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Uchiha Sasuke was not raised to know how to properly express his emotions. To top off this dilemma, he was a testosterone filled male, refusing to emasculate himself with utter bullshit like feelings.

Another vital aspect of being a man, however, is that the only feeling you're allowed to express freely is rage.

But then again, Sasuke had yet to lose his cool. Ever.

(Well, except that one time earlier in the week…)

With that, he caught Sakura's eye, sending her one of his infamous smirks and with a hapless shrug he held up one finger.

Even from across the massive cafeteria he could see her fists clench as she turned the other way.

"You're a real asshole." Sasuke spared his friend a glance, who was freely staring at Sakura who was swiftly leaving the cafeteria.

"I learned from the best." Sasuke let out a hollow, humorless laugh, roughly pushing passed his friend and out the other exit.


After he had considerably cooled down, Sasuke made his way back to lunch. As he walked in, a hush fell over the crowd.

Without a doubt, it was because of his and Sakura's little wager—it was the most exciting thing that had happened since some pyromaniac burnt down another high school and 400 students transferred here.

And that happened just about 50 years ago.

Speaking of transfers… Sasuke eyes scanned the cafeteria until he saw the redhead, who was sitting with his hands folded and his chin resting lazily on the table.

Just looking at him made Sasuke's blood boil.

As if sensing someone looking at him, Gaara looked up and fixed his gaze on Sasuke, smirking.

Sasuke's pride took to the driver's seat when he walked across the cafeteria, one purpose in mind. If possible, the cafeteria shushed further and the lunch ladies scampered out of the canteen, searching for security.

Gaara let out a low chuckle and stood up when Sasuke reached his table. "Was there something you needed, Sasuke?"

Sasuke's fist itched and his mouth stayed firmly in a grim line.

"I'm gonna go with 'no'," Gaara brushed passed him, telling him over his shoulder. "I suppose I'll catch you later, Sasuke. I think I'll go join Sakura."

And Sasuke was seeing red.

He spun around, fast enough that no one really got what was happening until Sasuke had roughly grabbed the back of Gaara's shirt, turned him around, and punched him hard enough in the nose to break it.

Gaara let out a slightly hysterical laugh that sounded far from sane, spitting blood out to his left and wiping his bleeding nose before lunging at the enraged dark-haired teenager.


"Both of you are fuckin' idiots!" Naruto ignored the disapprovingly stern look on the secretary's face. "I go to take a piss and I come back and both of you—"

"Naruto, shut up."

In response, Naruto smacked Sasuke upside his head. "No, you shut the hell up and let me rant!"

Gaara snickered.

"You shut up, too! God, you two are definitely the biggest dumbasses I know! I didn't even know you two knew each other! What the hell were you fighting for?"


"He's angry because I kissed his girlfriend." Gaara shrugged indifferently, wrinkling his nose and tossing the tissue into the trash can.


Sasuke let out an uncharacteristic groan. "No. Not her."

"Haruno Sakura," Gaara filled in, giving Sasuke a smug smile.

Sasuke growled. "Fuck off, I don't care."

"Lying little shit."

"I don't. She's annoying. A majority of the time, I cannot even stand being in the same roo—"

Before Sasuke could finish, Naruto had punched him in the face.

The secretary stuttered unintelligibly. "Uzumaki! What in God's name are you doing?"

"I realize you're an ignorant little shit, but someday soon you should learn to shut the fuck up."

Sasuke rubbed his sore jaw, giving the blond a glare that made the secretary nervous.

"Tell Sarutobi I'll come by afterschool for whatever punishment he has lined up." Naruto mumbled quickly, just loud enough for the secretary to hear—who in turn, stammered inarticulately. He did not even wait for her to reply when he walked out of the office, giving Gaara's arm an uncomfortably hard squeeze as he left, whispering something in his ear barely loud enough for Sasuke to hear.

"Do not fuck with her."

And the door shut with a gentle click.

