"You smell delicious," she muttered, a slow grin spreading on her face as she leaned down, auburn hair brushing ever-so-slightly against Luchia's neck, making her swallow.

"I bet you taste just as good."

It wasn't that Luchia couldn't do anything. Okay, she was kind of pinned down at the moment. And her gun was a couple of feet away. But she could always kick her imprisoner off of her, grab her gun and immobilize her in a few minutes.

Except... it was Sumire.

It was Sumire whose tongue was now trailing down Luchia's collarbone. It was Sumire whose lips were emitting that hideous giggling sound, high-pitched and hoarse, that made Luchia's stomach twist into tight knots of disgust.

Sumire was a friend. Her eyes were always bright and innocent and she held Luchia when she'd cry and didn't complain when Luchia acted like nothing happened the next day, without even saying as much as a 'thank you'.

She was just a little... possessed at the moment. It would pass. It always did. She'll deal with this and Sumire won't remember anything after she wakes up again and Luchia will never, never bring it up. She just had to wait a little bit. Luchia wouldn't harm her.

Because it was Sumire, in a way.

And maybe because it was Sumire, Luchia could close her eyes and pretend she didn't hear this revolting voice but the sweet, tender one that she knew so well; that her hands weren't cold and dead but warm and caring.