Angels Fall

Summary: In which (Angel) Mikan finds herself in the care of the most wanted man on earth...and also the most dangerous. "My innocent eyes!" "What? I thought you see through everything." "I meant your soul, not that! Idiot!"

I was having a pleasant dream when it happened. Heaven was heaven as I imagined. There was no one who'd scold me about being late to prayer meetings. No silly missions that consisted of pulling morons AKA people into the light. It was just absolute bliss. In short, life was good.

Unfortunately, it wasn't the real one.

The real one consisted of waking up next to some unknown guy, and freaking yourself out as to why you've been sent to earth without initial warning whatsoever. Not to mention when the said unknown guy seems to have issues for strangers who come out of nowhere.

"Who are you and who sent you?" a cold voice asked which probably belonged to the guy who has his arm around me, with a blade pointed to my neck. Okay, this is beyond weird. I'm dressed in all white. My attire practically screams I'm an angel.

"I'm an angel and I've been sent by God to lead you into the light." I said like it was the most normal thing in the world- in our world at least. It was what I was taught to say in one of our classes anyway.

"Don't fuck with me!"

I cringed at the choice of language.

"I'm telling the truth. And please, don't say bad words. That's a sin, you know." I told him firmly, pointedly ignoring the knife to my neck. Angels can't feel fear because they have absolute trust in God. I just wonder why I'm sweating so badly, though.

The blade pressed harder on my throat. It was getting harder, and harder to breathe.

"A fallen angel huh?" He laughed but it sounded menacing. "Then welcome to hell, angel."

Author's note: I just wanted to write something to vent my frustrations on so forgive me if I couldn't update the others. I won't hold any promises over the other stories because as you may have read, 6 gb of my life got erased so I'm just going to focus here first. R&R guys (: