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Author's Note:

Why am I not working on my other stories? Because I had to get this out in some way or form, stupid plot bunny! (growls at plot bunny) This will be done in 1st person, unlike everything else I do in 3rd person. I've decided for a change. This is a oneshot, HOWEVER, if enough people show interest, I will CONSIDER writing more. I just feel so sorry for Vlad now that I have to write this!

-The Worst Day of my Life- The Tale of a Fruit-Loop

Jack, he's my best friend. Sure, he's a little clumsy at times. Okay, so he's always clumsy, but that doesn't make him any less of a friend. He's the best friend, possibly only friend I've ever had. Never, would I abandon him; he's just far too important to me. So very important…

…And then there's Maddie… She's the most wonderful woman I've ever laid my eyes on… Ever… She's so incredibly bright, brighter than me, I might say. She's a technical genius and the experiment would never have been possible without her. When we finish the portal today, I have a ring in my pocket, made of eighteen carat gold with a beautiful emerald in the middle. I will propose to her after the success of the portal, or even if it does not work, this will brighten Maddie, I and Jack up. Maddie will be thrilled, and Jack will ecstatic that we've finally gotten together; he's known we've had a thing for each other right from the start and has only encouraged me to hurry up and propose, however I've always wanted to find the right time, a very, very special moment like this one.

…On closer inspection, I'm beginning to wonder if it really will work. Ah well, one can have doubts, but that won't stop it from working if it is made properly. A portal to the Ghost Dimension, or the Ghost Zone, is… astounding…

Jack has just put in the ecto-filtrater, he says he put the ectoplasm into it, just as instructed, so that's done. Our seventeen months of work, I see it flourishing! If the Ghost Portal works, it will be an astounding scientific breakthrough; busting open the wall between this world and the next…

"Alright! The Ghost Portal is completely ready to go!" Jack said enthusiastically. I looked at him, then the portal beside me. My doubts have taken over; I am, for some reason, beginning to wonder if what we are about to do would be dangerous. Were there consequences to doing something like this? To me, all of a sudden I feel as if it is against the laws of nature for those on the physical plain to tap into the other side…

"Uh… Jack, are you-"

"Relax V-man, it totally will!" Jack said vibrantly. His enthusiasm is so thick in the air that I am beginning to wonder why it isn't tangible matter, it's just radiating off him. I can see Maddie looking over page after page of information.

"But Jack, these calculations aren't right…"

Jack is paying her no mind; he's lifted the controls high into the air…"


I look at the portal hesitantly and curiously, curiosity taking over. I put my head closer to it, looking at all the lights flash around, whilst Maddie and Jack join me from a further distance away. Now all the lights inside of the portal have turned on, I'm beginning to get excited, we don't exactly know what will happen next. Suddenly a green swirl appeared, and then it's been blasted out of the portal and it's hit me straight in the face! I'm losing track of where I am, who I am, even what I am! The pain is so intense, it feels like my insides are on fire and burning outwards! What on earth is happening?!


I open my eyes… I feel… so sore… and my face… it's so itchy… Where am I again…? What… happened just then…?

Maddie's horrified violet eyes met with mine. …There's something wrong, I know it. There's something very, very wrong…

Jack has approached me, he's looking as shocked as the love of my life is.

"Wh-what's wrong…?" I stutter. The two looked at each other fearfully.

"V-Vlad! Jack activated the portal, and… and…"

"Keep going!" I ask her urgently, the suspense is killing me probably more than the truth will…

"It… shot a huge blast of ectoplasm at you! Your hair went completely white! And then you crumpled, writhing in pain as… as… see for yourself!"

Maddie is looking very concerned. She fumbles in a draw and pulls out a small mirror and hands it to me. However, it is so painful to do something as simple as move, so she's holding it for me.

Shock is traveling down my spine like an electrical current, it isn't that, indeed, my hair is white. Nor is it, that my face is covered in acne! It's…

As I drown in a pool of blackness, I get one last thought in. A thought, that fries my insides like no faulty Ghost Portal can do.

I won't get to propose to her…