Starring: Alicia/Chris Jericho (possibly), Shawn Micheals/Rebecca, Trish/Jeff, Lita/Adam, Randy/Samantha, Stephanie/Hunter.

Chapter 1

I'm Alicia, Alicia Micheals to be more accurate. My story is one like no other, a psychotic stalker, an obsessive lover and possible true love. For my story contains all three, so be prepared.

I guess I should start at the beginning, like I said I'm Alicia. Early twenties, brunette, green eyed and tall, a woman basically. I have always be interested in the WWE, I loved wrestling since I was a little girl, I even started to train as a wrestler the moment I turned fourteen. I was trained by Shawn Micheals who is my uncle, I loved him. He was defiantly the best wrestler in the world. As for me, well I'm the replacement for William Regal, the GM of RAW, I went for the interview in December and Vince McMahon (Who is actually quite a nice person) and was told to start on the first episode of 2008. I had to stay home until then but on my first day I was buzzing. I could not remember the last time I was this excited.

My boyfriend Kyle, who was in mid twenties, blonde and blue eyed, a guy every girl wanted but I had, he came to drop me off that day.

"Baby, your gonna be great!" he said to me, as I continued to become more and more nervous.

"What if I forget my lines?" I said. "Oh my God, what if I forget to breathe!"

Kyle laughed, "I mean breathing doesn't come naturally so of course you might forget to do it! It's not like you've been doing it every second of your life."

"Shut up!" I playfully hit him.

He always knew how to cheer me up, that's why I loved him. We've been on and off since high school but when we went to college we were on, the way I felt about him is hard to put into words. He made me happy, happier then I've ever been. No my past didn't have secrets, and no I didn't have a complete unhappy childhood. I had a great life, just me and mum (Shawn Michael's sister) . My dad left us when I was only ten. But I got over that, no addiction, no rebelling, just moving on with my life, after all I was only ten. Then I met Kyle, like I said in high school. He was the jock, I was the cheerleader, match made in heaven but we were more then the perfect couple. We were in love, not from a story book or a chick flick. We were made for each other, everyone believed it. My mum approved of him, his parents adored me. It was perfect. I was training twenty four seven to be a diva or to take the post of GM and I got it. Kyle was happy for me, he was already a trainer in the WWE, this way we would be together. Perfect right? Who said life was perfect?

On my first day on screen, my face was shown at the end of RAW and all I had to do was smile and look good, I forgot that I didn't have any lines. The fans were to wonder who I was until the next week. When I was done, trust me I felt so relived.

"Scary isn't it? The first time you're on screen," a voice said behind me. I turned around. Chris Jericho. Wow. If you thought he was gorgeous on screen, trust me he was so much hotter in person.

"Yea, nerve wrecking," I smiled. I was to be officially introduced to the roster after Raw. "I'm Alicia Micheals."

"I've heard a lot about you from Shawn, I'm…" he began.

"Chris Jericho," I smiled.


"Of Y2J, who wouldn't be?" I grinned.

"Looking forward to running RAW?" he asked as we began to walk to the offices.

"Scared actually, I really don't wanna mess up!"

"You won't, trust me you won't, Shawn said you know your wrestling there's no reason why you should, so relax and have fun," he smiled.

I smiled at him, "Are you sucking up because you want the WWE title?" I asked playfully.

"Me? Hidden agenda? Never," he laughed.

We entered Vince's office, and most of the superstars were already there, even the trainers and WWE doctors and medics.

"Finally," Shawn smiled, he hugged me tightly. Shawn was the father figure in my life.

"Right," Vince said, "Let me introduce you all to Alicia Micheals, the new General Manager of Raw."

Everyone smiled, said hi. I said hi, it was pretty un formal. After the meeting was done, I met up with Lita, who I had met because she was a close friend of my uncle Shawn.

"Hey, you looked good on screen," Lita said.

"I know," I said cockily.

"Let me introduce you to Randy, he's just as cocky," Lita joked. I had already met Randy as well, and his wife Samantha. They were both really sweet. Too bad the same could not be said for Ashley, she got on my last nerves and that's putting it lightly.

"Hey baby," Kyle walked up to us and kissed me lightly. "You were great and you remembered to breathe!"

"Breathe?" Lita asked totally confused.

"Ronnie here was scared she'd forget to breathe on screen," Kyle explained.

"Aww bless!" Lita laughed, "That is a story for the locker rooms!"

"No!" I laughed, "Li you can't do that to my life!"

"She can!" Kyle smiled, as Chris made his way over to us.

"Hey guys, in celebration of the new GM, we're all going partying tonight, you guys up for it?" Chris asked.

