Summary-After Cain finds his wife's grave, DG tries to offer him comfort. But a kiss isn't always a kiss, especially when the man involved is broken.

All she had done was come over, offer a touch on his shoulder to try to ease some of the grief of finding Adora's grave. Cain had stood, determined to walk away and deal with his pain alone, but she'd touched him again. DG's fingers had closed on his arm, turning him around to face her. The soft look on her face, the concern for him in her deep, blue eyes made him come undone. He didn't remember reaching for her. But he remembered how easily she'd slid into his embrace. How quickly her lips had parted under his.

She was warm, but she wasn't Adora.

He could taste the difference.

His tongue slid against hers, learning the differences between them, savoring the newness of this young woman. Warmth seeped into him, chasing the chill that had settled into him the day that tin suit had been shut. Cain knew he should stop, that he was just kissing her to rid himself of the bitterness of Adora's death. A death he'd had to relive after the flame of hope had been reignited.

But he couldn't stop.

She clung to him, her tiny hands fisted in his coat, her tender mouth moving beneath his like she'd been kissing him for years. She pressed her body against him, trying to get closer, not away like she should have been. She should have run, and if she could see into his mind, she would have.

Desire sparked, a feeling he thought long dead. Things he hadn't thought about in forever sprang into his mind, playing over and over like that temporal loop thing that had tortured him for years. But his was much more disturbing.

She's a kid. Not much older than my son. If he was alive.

Kid? Like hell.

This was no kid in his arms. She kissed him back for all he was worth, her breath tickling his cheek, her fingers playing in the soft hair at the nape of his neck. She took his grief and anger and returned comfort and a little of the light she possessed in her soul.

He didn't know how long they stood there, clinging to each other like the world wasn't about to come crashing down around their ears. He didn't know where Glitch and Raw were. Didn't particularly care, but he didn't want them walking in on this scene either. He couldn't let her go.

If anything he pulled her closer.

A light breeze caught her hair, bringing the scent of it to his nostrils. An arm banded around her waist, fitting her against him more intimately. His free hand cradled her head, the fine tendrils of her hair wrapping around his fingers as he deepened the kiss. It had been so long, so long since he'd had this. She was worse than Azkadelia's vapors and twice as addictive. Her arms clung tighter to him, pressing her softness against his long length.

She made a little noise in the back of her throat. A tiny moan that sent his blood flowing like lava through his veins.

And it was that fire that pulled him back. It would be so easy right now, he knew, to take her. To sink into her warmth and forget about everything for a while. He could do that and she would let him. But afterwards…afterwards her innocence would be gone and he'd be nohting more than a bastard, taking what he needed with no regard to her.

He could imagine the look in those eyes. Those wide, luminescent eyes that had seen much more in the last few days than she'd ever bargained for. Her entire life had been turned upside down and he would only compound that.

Cain pulled away with great regret, resting his cheek against hers and squeezing his eyes shut as he tried to gain control. He could hear her breath in his ear, harsh and ragged as his.

"DG, I'm sorry," he gasped, forcing himself to let her go. That first step away was the hardest.

"Wha?" she looked dazed, confused. Her eyes were cloudy with her desire, her lips bruised from his kiss. It took everything in him to take that second step away, and not reach for her again. DG gave a little shake to her head as if trying to clear it. "What's wrong?"

"I shouldn't have done that." He told her quietly, wrenching his hat off his head and twisting it between his hands just ot keep himself from reaching for her again.

"I wasn't complaining." she replied. She looked at him in such an inviting way…another step back, away from the temptation of her. Silence stretched as they stared at each other. Cain kept his face neutral, slitted his eyes so she couldn't see the emotion rolling through him. Emotion that should be dead and buried with his wife. It wasn't, and that made him wonder what kind of man he was.

Then she made a noise. Something between a hiccup and a sob. He looked up to see one, crystal tear slip down her cheek before she hastily brushed it away. Since he'd met her, she'd taken everything in stride. Like being uprooted from your life and finding out it was all a lie anyway happened everyday. But this, his rejection of her, no matter how much he didn't want to do it, hurt her.

Pain sliced through Cain's own chest at the realization. He would have gladly stayed in that tin suit another hundred annuals to keep that tear from falling.

"We better get going." He said, his voice rusty and thick. She gave a jerky nod, her eyes looking every where but at him. "Come on, princess."

Without another word, he walked past her, moving into the forest. Glitch and Raw had moved out to join them and he oculd feel their eyes on him. He just kept moving, leaving DG with them. He'd stay, protect her like he'd promised.

Hopefully the other two could protect her from him.