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'Seven years and I can finally see her...' He thought packing anything he could fit into his pack. 'Just a few hours...' Today was the day the four nations were at peace. Now he was going home.. to Katara. Not one letter he wrote to her was replied. He was so worried, what if something happend to her? No they would of told him. Right? He shudderd at the thought. His pack was now over flowing with things.

"C'mon Momo" He sighed, he brightly chirped as he jumped onto Aang strong shoulders. He opened the wooden door and walked out. The sun was beating down on his face. Appa was sleeping peacefully just outside of the small wooden cabin. Aang walked over to him and petted his soft fur. "Wake up buddy." Appa rolled over and grunted. "Come on! It's time to go." Appa scooted away a bit. Aang sighed, "If you get up I promise I'll find you a fresh cabbage when we get there." Appa jumped to his feet ready to go. Aang laughed as he crawled onto his back.

"Yip yip." He said. Appa flew into the air. Aang layed back taking in the fresh air. He felt at peace. They had finally made a deal threw out the four nations. The war was over and the Fire Nation was finally setteling down. Iroh was the new firelord. Zuko tought Aang firebending. And now.. He could finally go home. He gently closed his eyes as that horrible night flashed before his eyes.


"Aang.. You can't go.." She sobbed. "Katara.. what am I sapposed to do? I got the letter.. I can't just pretend like it never came." She sighed, "I know... But Aang... I need you..." The words swirled in his mind. How could he just leave?! Why did he have to be the Avatar? She stumbled into his arms, "I'm sorry." he said as tears rolled down his cheek. She looked up at his and he wipped away the tears that stained her perfect face. "I'll miss you." She whisperd.

The next few days were horrible. Katara and Aang barely spoke. The day came that it was time for Aang to leave. He stood beside Appa throwing a few things onto his saddle. He threw the last bag and turned to the crowd of familier faces. Katara ran up to him and collasped into his embrace. He nuzzled into her neck, "I'll be back Katara. I promise." She kissed him on the cheek and whisperd into his ear, "I love you."

He smiled, 'Katara... Loves... Me?' he thought. He approched Sokka and Toph. He hugged them both, "I'll miss you guys... promise to keep in touch." They both nodded, "Ill miss you too twinkle toes." Toph said. Sokka was too chocked to say anything. He sighed as he crawled onto Appa. He waved sadly and said, "Yip Yip boy."


He sat up and took in his sarroundings. Those memories haunted his dreams. He couldn't think about anything but those three words that made his heart crumble everytime he played it over in his head, 'I love you' Why did the Fire Nation have to write him that stupid letter. They couldn't settle things on their own? If they had then Aang would be living his happily ever after! Katara and him would be married and have kids so Aang can continue the airbender legacy! He looked down to the ocean. The cool blue water that taunted him.

He wanted to just dive in and never come out. Him being the Avatar.. his four powers each gave him a diferent feeling. Fire.. gave him the feeling of streght and fear. Air gave his the feeling of freedom and power. Earth the feeling of stubborness. But water... water gave him the feeling, of freedom, power... and most of all safety. He bended water up and swirled it around him. He closed his eyes he could almost feel her wrapping her arms around him, her trying to train a goofy kid like him. Her eyes... Oh her eyes. He could melt into them.

If he was ever mad at her that would always bring him back. The silky blue eyes that sparkled when she was happy, and became grey and lifeless when she was sad. He couldn't think about anything except her. Her long flowing black hair, her twinkling blue eyes, her curvy body. The water splashed down onto him as he thought of one thing, what if the reason she didn't return his letters... is because she met someone else. Someone else that wasn't Aang! Flames arrose in his eyes. No she wouldn't do that to him!

'Oh Roku.. Why does she always do this to me!' He sighed. He water bended the icy water off of him. He wanted to scream outloud. He tuggged on Appa's reigns, "C'mon boy lets get some food." Appa and Momo happily agreed. They pulled into a small water tribe village. He climbed off of Appa. "Appa you watch Momo alright? I'll be right back."

He couldn't think straight. He just wanted to curl into a ball and cry. He walked up to a lettuce stand. "10 cabbages please." He pulled the small sack of coins out of his pocket. "Your the Avatar! Oh no! Please it's on me!" He sighed, "No please... Let me pay... I can't take this.."

The man sighed and said, "Oh come on just take it and go" he chuckled a bit. "Thanks!" Aang was used to this treatment..and he absolutly hated it. Just as Aang walked away he threw the sack of coins at him and ran to another stall. He got a basket of berries and made his way back to Appa and Momo. He threw a few heads of cabbages infront of Appa. He gave Momo the basket of berries.

After Appa and Momo finished eating Aang crawled onto Appa. Appa flew into the air Momo jumping on before Appa got away completly. Aang closed his eyes and drifted into sleep.

The cold air woke him. The village that he was so familier with was standing before him. His heart jumped at the thought of seeing Katara. 'Okay I've made it here... Now I just have to find her."

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