I have been watching her for the past 2 years. I've seen her happy smiles, and her darkest days. She has never given me much thought, although I think of her most of the time. If she wouldn't give me a chance get to know her better at least I can be a friend to her.

I have wanted to be a constant for her, her constant friend. I've worked with her every weekend for the past years or so and she is always distant. It's because of him I knew that. I keep trying to get to know her, and maybe someday she'll notice me and think of the possibilities of us together.

I wanted to make everything okay for her, to take all of her sadness away. Maybe she could thank me for it someday. If she would only know it was me who will set her free. I have chosen to help her because I love her the most.

Tonight I'm going to kill Bella Swan.

I'm going to put her out of the misery of being, of breathing. She is too beautiful of a person to be contained in a body. Her sprit should be allowed to fly free. That will be my gift to her. I wall help her release her soul, and then we can be together forever.

Bella had driven herself to work; Cullen had left on one of his many camping trips. I couldn't fathom how he could ever leave her. She was an angel and he would dare to spend even a moment away from her, it was sacrilege.

I talked Tyler into helping me. He was going to puncture her tires about 30 minutes before our shift ended. I convinced him that he owed it to me. I also think he thought, if

She could be separated from Cullen, that maybe even he would get a chance with her.

I walked her out to her truck and she noticed the tires immediately. "Oh shoot!" she said in her sweet tone

"What is it Bella?" I replied

"My tires are flat! Crap, do you have a cell phone I can borrow Mike; I should call my dad at the station. He can come get me."

"If your dad's at work Bella, I could take you home. It's on my way to Jessica's," I said, knowing she wouldn't be so suspicious of me if I was going to Jessica's

"Um…sure Mike. That would be great. Thank you!"

I opened the door for her and she smiled at me. Oh god she is beautiful.

I got into the car and started driving away. I needed to keep up the courage; I couldn't back down not now. This was the only way we could be together. Since we couldn't be together in life, I was going to have to settle for death.

"Mike, thanks again for taking me home. I really appreciated it."

"It's not a problem Bella. Hey, do you mind if I ask you a question?"

"Sure Mike, go ahead ask me anything." She smiled again

"Why didn't you ever want to go out with me? I mean I know the dance you had plans, but when I asked you just kept saying no…I don't understand Bella."

"Oh…Mike. I really don't know what to say. I've been dating Edward, you know that."

"But you never gave me a chance!" My voice cracked with frustration as I increased speed

"Hey mike, why don't you just drop me off right here. I can walk to the station." She looked a bit nervous

"No Bella. We are finally having our date."

"What the hell are you talking about Mike? Your taking me home now!." She insisted

"No Bella, I'm not. We have a date with destiny tonight. We'll be together."

"Mike, you're acting crazy!" She shouted "Come on joke's over!"

"This isn't a joke Bella! I'm crazy in love with you. Can't you see how much, I love you? "

"Mike please…your scaring me." She began to cry

"Hush Bella. Everything will be okay. It wont hurt a bit. It will all be over soon." I reached to stroke her soft hair

"Mike, please don't do this. Just take me home please." She begged. I drove faster

She mumbled something under her breath that sounded like 'Edward save me'

"Where are we going Mike?" she asked frightened

"We are going to heaven Bella. We are going together!" I stated simply

I watched as she reached for the door handle, and she tugged on it in vein.

"Let me out Mike! Let me out please!"

"No." I saw in front of me, what I had been waiting for. It was a twisted stretch of road, and I inched the speedometer up to 100

"Mike slow down! Please stop the car!" she cried out. A turn was coming up, and I just took my hands off the wheel and looked a her, her face was stained with tears, she looked franticly at me in that split second, but all I could see where her lovely eyes and the realization that I was going to be the last person the ever see her, my lovely Bella alive.

The impact happened suddenly, and then the car began to roll down the hill. Until the car stopped abruptly. I was in horrible pain; my mind couldn't process what had happened even though I knew. I looked over to her; she was so still and quiet. She truly looked like an angel, bloody and broken after a fall from heaven. I drifted off into the darkness to join my Bella.