"I am!" Lita grinned.

"Alicia?" he asked.

I was unsure, I just wanted to crash in my bed with Kyle.

"Come on," Chris persisted, "How can we celebrate the new GM, if she's not there?"

"That's true," I smiled. "Ok fine I'll be there!"

"Great, girls usually meet in Lita's room. As the women's champion she has the biggest room," Chris said, "Guys in the lobby," he said to Kyle.

Kyle nodded. I could sense some bad blood between the two but I didn't say anything, not then anyways. I was looking forward to meeting every body. As I headed to Lita's room that evening in my black mini skirt and red halter neck top and black sandals. I was so nervous. Did I look too slutty? Was my skirt too short? Was it too long? Kyle always said I asked too many questions, he was right. I took a breathe as I knocked on her room door. She let me in, only she and Trish were there. Thank God my skirt was not too long or short, it was the same length as Trish's.

"Trish this is Alicia, Alicia this is Trish," Lita introduced.

"Li, I was at that meeting," Trish laughed.

"Yea well…" Lita began

"You look great Alicia," Trish smiled.

"Thanks, love the skirt," I said. "Lot like mine."

She got up and looked at mine, "Babe we have the same skirt on!"

We both laughed. As soon as Victoria, Maria, Michelle, Melina, Mickie and a few of the other divas arrived we were ready to go. It felt so good to be like one of the girls. I had a weird feeling Mickie didn't like me, but I wasn't bother. You either like me or you don't! The club was intense, full of people, I had no idea where Kyle was.

"You look gorgeous," Chris Jericho whispered as he stood behind me.

I turned around and smiled, "Thanks." I couldn't help but to blush.

"Dance with me?" he asked.

I nodded as I followed him to the dance floor. He looked so good as we all danced. Again Mickie was sending me daggers.

"Why does she send me daggers?" I accidentally said out loud.

"Mickie?" Chris said noticing her, "Well because the time you and Kyle broke up, she was the one who dated him."

I stopped, "Kyle dated when we broke up." Like I said we had an on off relationship and when he joined the WWE we had broken up for no more then six weeks.

"Oh shit," Chris sighed, "It was just a rebound thing for him."

"So why didn't he tell me?"

"It was a year ago."

"Why are you defending him?" I asked.

"If I didn't you would be upset," he grinned.

Wait, was Chris Jericho flirting with me? I couldn't help but smile.

"Drink?" he asked.

I nodded as we walked over to the bar, "Getting me drunk huh?" I asked after he bought the third round.

"Yep, you've figured me out already," he laughed.

It was so nice just talking to him and laughing, and when I saw Kyle I smiled at him but he didn't return it. He just walked over, looked at Chris.

"Kyle," I said softly.

"I've been looking for you," he replied, he was clearly agitated.

"I'll leave you too it," Chris waved before he left.

"Come on," he said.

"Where?" I asked.

"Hotel," he replied.

"I don't wanna go," I argued, afterall I'd only been here for two hours.

"Your coming with me," he was angry, that much was obvious. I had no choice but to go with him. Today I regret that decision. Kyle was quiet as we took a cab to the hotel but once the door was shut his anger was inevitable.

"Do you know how it feels to watch the person you love flirt with someone you pretty much hate!" Kyle yelled.

"One I wasn't flirting and two, since when do you hate Chris?" I said trying to stay calm. "And why?"

"It doesn't fucking matter why!" he shouted. "YOU WERE FLIRTING WITH ANOTHER MAN!"

"I WASN'T!" I screamed. "and talking of flirting why did you never tell me you went out with MICKIE!"

His face went pale.

"Was I never meant to find out?" I whispered, tears coming to my eyes. "So we're keeping secrets now."

"Don't change the topic," he managed to say.

I sat on the bed, "You cheated on me didn't you?" I had figured it out, we broke up because of Mickie. All those years I had wondered why Kyle had ended it so quickly and without an obvious reason. He said he needed space. Space with that slut.

"Ronnie," he whispered to me. "I never cheated."


He slapped me. One swish movement of his hand across my cheek. I fell off the bed, holding my cheek, trying to fight back the tears.

"Babe," Kyle fell beside me, "Baby I'm so sorry, please forgive me, I never meant to……Ally I'm sorry."

I was shaking, what should I do, "Get out." I managed to whisper.

"Ally, no, you don't want this," Kyle said, touching my cheek. "You don't want this. You want me to say." His voice was soothing and at the time a little intimidating. "It'll never happen again."

"Promise?" I whispered.

"I promise Ally, never again." he kissed me. "Let me stay." He kissed me again.

I nodded my head, allowing him to stay. Big Mistake.

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