's the packet?"

"Oh! The big white packet, be in the junk drawer of the kitchen." Jin remembered. "…though now it be a big white packet with some salsa stains on it…but the stuff inside should be fine!" He grinned nervously at the ice master's glare.

"It better be." Touya sighed, heading downstairs.

"Right." Suzuka sighed, turning in the direction of his room. "I'm going to get that medicine for Rinku…Jin would you be brave and wake up Shishiwakamaru? We might need his lead foot to drive us to the clinic in time."

"Loved to!" Jin saluted, heading towards the samurai's door, mentally preparing himself for the wrath of the sleeping tengu.

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