The office filled with deafening stillness that further terrified the mousey secretary. "Y-You two sit quietly. I need to go make copies of this." There was no authority in her voice as she scurried down the hall.

"Uchiha Sasuke, you're a bigger dumbass than I initially assumed."

"Care to repeat that, Sabaku?"

"You're honestly entirely unaware of your surroundings. Have you spent your whole life in a box?"

Sasuke just sat stone-still, staring at the blank wall in front of him.

"Your emo bitching is irritating. Everyone recognizes that your life sucks but get the hell over it."


"You're a real shit, you know that? I can't believe that Naruto is your friend."

Sasuke's head snapped to the side. "You don't know anyth—"

"Shut the fuck up." Gaara murmured darkly. "Be fucking grateful I don't beat your face in; you desperately need some sense beat into you."

"What the hell are you going off about?"

"You really are as stupid as you look."

And what Gaara told him stunned Sasuke into absolute silence.













100 Kisses

ginger mix-ups & kiss-thievery


"I cannot believe you did it!" Ino shrieked, jumping up excitedly. "Good God, Sakura! Where did you suddenly grow these freakin' massive balls?"

Sakura flushed, embarrassed by her volume and the attention from people it was attracting. "We made a bet, Ino! You knew about it! Now hush up and have a seat!"

Ino seemed to finally notice the bizarre looks being thrown their way and she sat back down, crossing her arms. "I'm just in awe of you, Sakura. I'm pretty sure you just became my hero."

"Ino, really. Making a bet because you can't seem to keep your mouth shut is hardly admirable." Sakura told her dryly.

Ino shrugged, sipping her Kiwi-Pineapple smoothie. "This is going to blow way, way, way out of proportion by Monday, 'Kura."

Sakura banged her forehead against the table. "It's already way out of proportion—if I do recall I molested Sasuke and beat up Gaara." She groaned, "Shit!" she cursed, meekly ducking when an elderly woman gave her a harsh look. "Another reason to dread Mondays. My reputation will go from—"

"Madly-in-love-with-Sasuke girl."

"Very intelligent top ten percentile badass to prostitute-in-training." She cleared her throat loudly, flinging a crinkled napkin at Ino's face.

"Well," Sakura barely stifled her laughter when Ino loudly cleared her throat, standing up. "We must find you suitable attire for your new role in the society of KHS!"

Sakura wrinkled her nose and moved to protest, but Ino was already half way out of the food court. "Come forth my grasshopper-hooker!"

The flabbergasted looks made her laugh and want to disappear at the same time as she chased after her best friend.


"I still can't believe you actually convinced me to buy something."

"And I still can't believe you kissed Gaara, so my thinking is that we're even."

Sakura and Ino were currently sitting at the former's house, flipping aimlessly through the channels and munching on leftover pizza.

Zzzzz! Zz! Zz! Zzzzz!

"Aren't you Little Miss Popular."

Ino gave a shrug, "I can't help that I'm perfect."

"And oh so modest!"

"Full package, I know." Ino didn't even glance up, texting furiously on her phone. "Will you go try on the shirt you just bought? I want to see it again."

Sakura rolled her eyes. "Why? I'm gonna return it—it was $40. Your convincing powers scare me sometimes."

"Honestly, $40 is practically nothing—especially since this shirt is something you'll have forever. Now go put it on," Ino waved a dismissive hand and Sakura was sure to stick her greasy fingers in the blonde's face before going to the bathroom to put on her new shirt.


"It's bloody perfect! Blimey!" Ino cried, "Harry Potter was on," she explained her English accent when Sakura raised an eyebrow at her.

Nodding, Sakura twirled. "It is really cute…" her voice trailed off and she fingered the soft, blue material.

"And the scoop neck makes it look like you have boobs!"

"Hey, hey, hey. You. Blonde-bimbo-bitch. Shut up." Sakura snapped her fingers in Ino's direction, twirling again, watching her reflection in the living room window.

