Subtract the X from his name. Rearrange it, and then look at the story behind it. He might be a lot stronger than what you'd think he'd be. Even though he's not the most masculine, not the handsomest, and not the smartest, he was more than enough when a Somebody.

His name was Myde. M-Y-D-E. Nothing else but that. He was everything foolish wrapped up into a merman's body. He was obnoxious, yet very funny. His only known home was down by the drop-off with his widowed mom. He was definitely one of the more- different mermen from the rest of them all.

But, he was a musician above everything else. He always said, "My connection with music is like a heart when in love. You start off slow and then you pick up the beat." He would say it so solemnly, with absolutely no real humor. You could try has hard as you could to distract him from his music and he'd still just keep strumming the strings of his sitar. And trust the mer-people, that boy could play.

His birth was not that different. He just grew up differently, at least from the way other boys grew up. He never knew his dad and he never grew up to want to be a Clam Kicker. None of those things grew toward his major interests at least. Just him and his sitar, all alone.

His story is complicated to explain just in words. It's no ordinary story, with no ordinary beginning, ending, or ordinary character. Now, add the X to his name. Rearrange it, and then look at the story behind that name. It may be more familiar.

For, the story you are about to be told is about a young man, Myde, who lived in light to be seventeen years old. And when he was out of the light, and reborn in darkness, a new man was born.

This man's name was Demyx.