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What NOT To Do On A Rainy Day

Chapter 4

From the tremor through the room, Sam awoke. He looked for the source of the disturbance only to find the room empty, but he recognized the sound of his brother's voice even in sleep. Sam glanced at his watch and figured Dean was up, and when he saw the bowl of spaghetti he knew for sure. Dean had eaten the MSG powder... and was pissed. Sam sat up and stared amusingly at the bathroom where he knew his brother was standing, staring.

But quickly Dean was out of the bathroom, yelling at Sam so fast that he could only catch a word or two of what his brother was trying to say. Sam finally resorted to raising his hand in a silencing tone, and in the momentary silence Sam said, "Payback."

Through Dean's frustration, he couldn't help the small bit of amusement then flash across his face. His brother was getting better and better at this game, more than Dean liked. Dean stood there for only a few seconds, absently scratching his arm, then collapsed into the nearby chair, not even taking a glance at the forgotten spaghetti, and just stared at Sam. Sam sat on the edge of his bed and stared right back at him.

It was a full out staring contest. Both boys braved it out pretty long, but soon the insistent itching became too much for Dean, and he had to close his red eyes and scratch his tanned face. Sam smiled, with no teeth, all the more. He saw his brother in a new light, desperate and helpless.

Dean had his own puppy dog look without even look at Sam. He nodded to himself before getting up and going to his travel bag, pulling out some allergenic ointment.

Through his fingers Dean saw the beautiful squeeze tube. He looked at Sam hopefully and was rewarded with Sam handing him the precious bottle. Dean opened it and squeezed some of the white ointment into his hand, reading the label to make sure Sam wasn't pulling another stunt. But he was quickly satisfied and applied the cream to his dark red arms.

Sam watched his brother. He then moved forward, grabbing the bottle of ointment from Dean's hand and squeezing some into his own hands. Using his left hand, with Dean helping a little, they got his blue T-shirt off his body, revealing a tanned red-spot covered surface. Dean took back the bottle and urgently squeezed more cream into his hands and began to rub his front, already feeling the effects of the lotion.

Sam walked behind his brother and gently but thoroughly rubbed the ointment into his skin.

Dean sighed from relief. Sam could feel Dean loosen up as the cool cream was applied to his rashes. Dean filled his hands with the white substance and bend down to apply it to his bare legs, while Sam continued to work on his back, sides, shoulders, and upper arms.

When they were both done to Dean's complete satisfaction he slumped hazily into the wooden desk chair. Dean broke the silence. "What the hell was that?"

Sam looked at Dean innocently then shrugged. "MSG powder."

Dean sat up straight. "MSG... MS... you tried to kill me?"

Sam raised his hands in the air. "I didn't give you nearly enough."

Dean didn't hear his brother as he stared absently out the window into the sky. "I can't believe you tried to kill me," and he absently scratched his sore arm. "You actually tried to kill me."

"Dude, stop scratching. It'll only make it worse." Sam walked over to Dean quickly and slapped his brother's hand away from his dotted arm.

"What's worse then you almost killing me?" Dean stared at Sam wide-eyed.

Sam sighed. "I did not try to kill you." But Sam could not stop the smile that came to his lips.

"What the hell are you smiling for?"

Sam straightened up and backed away, so he was out of Dean's reach. "You look ridiculous." And with that he burst out laughing. He clutched his stomach as he laughed at his brother's sad, red face, covered in white ointment.

Dean stared, his mouth hanging open as his brother laughed at him. But this time Dean could not come up with any witty remark, or smart-ass retort, but gave into his urge to keep scratching.

Sam forced his laughing down and wiped the happy tears that had been squeezed out from his eyes. He then stepped forward and grabbed Dean's wrist to stop his hurtful scratching.

But Dean didn't even notice as he stared silently out the window. "Sam, look."

Sam studied Dean's face, and turned around to see what his brother saw. "Yes." Sam's face was graced with a smile of relief. The rain had stopped completely, and, out the window, the sun was peeking out through the awful dark clouds and bursting into the room with a warm spring shine. The trees beyond looked new and fresh, leaves dripping from the downpour.

Neither brother could keep the smiles from their faces. The rain had finally stopped.

Dean stumbled to his feet, almost not believing what he was seeing outside. He walked slowly to the door, afraid that it may all disappear and the rain would return once more. But as he opened the brown door, he was greeted with a burst of fresh warm air. Sam stood behind Dean, watching the sun break through and push away the ugly black clouds that had tormented the sky for 14 days.

Dean lightly hit Sam's stomach with the back of his hand and said, "Sam, pack. We're leaving."

Sam did not think about arguing and within minutes they were both packed and checked out. He slowly walked over to the glistening Impala, savoring every moment of this new day.

As they each reach their respective sides Sam broke the beautiful trance. "Truce?"

With a start, Dean began scratching furiously at his left arm once more. "Truce, before you actually kill me."

Sam smiled at his calm brother. "You were not going to die, dude."

Dean grabbed onto the Impala's wet door handle. "How do you know?"

Sam only smiled, making sure he blackened teeth were not showing. "So, how about this time we male it for the next 200 miles?"

Dean stared wide-eyed at his little brother, but he could not hide the slight smile that graced his face. They were OK, even if Sam did try to kill him.

Sam smiled back at Dean, and then they both climbed gracefully into the sleek and clean Chevy Impala. Dean started the ignition and both boys sighed at the comforting sound of the Impala's purr. They settled into their seats as Dean pulled onto the highway and set off down the rain-splattered road toward... wherever they would end up next.

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