"You…" I breathed confusion setting the tone "I thought-"

"Yes, it's me you bitch" he said raising his hand to strike me but he hesitated "Next time, you really should finish the job yourself" he smirked

I tried to push him off of me, but I was trapped. Two newborn vampires, one feeding off of human blood, the other from animals. His strength was greater.

"Bella" he moaned as he reached to caress my cheek "Your precious Edward isn't here, he's left you again. Hasn't he?"

I tried to shake my head in denial but I knew the truth, he was right. Edward had left me, or more to the point I had run him off.

"Come with me of your own free will" he pleaded and I could see the desperation in his eyes

"Mike, please understand I love Edward, I always will-"

"And I love you!" he interrupted "Please don't make me force you, again. I never wanted to hurt you."

"But you did Mike" I said looking away

"Then let me spend the rest of forever making it up to you" he pleaded

"You need to leave" I managed to choke out, as I pulled myself free.

"I didn't want to tell you this, but now you've given me no choice." He whispered into my ear

"No more games Mike" I huffed

"This isn't a game anymore Bella, right now as we speak your beloved Edward is "engaged" in activities that are only meant to be shared with a loved one"

"You lie!" I spat as I raced for the door, and knew Mike was directly behind me as I made my way to Tanya's home

I could smell and hear it before I saw it. Mike had been telling the truth. Edward and Tanya were so engrossed with each other they didn't even hear me until I let out an audible gasp.

"Hello Bella" Tanya smirked as I took in the sight

"Bella?" Edward said as if waking from a dream. He looked between Tanya and myself and then realized the situation.

I turned and ran before he could say another word. I was pained by this turn of events. My virginity had been lost to another against my will; Edward on the other hand had freely given his virginity up to Tanya. Tanya of all people.

I was sick to my core at this betrayal I felt. I thought I was finally ready to move forward with Edward, to trust him with the broken pieces of me. But instead, he crushed what was left into dust, by this final betrayal.

I felt someone grab my arm, and I turned to see Edward watching me intently. His eyes blazed with emotion as he continued to hold me.

"Let me go!" I cried

"Never! I will never let you go Bella."

"After what I just saw, I can't even stand to look at you" I spat

"I'm sorry" he managed "I never meant to do this to you"

"All I asked for Edward was some time and understanding, A little compassion on your part. That was all…so simple, but you just couldn't wait for me. Instead you ran to her…" I flung my hand in the direction of the house

He watched me with hurt eyes, but I continued. I needed to tell him how I felt right here and now. This couldn't continue.

"My last human memories are of pain and agony." I finally said, "You had said, time and time again, that a 'intimate' relationship between us was impossible. You wouldn't accept my advances, you wanted to wait until marriage…until I was changed"

I glanced over, and was immediately sorry that I had. Edward's face was pure anguish

"I was raped Edward." I sighed heavily "And not by a human, but a newborn vampire. My body was beaten and battered, by this violation. Mike took no care, no concern for my fragile state. He broke me. Can you possibly understand what I'm saying."

"Bella…I'm-" Edward began, but I hushed him with my fingertips to his lips.

"Mike broke my body…but you Edward-" I turned away, unable to look at him any further "You broke my heart…" and with that I ran. I ran fast…and I ran far. Never looking back.

I knew that I would be followed; it was really only a mater of time till I was found. So eventually I stopped to wait.

Victoria and Mike soon joined me. They seemed surprised by my willing defeat as they looked at each other.

"I thought this was going to be much more difficult" Victoria said happily clasping her hands together

"I have no where to go" I conceded "I can not go back to the Cullen's"

"So you will stay with us?" Mike said astounded

"For now." I managed

The three of us traveled together in silence, but that was soon broken when Victoria caught the scent of dinner.

"Ah- the smell of campers on a crisp morning!" She said as my eyes moved to the tent in front of us.

I paused, not sure what to do. Mike noticed my hesitation, and pulled me to him.

"Don't worry Bella," he said as he moved to the tent with Victoria.

The screams were deafening, but soon a mug was place before me. My fingers automatically griped the mug. I looked to see Mike smirking at me "See, I remembered your favorite drink"