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In one hot second Aang had turned Appa around and was speeding towards her. Memories were swarming threw his head. Pictures of Katara with tears streaming down her cheeks. He landed Appa and jumped off him. By than Katara was collasped on the ground crying. He bent down and kissed her forehead as he wrapped his arms around her. "I'm sorry."

He looked down at her and admired her beauty. Her eyes sparkled, and her skin was slightly glowing in the moonlight. Even the tears streaming down her face were beautiful. The moonlight made them almost glow. She looked into his eyes, "Aang... I know you have to go...I just don't want to hurt anymore. Do you know how long I waited for you? It hurt so much... than you come back into my life and I'm as happy as could be. Now your leaving. Again."

He curled her into a balls with his arms and whispered into her ear, "I'll be back. I promise. No matter how long it takes... I'll be back."

She shifted up so they were face to face. She grabbed his face and pulled it close. There lips were almost touching when she whisperd brushing her lips on his, "Don't move on with out me.." her breath drifted into his. She finally touched there lips. They kissed slowly and passionetly. He pulled away and looked at her. "I won't."

He got up and grabbed her hands and pull her up. He brushed him thumb on her cheek whiping a stray tear that escaped her eyes. He gently kissed her on the cheek and pulled away. "I have to leave tomorow. But tonight it can be just you and me. Alright?" She nodded and opened the wooden door. They walked into a gush of warm air.

He senses came to an ease. They both sat down enjoying each others company. Not saying one word. Like they were talking but no one could hear them. She sighed and leaned into his shoulder. She carefully closed her eyes drifted off. He kissed the top of her head and leaned on her and driffted off into a deep sleep. Dreaming about her, his one and only.

The next morning Aang was on the floor snoring loudly. She smiled and got up trying not to step on him. She went into the kitchen and pulled out a mango and started to munch on it. She looked at Aang as he slept. Studying his body. Everything, how his shirt slightly rose exposing his toght stomach. How the creases on his eyes seemed to get lighter as he breathed in. Or how his eyelashes bat as he snored. Mango juice slid down her face and she carefully whiped it away.

She couldn't keep her eyes off him. His eyelids slowly rose and he looked at his surroundings. He silvery-purply eyes shone brightly. He sat up and looked at her with a grin from ear to ear. "Morning..." He said in a scratchy voice. "Good morning." She replied in a squeaky tone. She brushed past him and went into the kitchen were she discarded the rest of her mango. She walked back into the living room and stared at him. "So... When are you going to tell Sokka?" He sighed and looked at the bedroom door, "I don't know... I sappose at breakfest... He'll be eating a hopefully in a good mood."

Katara chuckled a bit, "Oh, come on you and I both know when Sokka's eating he's at his happiest."

He smiled brightly and was just about to wake Sokka up but he burst threw the door with a goofy grin on his face. "Have a good sleep?" He asked. Sokka nodded and plopped himself down on the couch. Aang stood up and stretched his long arms into the air. "I'll make breakfest"

Katara smiled and said, "Don't worry about it.. I'll make it." Aang shook his head and said, "Naw... I've let you make me breakfest the entire time I've been here. I'll make it." She smiled again at how sweet he was being and said, "Alright. But I'll help you." He nodded and walked into the kitchen.

A few minutes later they emerced with eggs, cut up apple chunks, and sausege. Sokka's eyes were gleaming as he licked his lips. The put the plate down at the table and Sokka began to stuff his face. Aang gave his sausege to Sokka, being a vegetarian and all. Aang poked at his eggs and cleared his throat. "Sokka." Sokka looked at him, "Wharf?" He managed to say with a mouth full of food. "I have to leave. Zuko sent me a letter saying that I need to come back. I'm sorry."

Aang bowed his head awaiting Sokka's booming voice to attack him. "Aang. You gotta be kidding me!" He didn't even sound angry. "I'm sorry." He reapeted in a tiny voice.

Sokka sighed, "You can't leave now! Were just starting to have fun like the old days." Aang sighed and said, "I miss those days. When we were as a team fighting agaisnt Fire Lord Ozai. Together." The last bit sent shivers down his spine. He sighed and said, "Well, I guess memories are ment to stay memories. But I have to leave by mid-day so I can be back there by sundown."

Katara and Sokka nodded. Katara's eyes looked tired and swolen. The blue in her eyes was dull. Almost a grey. The eyes that he fell inlove with, the eyes that sent shivers threw his entire body when he looked into them, the eyes that could break anyones heart just by looking at him, Were now like dull stone that couldn't do any of those things. What was he doing to her? How could he do this to her? 'Aang, your so stupid!' he sighed putting his head in his hands.

He felt a warm hand on his back, "Aang... Are you okay?" tears pricked the back of his eyes. "I would give up everything to be 12 again. Even being the Avatar." Katara smiled softly and said, "Aang, if you were never the Avatar we would of never met. You would probably be dead at the Western Air Temple. Me and Sokka would of never left and Fire Lord Ozai would probably still be ruling."

Aang had never really thought about it like that. He sighed, "I just wish we could go back and start over again." She sighed and said, "I know Aang. Just remember to come home okay?"

He nodded and took Katara and Sokka into a hug. "Awe c'mon! I'm not done eating yet!" Sokka whined, but eventually gave into the hug.


He stood outside by himself looking at his sarroundings. 'Why do I have to leave' He turned around and looked at the small hut that he knew so well. Katara and Sokka opened the door and came outside. He smiled a bit and said, "I guess, this is goodbye." Sokka approched him and shook his hand in the offical Water Tribe hand shake. "Brothers for life." He said. Aang smiled and said, "Brothers for life."

He pulled Sokka into a hug. Finally they pulled away. Now it was Kataras turn. She walked up to him and smiled with tears swelling in her eyes. He held her in his arms foreheads touching. "I love you." he whispered. She smiled and said, "I love you too Aang." He kissed her gently than let go of her. He got up on Appa and said, "I'll be back." He rubbed Appa's big head and said, "Yip-yip." Appa took off into the air and flew away with Momo churping loudly on his back. "I promise." He whispered to the winds.

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