"It really is cute. I have the best taste," Ino's pride swelled up like a balloon and she grinned. "So, you keeping it?"

Sakura pulled the hem down and twirled one more time before nodding an affirmative.

"Great! You can wear it tonight—we're going to tol13."



In some miraculous and magical way, Ino had convinced Sakura to go to the club with her.

"We're gonna be 18 in a couple months anyways!"

"You just turned 17!"

Alas, after no-ing for several minutes, Ino brought out the big guns.

"Like, fifty kids from our school are gonna be there! It'll be fun, Sakura! Didn't you say you want to live it up? And nobody says you have to drink… if you don't want to I won't either! W-Wait. I take that back!"

Sakura agreed in the end, no thanks to Ino's terrible argument. It was true—Sakura had promised herself that she would live it up at least a little—and that did not mean using butter instead of oil.

She was going to be stupid like it was nobody's business.

"This is going to be so much fun!" Ino linked elbows with Sakura—preventing her from making a last minute escape to the library that was a fifteen minute walk away. "Oh, no you don't! You look hot. We're going to have fun like we're cool college girls and not hopeless little high schoolers!"

As soon as they were through the door (carding had been Sakura's last hope), Ino let out an excited holler, throwing her hands in the air.

Sakura stared at the club in a mixture of awe and trepidation, unlinking herself from Ino. "I still can't believe I'm here—my dad's a cop!" Her jaw dropped and she repeated to herself, "My dad's a cop… What the hell am I doing here? Oh God." She turned to grab Ino and pull her out of the club but found her gone.

'Oh shit.'


"Oof!" Sakura slammed into a taller girl, nearly toppling over. "Ugh, sorry!" she smiled weakly, adjusting the hem of her shirt.

"No problem," The brunette squinted at Sakura. "I like your hair, by the way. Can't see your roots at all. Impressive."

Sakura grinned, "It's natural, I swear. My genes are pretty screwed up, eh?"

The brunette's eyes widened. "Same. My hair refuses to grow passed my shoulders. It legitimately just stops. Malarkey, I say!"

Sakura laughed as the brunette bid her adieu. 'No, waaait! You're normal!' Sakura reached forward, grabbing her upper arm. "Wait a minute!" she sucked in a deep breath.

The brunette cocked an eyebrow at her. "Okay, princess."

Sakura bit her bottom lip, "Mind if I hang with you?" She inwardly smacked herself for her desperateness and lameness. "I sorta lost my crazy blonde friend."

The girl barked out a laugh that made Sakura a bit self-conscious, "I saw that girl run through here with a Zombie like a minute ago."

Sakura laughed hesitantly and Tenten guffawed louder. "It's a drink." She clarified. "And a strong one at that. She's going to be drunker than hell by 10:30."

Sakura laughed nervously—dealing with a drunk blonde? No, thank you.

"And hell yeah! My friend's in the bathroom hooking up with some thirty-five year old." The brunette wrinkled her nose in disgust. "My name's Tenten, by the way." She grabbed Sakura's hand, shaking it firmly

"Sakura." She withheld her sigh of relief at finding someone normal (as far as she could tell).

"I'm about to hit up the bar." Tenten shouted over the blaring music as they maneuvered through the crowd. "You want anything?"

"I honestly don't drink." She confessed. "So, preferably something with little alcohol."

"Mmm," Tenten thought out loud. "I got this!" she tapped the bar counter, grinning at the bar tender. "I'll take a French 75 and my friend's gonna have a 7&7, quarter Whiskey."

The bartender nodded once and Tenten turned to Sakura. "A 7&7 is usually half-Whiskey half-7up," she explained. "I ordered less than that for you though, it'll just taste like pop, I swear!" She crossed her heart, still smiling broadly.

"So, how old are you?"

"S—Twenty-one." Sakura stammered.

Tenten grinned. "Underage?"

Sakura looked absolutely horrorstricken as scenarios with her dad and his dramatic disappointment played out in her head.

