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Chapter 1

Good or Bad?

I feel so horrible… It's just… Ugh… Now where am I…? It's just so… white

As the blinding white began to fade so my eyes adjusted properly, I realize I'm in a hospital. Why do they paint it like this? The pure white makes you wonder whether or not you're currently still living…

I feel… good, now. Apart from my face being itchy, I'm actually feeling quite good; my limbs are working properly, although a little stiff. Still, after the agony I just went through, something like that doesn't seem to surprise me. I probably tensed up in pain. Wait, did I still have the acne?? I have to find out, my curiosity has been getting the better of me lately… not that I always want it to.

The mirror reflects the white hair and the acne. Not that that matters, I don't care about that. The thing I care about is that I lost my chance to propose to Maddie… If I hadn't been standing in front of it, the blast would have hit the wall… we would have been disappointed at first, but then we could just laugh at our own mistakes and in the moment I could've proposed to her…

Suddenly, the mirror has begun to reflect something I didn't expect to see. Or, lacked what I actually expected to see. My left arm, in the mirror, it is… gone. It just melted out of vision… I look down at my arm, and just as in the mirror, I can't see it. I'm getting really freaked out now. No joke, I am. This is way too weird, no normal person's arm just disappears! And what's worse is, I can't make it change back! Sure, I can move it. I can sense where it is, but I can't see it! What's going on with me…?

I sigh as my arm reappears, after ten full minutes of concentration. Really, I can't believe what I just did, whether it be of my own accord or not, I think… that the blast may have given me some ghostly attributes. The Ghost Portal was not built in vain! Just wait until I tell Maddie and Jack! It will be a different breakthrough! And then-

I gasp as my hand quite literally sank through the dresser I was leaning on. Quickly I pulled it out and saw that my hand was still visible, only transparent, and amazingly, intangible. I shook it and concentrated as hard as possible, nothing working on my intangible hand. My attempt at hitting it on the dresser went in vain as my hand simply went through it…

Sitting on the hospital bed, I'm trying to ignore my hand, knowing, actually hoping, that it will become normal again. As I let my mind wander, suddenly I realize that only ghosts had ghostly attributes such as invisibility and intangibility, and ghosts are dead, and… Oh my God…

I dash back to the mirror, my hand still intangible, and realize that I have the acne. Ghosts don't get things like that. But… if I'm not a ghost what the heck am I? I… just can't see myself as being human, nor as being a ghost…

I push it all out of my mind. All of it. I knew, that Maddie, of all people, Maddie, she wouldn't care, whatever my status. We are so deeply in love with each other that a few things like this won't come between us. It may actually bring us even closer, we'd be able to test them out together, Maddie, Jack and I! And if I could gain control of these, maybe, just maybe, this may be a great turning point in my life. Why, it may just be the best thing that ever happened to me!

I'm almost cheering, but I stop myself. As much as I am leaping on the inside, I don't want to disturb everyone else. I see myself as a very mindful person towards others, mindful of their feelings and my actions towards them. Nonetheless, there's excitement jumping in my chest!


I can hear noises at the other side of my door. My hand had long since reverted to normal, and I was just taking a rest in bed. I seemed to need it even though I'd probably spent a few hours, maybe even a few days unconscious in this hospital bed.


"VLADDY!" Jack boomed, racing in the door. Maddie quickly followed behind. Judging by Maddie's new hairstyle, he'd been out for a few days.

"Oh, Jack and I have been so worried about you!"

I smile weakly at them both. "So… I was out how long…?"

Maddie and Jack look at each other with stunned faces. It seems I must've been out more than a few days. It could have been weeks…

"Umm… Vlad… you were out… you were out for… well the Doctor said that it was highly unlikely that you'd ever, ever wake up…

Gulping, I know I'm not going to like what I'm about to hear next. I looked almost the same in the mirror… Wait, almost the same, not the same. There were a few small signs that I'd gotten older, although I didn't really pay enough attention to notice…

"…So, I was out a pretty long time, wasn't I…?"

Jack is looking fearful about telling me. It's another sign that it's not good. I'm beginning to get very worried.

"Vladdy… you were out for twenty-four days…"

"Oh, well that's not so bad…" I reply. I'd been expecting so much worse from the expression of their faces.

I noticed Maddie biting her lip…

"And six months…"

I tried with all my might, to think positively. "Well at least it's not a year!" I try to say cheerily, but it came to grave faces. They still haven't finished. Maddie had gulped so loudly that I actually heard her.

"… And… and… seven years…"

I stare at them, stunned. Seven years? I'd pulled out of a seven year coma?! I'm not only shocked that I've been in one that long, not only shocked that they didn't pull the plug, I'm shocked that after seven short years, I pulled through a coma. It was a miracle! I beat the odds! But… what's happened in the seven years, six months, twenty-four days that I was out?