A/N: Well, this is my first pushing daisies fic, so I hope you all like!

Miss Olive Snook is like a pie.

On the outside she is sweet, softly sprinkled with sugar. She is perfectly set with no detail out of place. A bit rough around the edges, but just her aurora draws you in. Yet if you ask anyone, they will tell you the crust is just an invitation for what really matters…the inside.

The inside is what everyone craves. A sudden rush of fruit flavors dancing on the tongues of hungry customers. The gooey filling with little bits of fruit placed in and out of the center. Without the outside, the inside would just…be a mess.

That is where Olive's faults lay. She depended on her cute little face and perfect blonde hair to get her man. She didn't realize her love wasn't attracted to the crust of a pie, but how well the inside held strong. And hers was a bit...out of place. While she cared too much about her outer apperence, she had forgotten that her filling wasn't sweet enough.

That is why Olive Snook is like a pie.