"Calm down," Tenten punched Sakura lightly in the arm. "Me too. I'm seventeen."

Sakura let out a relieved sigh. "Me too—I'll be eighteen in March."

Tenten beamed impishly. "Same! And trust me when I say that by your reaction, anybody could tell you were underage. You were like a lamb in a lion's den." She guffawed and Sakura's face reddened from embarrassment.

"I'm gonna guess you're a KHS kid?" Sakura nodded in surprise. "How'd you know?"

A shrug was her response. "Lucky guess, I suppose. I'm at SKA. Coaches there are amazing. Soccer's my life."

Sakura opened her mouth to reply when the bartender reappeared, two drinks in hand. "Two drinks on the house, for two beautiful ladies." He winked mischievously and Sakura flushed darkly as he made his way to the other side of the counter.

"I wonder what he'd say if he figured out we're jailbait?" Tenten pondered out loud, taking the tiniest sip of her drink.

Sakura snorted. "As long as no cops get involved, I'm sure he wouldn't give two flying shits." 'Yeah, but my dad's the most seriously ridiculous cop in this freakin' city.'

Tenten nodded. "That's pretty true."

About thirty seconds passed when Sakura came to a horror-striking realization:

The awkward silence between not-even-acquaintances had begun.


Sakura refused to let the awkwardness continue and she opened her big mouth.

"Wanna hear about a really stupid bet I made?" She asked, knowing it was a conversation that could keep going until dawn.

Tenten took another gulp of her drink, squinting at Sakura. "I love stupid. Carry on."

Sakura nodded. "It's pretty ridiculous," she took her first sip of her drink, relishing in the fizz that bubbled in her mouth. "I bet this kid I could kiss 100 guys by June."

Tenten snorted into her drink. "You what? Do you want a sexually transmitted disease?"

"Yes, it's my dream to eventually contract HIV." She bit out sarcastically. "I don't know. He just gets to me. I wanted to get him to shut up."

"Hey, don't fret. I know the feeling! I've been friends with this guy since we were, like, 10 and he's always been a slight douchebag but he seems to have upped it in the last two years. Can't be in the same room as him for more than two minutes without wanting to gauge my own eyes out—he's all aloof and cool or something. Whatever people want to call it, I think he's a faggot."

"Sounds just like my guy. He thinks no one understands him and never talks to anybody. He's a loner kid." '—that I was in love with for three years.'

Tenten wiped her eyes of imaginary tears, holding her glass up for a toast. "Sakura, I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship."


Forty-five minutes later, Sakura felt like she'd known Tenten for years.

(Because saying 'since the beginning of time' would be an exaggeration.)

"—Gaara? I've heard of him! His sister's Temari, right?" Sakura nodded. "That bitch punched me in the face a couple years ago at a match! My cheek was the size of a freakin' melon!"

Sakura shuddered. "I wouldn't eff with her."

"Hey, I can f—"

"Sakuuuuraaaa!" Out of nowhere, Ino had latched onto Sakura's arm like a leech. Her cheeks were rosy from the alcohol. "All the guys keep trynuh hum' me! I'm jus' trynuh da'ce ya know?" Her words progressively slurred. "I mea'." She paused, grinning brightly at Tenten. "I'm already in la la la la la laaaaa…" Ino leaned her head against Sakura's shoulder, humming to herself.

"Meet Ino." Sakura said dryly, wrenching Ino's manicured claws off of her arm and sitting her down in the seat next to her. "Please excuse her. She's usually pleasantly sober—and when she's drunk, she chooses to be an idiot. She'll sober up like that," Sakura snapped her fingers, "With the right encouragement."

Tenten laughed. "It's making me laugh, so it's all good." Tenten peered behind Sakura. "Hey… isn't that kiss uno? Ginger, tall and leaning against the bar like some sort of badass?"

