I know I said I wasn't going to have a ton of stories out altogether anymore, but I had an idea for this one and I just wanted to see how it would turn out. I'm not really trying for Sci-Fi here, so sorry if the details of the lab are lacking (I've never seen one, movie or otherwise.)

The Italics is supposed to be there. The entire story won't be, I promise.

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"Dr. Travers, project STAR is not responding. Another failure," stated a harried scientist, scribbling the report on to his clipboard. Travers growled, his fist slamming down on his desk.

"No! I WILL NOT, under any circumstances, accept another failure! You WILL give the project our entire attention, and the budget will not be spared for it. I don't care what you have to do, we WILL have a success to report to the government!"

The first scientist shuffled out, terrified by his boss's reaction. "Of course, sir. Every single penny will go to his assignment. I'll give her a higher dose of--"

"How many times have I told you, Johnson?" Travers interrupted in a cold voice. "It. Not 'her.' It."

"But she--"


Johnson scurried out of the office as fast as his old legs could take him. Eventually, he ended up in front of a huge test tube with a glowing red liquid filling it up, hiding whatever was inside. In front of the sixteen foot tall tube was another scientist wearing goggles and examining the panels of bright, flashing buttons in front of him. "Carter, we need a higher dose of xenothium for...it." Carter looked at him as if he was insane.

"Are you joking? This is already unstable enough--"

"Just do it! Dr. Travers ordered it! Where's Chang? Xenothium expert, my foot, all he does is sit around! CHANG!"

An irritated, four-foot tall man waddled into the picture, also wearing goggles and holding out a blueprint. "What?"

"We need more xenothium! Where's your store?" Chang scowled, grabbing a couple of tubes of the same glowing red substance out of his belt and standing on his tip toes to hand it to Johnson. It was times like these he wished unsafe xanothium experimenting hadn't stunted his growth.

Unknown to him, his awkward grabbing for the tubes while holing the blueprint had loosened the belt, and it fell to the floor.

"There. Only that and no more. Now leave me in peace, I need to experiment!" The man waddled off, muttering darkly under his breath.

"Yeah? And what do you think we're doing?" Carter yelled after him. "Stupid old midget."

Johnson tried not to smile, but failed miserably. "Whoops, I must have dropped a couple. That man is so short, I can't even grab everything out of his hands." The two shared a chuckle as Johnson emptied all the xenothium into a glass tube that connected the panel to the huge test tube.

"It's a strange thing Dr. Travers hasn't fired him yet. You know, it's--" Carter stopped, his eyes widening in awe. "Johnson! Look!"

Johnson turned to the tube, and was just as startled as Carter. Bright, neon green eyes were staring back at him. He could not see the head or body, or the iris and pupil, for that matter. Just bright, bright green amongst all the red. "Eyes, Carter! They are eyes!"

"She's waking up! It worked! She's waking up!" Carter yelled enthusiastically. Scientists from all over the lab turned to look, taking off their goggles and clapping.

"It," Johnson muttered. "Not 'she.'" No one heard him.

All of a sudden, the xenothium in the tube turned as bright a green as those eyes, and they couldn't see the eyes anymore, camoulflaged as they now were. Carter frowned. "Doctor, I don't think that's--"

The contents of the tube swirled, similar to the effect of the water when it is spun in a cup, but much more sinister. The scientists all began to back away as the storm inside grew to a ferocious level.

"She's going to...!" That was the last thing anyone ever said in that lab.

Confusing? More detail will be given on what just happened later...way later...