TITLE: Save Room

AUTHOR: renisanz

SUMMARY: Ronon didn't know what he had been expecting upon entering the infirmary, but it wasn't this.

CATEGORY: friendship [Ronon,Teyla, comfort, pre-ship [Ronon/Keller


DISCLAIMER: I don't own 'em, but this plot bunny kept nagging.

NOTES: Spoilers for Season 4: Adrift, Lifeline, Doppleganger, Missing. Events occur right after Missing.

Ronon noticed Dr. Keller leaving the infirmary late that night. He was surprised that her shift hadn't ended earlier, considering that only yesterday she had been fighting for her life, running from the Bola Kai through the woods of New Athos. Though the Bola Kai were fearsome warriors, Ronon knew that he wouldn't have had much trouble eluding them alone. Teyla, however, was charged with the task of not only fighting them off, but also keeping Dr. Keller alive at the same time, until Atlantis realized they were overdue for their scheduled check-in and sent help.

Even now, Teyla was still in the infirmary as a result of the wounds she had received on the planet. She had looked fine to him, save for a few cuts and bruises. But then, he wasn't a doctor. Medical professionals had the tendency to be a little too cautious, in his opinion. Despite this, he found himself draw to the infirmary . . . to Teyla.

The medical ward was lightly staffed this time of evening, and he was able to enter without encountering anyone on duty. He was glad of it. He was pretty sure visiting hours didn't go to this hour of the night. Not that they would have been able to stop him either way. Among all of his teammates, he and Teyla were the closest. It was more than just being the only Pegasus Galaxy natives on the team. Teyla seemed to understand him on a more personal level. Oftentimes, she was like a protective older sister, reigning in his aggressive nature with her reasoning words. He didn't see this as a weakness in her character, however, all the more so adding to her strength.

Teyla was sleeping now, as he approached her bed. She had been moved to a more secluded area of the infirmary, since she would be there for the next few days. He stopped a few feet away from her bedside, not wanting to disturb her. She deserved what she moments of rest she could get. When she was done healing, she would need all her strength to deal with the loss of her people, and finding out what had become of them.

Ronon stopped a few feet from her, rested his arms across his chest, and allowed eyes to rest on Teyla's sleeping form, the slow rise and fall of her chest. It soothed him.

After a few minutes, having fulfilled his need to make sure Teyla was, in fact, alright, for now, he released a sigh signifying a feeling very closely related to relief and began making his way out of the infirmary. Maybe now he'd be able to get sleep.

Ronon was almost out of the infirmary when he noticed a light on in Dr. Keller's office. He wouldn't have given it a second thought, but the sound of papers rustling piqued his curiosity. He decided there was no harm in checking it out. He quickly scanned around the room and saw that there was no one in the immediate vicinity. Where was everyone, anyway? It wasn't that he wanted to encounter any particular member of the med-staff, still the area seemed unusually quite, save for the continuous hum of the machines that was characteristic of any medical facility.

Slowly, Ronon approached the office, not wanting th alert whoever was making the ruckus of his presence, if in fact, it was nothing. He eyes fell upon form of a slim young woman leaning over a desk. He light brown hair fell loosely across her shoulders, covering her face. She was looking intently at something in her hand. He couldn't see what it was. He had been watching her for only a few moments, when she sighed deeply and brushed the hair away from the left side of her face, tucking it behind her ear. In profile, the distinctive features of Dr. Jennifer Keller were revealed.

It was only then that she seemed to notice him standing at the door. Her head snapped up, eyes wide with unshed tears, a small gasp escaping her lips.

Ronon didn't know what he had been expecting, but it wasn't this.


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