Sakura whipped her head around, and sure enough, there was a redhead by the bar. "I should go say 'hi,' I don't want him to think I'm rude."

Sakura began weaving through the crowd when she heard her new friend shriek behind her. "Go get some Ronald McDonald McLovin'! But don't give him your soul!"

'The start of a beautiful friendship, indeed.'


"Scotches on the rocks!" Naruto was smiling like a freakin' baboon as he made his way to the table, balancing four shots on each hand.

Sasuke barely rolled his eyes, downing one of the shots and enjoying the warmth slide down his throat. "I don't even know why I came." He grunted.

"Sasuke-kun!" Naruto batted his eyelashes in a girlish fashion. "Because you bruised my knuckles when I punched you in the face!" For emphasis, he pinched Sasuke's cheek which was a slightly purpling colour.

"Fuck off." He reached for another shot as Naruto spoke animatedly with their friends.

He closed his eyes, the booming music beginning to give him a migraine.

He stood up, and without a word, left the table.

(…To get more alcohol, of course!)


"Scotch, no ice." Sasuke turned around, waiting for his drink, and mindlessly scoping over the crowd. He was forced to do a double-take when a pink blob caught his eye.

'What the hell?'

His eyes followed her as she twisted and turned through the crowd, making her way to the opposite end of the bar counter. He narrowed his eyes when she made her way to a familiar redhead.

'How does she know him?'


Sakura touched his upper arm lightly, a smile on her face. That smile quickly turned into utter mortification when he turned around to reveal that he was not Gaara.

His pointedly looked at her hair before giving the hand that was still on his arm the same look.

She quickly retracted her arm. "I am so sorry!" Her embarrassment continued to grow as she tried futilely to explain herself, stammering over her words. "Your hair—I thought you were someone else." She finished with, turning around and wishing the ground would swallow her whole as she walked back to the table where Tenten and Ino were chatting animatedly.


"Sasori." Sasuke said simply.

Sasori barely acknowledged the teenager. "Sasuke."

"Care you explain what just happened?"

The redhead turned to face Sasuke, crossing his arms over his chest. "Your brother's not here to make a fool out of you, and frankly, I don't have the time, so scurry along."

"What just happened?"

"Well, I ordered some Everclear—"

"Answer my question." Sasuke interrupted.

"I don't know what the hell you're talking about." Sasori snapped back, his impatience growing.

"How do you know her?"

Sasori pondered all the hers he knew for a moment, before remembering the strange girl who had babbled foolishly for two minutes before running off. 'Obviously, she had a little too many drinks, especially to act like such a fool.'

"I didn't."

Sasuke crossed his arms. "Be honest, now." He took on a condescending tone that Sasori did not appreciate.

Realization suddenly dawned on Sasori when he remembered what Itachi had told him about Sasuke.

Sasori quite easily ignored Sasuke, skimming the crowd for the odd girl again.

He grinned widely, picking up his Everclear and downing it like an effin' badass.

'Time to get Sasuke's Powerpuff panties in a bunch.'


"Oh man. I bet you blathered on for like two minutes when you figured out that he wasn't Gaara."

Sakura let out an embarrassed groan, covering her face with her hands. "I practically ran away and I tripped twice."

Tenten laughed in a very unladylike fashion and Ino began snorting—a habit that had helped in her earning the nickname Pig.

"Hello , again."

Sakura, not recognizing the voice, turned around and tried to slip under the table in shame when she saw that it was the guy from the bar. "Top of the evenin' to you!"

Tenten was holding her sides, which she was sure were going to explode from laughter and Ino was half asleep, her head on the table, as she stupidly sent her crush's girlfriend messages.

He looked amused as he leaned in. Sakura's palm went sweaty with the nervousness and discomfort that was pooling in her stomach.


"You're actually quite attractive. I didn't peg you to be his type, but whatever riles him up is fine with me."

She didn't hear what he said as he pulled her up and whispered in her ear. "You're dancing with me, sweetheart."

"I-I…" Sakura looked to Tenten who had the widest of grins on his face and waved them off with nonchalance. "You over 21 kids have fun!"

Sakura's face visibly paled as Sasori pulled her to the dance floor.


"You're stiffer than a board," Sasori murmured in her ear, and she shivered, involuntarily.

"This isn't my usual scene," she shouted back, pulling away slightly. "I prefer books to booze."

He laughed and Sakura scowled. "What?"

"You aren't exactly an AA meeting's example of sobriety right now."

"I've had one drink!" She chose to jokingly mock herself. "If you really must know, I'm always this much of a bumbling numbskull."

"That's comforting to hear. Considerably less irritating than a drunk."

Sakura gave him a half-hearted smile. 'At least he's honest.'

He pulled her close again. "You really can't dance." Again, he was ghosting his words against her ear.

"I don't know how." Sakura almost patted her own back for being able to create a coherent sentence.

"There is no 'knowing how'. Especially since this isn't something complicated—we're at a club. We aren't waltzing."

She could clearly hear the implied '—you dunderhead.' She shrugged. "I don't see the joy in having sweaty men rub their penises against my butt."

This made him crack another smile and he looked up, seeming to be concentrating on something.

And then unexpectedly, his hands were closing in around her waist as he was tilting her chin up and she was staring into his beautifully ordinary eyes and her fingers were clutching his shoulders.

'What the hell is happening?'


Sasuke was no fool. He was not one to succumb to the feelings bubbling inside of him—whether they be happy, angry or sad.

(He was also too much of a man to do so.)

It was not in his upbringing to yield to the heart. Calm, cool, collected. The three C's he had idolized in his brother that he was determined to carry on.

So, when Sasori dragged Sakura to the crowded dance floor, pulling her close under the bright, flashing lights, Sasuke did not even bat an eye.

And when his arms snaked around her waist and he pulled her closer—not even a flinch.

But when Sasuke witnessed Sasori kiss her, suddenly he couldn't see clearly.


A moment after his lips had barely brushed againt hers, Sasuke seemed to come out of nowhere and punched the redhead with the extraordinary brown eyes in the face.

Sakura was too stunned to say anything as people began circling around them.

The redhead seemed unfazed, however. He rubbed his jaw, his eyes mischievous and his mouth in a firm line. "Itachi's right about fucking with you. It could become my new hobby." And then, he turned to Sakura and she noticed the tattoos that covered his neck and arms. 'I kissed a hoodlum.'

"My name's Sasori."

"Don't fucking talk to her!"

Sakura flinched when he cussed again in her presence. In the five years she'd known him, this was the second time and both times had been in the last five days.

"Sakura." She shot Sasuke a defiant look when he glowered at her.

"Well, Sakura. I need to be off—my associate has just arrived. See you later, Sasuke." He paused, with a smirk that was beyond Sasuke -esque. "Say 'hi' to Itachi, will you?"

He had barely taken two steps when Sasuke whirled around to face Sakura so he could take out the rest of his anger out on her.

His eyes their usual stormy black, her heartbeat was erratic when he came up to her, not even an inch away.

She met his gaze, accepting whatever challenge he had played out in his hand, she waited for the onslaught of terrible name calling.

Instead, his eyes softened and his fists unclenched.

She kept hold of his gaze, raising her head further. 'I'm not backing down,' She swore, refusing to break eye contact, even as he raised his hand—something she could see clearly through her peripheral vision.

Little sparks danced across her skin where he touched her face. He traced her bottom lip with the pad of his thumb, leaning in and pressing his forehead against hers.


And just as quickly as the moment had come into existence, it was gone.

Leaving Sakura standing there like a love-struck fool.


He turned around abruptly, stalking away. It was far from romantic, the queasy feeling she left that churned in his stomach. It was sickening—unhealthy. It made him crazier than he already was. He needed to be sanecompletely sane. She didn't help with that—something about her always riled him up. He could never keep face around her, and he hated that. He hated her.

Sasuke was pulled out of his brooding, angry thoughts when he became aware of his surroundings, feeling a gaze trained in his direction. Surely enough, when he looked up, there was his best friend staring at him solemnly; his arms slacken at his sides, but his jaw tight and his eyes hard.

Sasuke furrowed his eyebrows at the blond questioningly as he quickly reverted back into his usual, boisterous and imbecilic persona. "I didn't get any damn alcohol!" He complained. "And I'm hungry!"

Sasuke let a small smile grace his face and he dug his car keys out of his pocket, tossing them to the completely sober blond who dangled the keys from his index finger. "Ichiraku's, idiot. I'm not sober enough to drive."

"Ichiraku's! Damn, I'm starving!"

"Heard you the first time, idiot. It's on me—no more than five bowls, you corpulent piece of shit."

Naruto pouted, wrapping an arm around Sasuke's shoulder. "Yeah, and five from you!"

Sasuke snorted, "If you crash my car I'll kill you, by the way."

Naruto grinned. "That's exactly how I feel about things I love."

And for the first time, Sasuke understood his double meaning as Gaara's words in the office rung in his ears, leaving a bitter taste in his mouth.

"Naruto's twice as in love with her but he's no fool. But don't think he won't hesitate to piece her heart back together when you're done fucking up."


Sakura made her way back to the table numbly, resolute on staring at the wall in utter shame and humiliation.

How exactly was it that she managed to become a total moron around him, without fail, day after day, month after month, year after freakin' year.

There, Tenten was looking at her with a mixture of impressed, aghast and astonishment.

"You live a soap opera?" Tenten guessed. "I look up from my drink and a high school version of Days of Our Lives with a smidge of Bold and Beautiful and a helluva lot of sexual tension is playing right before my eyes, our favourite ginger gone!" She finished with a scandalous tone.

Sakura rolled her eyes. "Sexual tension?"

"Please. I could tell how badly you guys wanted to jump each other's bones from here. Horny little mother f—"

Sakura cleared her throat, implying that she wanted a change of conversation topic—preferably one that did not revolve around her sex life.

"I don't really blame you, though. He's a godsend. Who was that?"

Sakura rolled her eyes. "He's the guy I told you about before and the most irritating thing I've ever met. He makes me wish I had four arms, so I could castrate and strangle him at the same time."

"Darling, I think you should see a therapist about that."

Sakura stifled a laugh. "I'm kidding. Promise."

They were pulled out of their conversation by Ino, who began mumbling half-slurred. "Sakuuuura." She hiccupped. "I did something really stupid. Really, really, really stupid."

"That's a pretty normal occurrence for you, lovebug." Sakura grinned.

"I told Temari she should not be with Shika," she rested her head on the table again. "Because I've been in love with him since I was nine."

Sakura's banged her head against the table.

"It's only fair! She can't just transfer and be with him! I had dibs!"

"Ino, you're going to get yourself killed over a boy that isn't worth ten minutes of your day. He's going nowhere in life and he smokes."

"I don't care, I don't care, I don't care! I love him, Sakura. I love him so much." Sakura could feel her heart breaking at the conviction in Ino's voice and the wrenching way her bottom lip trembled with the onslaught of feelings and tears that was about to come.

"You should know, Sakura. Sasuke. Sasuke. Sasuke."

"Yeah, I should know—I do know. And look where it got me? I was a babbling fool for over three years and I cried myself to sleep for months on end. I bitched, as you so nicely put it, to you day in and day out," She lowered her voice. "And the worst part is I stopped caring about my hair! I had split ends up my ying-yang! Do you want hideous split ends?"

Ino miserably shook her head, looking horrified at the mere suggestion of split ends.

"Then smarten up, straighten up, and put a smile on your gorgeous face. We'll deal with this psycho-T thing tomorrow, when you're hung-over and in your right mind."

"I can kick her ass," Tenten offered. "I'd actually enjoy it. I'll never forgive that Amazon bitch."

Sakura cracked a smile as Ino launched herself over the table, wrapping her arms around Tenten and wailing her thanks out.


Sakura shuddered

Somebody was staring at her. Hard. She shuddered again, wrapping her arms around her shoulders, scoping her surroundings but everyone was too drunk at this point to have enough of an attention span to even form complete sentences.

She shook her head, mentally smacking yourself as she shivered again. 'Calm down, Sa—"

"Are you cold?"

Sakura let out a shrill scream when she felt somebody's breath on her ear. She turned around, a fist already formed and sucker punched whoever it was straight in the nose.


Sakura gaped. "Lee, I'm sorry! I thought you were some kind of pervert!"


Erm… okay?

"Wait." Tenten pointed between the two. "You're the Sakura? As in the one that has 'alit a burning flame so bright that the intensity of a thousand suns could not match it' in his heart?"

"Yes, my dear Tenten! This is that Sakura, indeed! The one that I would fight with passionate valor and honor with until the end! I would run the span of the Earth one hundred times for her! I would move oceans for her! I would—"

"We get it." Tenten raised a hand to silence him. She turned to Sakura "I've known your lover-boy here since elementary school." Sakura have Tenten a long look when she said 'lover-boy,' but nodded nonetheless. "Anyways, what are you doing here? I'm pretty sure Gai would literally have a cow if he knew you were at a club with preliminaries in a month."

"Oh, well." Lee coughed loudly. "I came to, uh, dance."

"…I see." Tenten raised an eyebrow, bringing her drink to her lips. "How about you tell me the truth now."

"I am…" He crossed an X over his chest.

She further raised an eyebrow.

"Okay, fine!" Lee caved, gesturing madly. "Neji asked me to check on you!"

"He what? Is he my mother?"

"He wanted to make sure you weren't doing anything bad," he swore helplessly, his eyes flicked over to the drink in her hand. "He's worried about you."

"Bullshit! Hyuuga's just a nosy little shit!" She growled. "I can do whatever the hell I want!"

"Wait." Sakura said slowly. "Hyuuga Neji?" She could feel the squeal rising in her throat. "I would die for him to be worried about me! He's a Greek God! Absolutely gorgeous!" Sakura shut her mouth when Lee let out an indignant holler.

"That swine has stolen my woman! I will never forgive him! I once considered him a friend for the ages, but no more!" He grasped Sakura's hands. "I do not know what has made you fall in love with him, my unblemished spring flower, but I will win your love back!"

With that, Lee was racing out of tol13.

Sakura pulled at the hem of her shirt and coughed. "He's a sweetheart, but a bit of an oddball."

Tenten nodded an affectionate smile on her face. "I'm gonna get him for spying on me for Neji, though. What is his issue? He's such a pretentious ignoramus! When I get a hold of him…" she let her voice trail of threateningly.

"…you will make sweet, sweet love to him?" Sakura chirped with a wink.

Tenten groaned. "Definitely not." She pulled out her phone, clumsily dropping it in her half-drunk state. She groaned, getting on her hands and knees to find it in the dark building.

"Aha!" She carefully inspecting it for cracks. Satisfied that there were none, she stood back up, "I thought for sure it would be br…What the…"

Tenten had come up from under the table to see Lee shoving his tongue down Sakura's throat, who looked extremely uncomfortable and was actually flailing.

"Good Lord..."

He pulled away with a pop, unaware of Sakura's mortification.

"That was to help you, my dear cherry blossom, with the wager you have made with one of my many rivals UCHIHA SASUKE!" He punched the air above him. "I wished for you to complete the challenge and I have aided you in doing so!" He grabbed her hands. "I will see you on Monday, my sweet!"

And he was booking it out of there once again.

Sakura coughed, gingerly wiping his saliva off the corners of her mouth, giving Tenten a dark look as she stifled her laughter barely.

"Not one word."

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