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Story Summary: At the ripe age of twenty-one years old, Naruto Uzumaki is a famous young actor and model taking Japan by storm. Rich, talented, and oh so gorgeous, he's on top of the world. He's got it all. Well, except a normal life.

Enter twenty-two year-old Uchiha Sasuke working on his writing major in the prestigious Konoha University. To further his writing carrer, Sasuke applies for a job with G!amor:us magazine, number one seller in Tokyo…and nails the spot as the new photographer and writer for the "Beneath the Stars" column! As the noob he's treated like mud on a slug, but at least the pay is good and it gets good marks on his resume.

When Sasuke gets his first stout commission, he takes it gladly, in turn meeting the Naruto Uzumaki. What started as just getting to know the star for his job escalates into a more intimate friendship, Sasuke finds himself falling for Japan's hottest actor. Meanwhile Naruto is defending himself from the rabid paparazzi, crazed fangirls, and the hungry media!

There's more drama off stage than anywhere!

WARNINGS: Rated M for smoking, drinking, cursing, and sexual content. AS IN LEMONS LATER. NO LIKIE, NO READIE.

Chapter One: Glamorous

"If you ain't got no money take your broke ass home!"

A blonde shifted his sunglasses up to shield his dazzling sky-blue eyes from the sun's unworthy gaze.

"G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S, yea."

He crossed his black clad legs, crinkling his too-expensive-for-words designer jeans purposely ripped at the knees. They hung comfortably around his hips, a silver chain dangling from the left side of the hem.

"G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S, yea."

He rested his chin on a gorgeous naturally tanned hand, the color stretching out over his skin like liquid gold.

"We're flyin' first class up in the sky. Poppin' champagne, livin' my life in the fast lane, and I won't change. By the glamorous, oh the flossy flossy."

Soft pink lips rested against each other in a relaxed impassive state.

"By the glamorous, the glamorous, glamorous."

A dark orange long-sleeved shirt with a black spiral on the right breast flexed over lithe but not overly muscled arms and outlined the man's slender frame. Over this he wore a black open trench coat to brush off the cold winter chill.

Sun-kissed locks brushed against the form fitting cotton clad shoulders, illuminating dark whisker-like scars on each sun-bathed cheek.

"By the glamorous, oh the flossy flossy."

"Iruka, could you please turn off that crap?" the man asked, his voice higher than normal but smoothed over by a bit of throaty roughness.

"Hai! Gomenasai Naruto-sama," the limo driver said, pushing a button on the radio.

"Thanks," the man named Naruto sighed, throwing his head into his hands and rubbing his temples.

"Naruto-sama, daijobou desu ka?" Iruka said, looking into his review mirror.

"It's nothing," Naruto said, then grinned. "I thought I told you already; it's just Naruto."


"And didn't I tell you to stop saying sorry?"

"G-erm…hai Naruto."

"You've known me since I was adopted by Jiraiya when I was twelve Iruka. You'd think that you'd be more casual around me."

"True," Iruka said as he turned a corner. "But you're not just the troublesome little blonde you used to be." Iruka paused. "Most of the time that is."

"Hey!" Naruto said indignantly, and Iruka laughed a bit.

Tsunade slammed her hands down on the desk, spilling coffee off onto the expensive royal blue carpet of her office.


About ten seconds later the door to the large breasted woman's office opened, and a man with jet black hair spiked at the back walked in. His dark onyx eyes contrasted against his pale skin beautifully, his worn but tight blue jeans and navy button-up matching the detached expression on his face perfectly and outlining his strong but slim figure.

The bastard emo heartthrob of the office.

"You hollered?" he said, shoving his hands into his pockets and raising a skeptical eyebrow.

"This is your first big exposé Uchiha," Tsunade said firmly. "You pull this off and that big fat writer's check you've always dreamed about will be coming your way. More importantly, this will make G!amor:us an even bigger hit, selling and spreading like a wildfire."

"I vaguely remember you giving this assignment to Sakura-san," Sasuke said, his interest only slightly peaked.



"Fired," the blonde pony-tailed woman repeated. "That giggly pink lollipop can't handle interviews with A-class like this."

Ok, NOW Sasuke was interested. Anyone who helped to fire Sakura was worth attention in his books.

"So, who is this important celebrity?"

Tsunade smirked.

"Actually, he's about your age, a little under a year younger. He's taking Japan's acting roles and modeling agencies by storm. Perhaps you've heard of Uzumaki Naruto?"

Sasuke almost scoffed.

Of course he knew who Uzumaki Naruto was! Who didn't? He was that freaking gorgeous blonde actor and model! He was popping up everywhere; movies, interviews, paparazzi news, and of course model clothing line magazines. As good looking as he was though, Sasuke wasn't swayed by his outer appearance. Every interviewer to probe the blonde directly about his interests, dislikes, or even just his favorite song was promptly turned down. No one knew anything about the man save for his amazing acting skills, gorgeous looks, and the ability to make the color orange stylish on anything he wore.

"Hn," Sasuke finally replied.

"Good," Tsunade said. "The interview is tomorrow morning at 9:30am. Your photographer will be Aburame-san. Do you except the job?"

Hmm, let's see. Being virtually trapped in the same room as the most famous and gorgeous blonde enigma in Japan while letting loose a string of personal questions without restrictions or consequences?

Wow, that took A LOT of thought.

"Hn," Sasuke replied again. He didn't know whether or not the fame had gotten to the blonde and he had turned into an egotistical bastard high on the steady stream of prepaid illegal drugs like every other celebrity, but it was definitely worth knowing.

"How did you get a personal interview with Uzumaki-san?" Sasuke asked.

"His manager and I go back," Tsunade grinned. "That man knows better than to turn me down if he doesn't want to wake up breathing through a tube for the rest of his life."

Sasuke shivered a bit, remembering his boss's crazy strength when she had karate chopped the meeting table in a spurt of intense anger.

"Moving on," Tsunade continued. "You will be expected to wear formal attire which I anticipate that you own. You'll be meeting him at Sungakure Modeling Studios in room 118. His agenda is too full to schedule a private meeting at any other time, so it'll only be a quick thirty minute meeting. Remember you manners Uchiha. That temper and arrogant attitude will come back to bite you in the form of a pink slip if you don't behave yourself."

"Tch," Sasuke said, crossing his arms.

Naruto tapped his tanned hands on the table in front of him where a man in his late fifties sat. His hair was long and spiky and two red tattoos were beneath his eyes that bled down his cheeks. He was a large man, tall will muscled arms and a bit of a belly spilling slightly over his red belt. He jabbered on the phone, holding a sake bottle in one hand, sloshing it this way and that as he flapped his lips.

Naruto sighed, stretching out his arms behind his head and propping his feet up on the man's desk. He looked at the ceiling through his sharp black sunglasses as if daring it to argue with his blatant lethargy.

"Nah, nah, he's got a shoot tomorrow," the man said, taking a swig of his sake. He paused and idly nodded his head to the voice on the other end, making grunts of approval.

"Wednesday? Fine."

The man slapped his phone down on the receiver and looked at the superstar in front of him.

"Naruto," he said. Naruto didn't even look at the man, who sighed in response.

"I'm sorry I booked you so full tomorrow," he said. "I know you're mad, but you'll thank me!"

Naruto angled his head down, his sunglasses sliding down his nose just enough to reveal a slit of his blue gaze.

"Jiraiya, I don't want to go to that awards ceremony," he hissed, quietly simmering where he sat. "I'm going to miss Kiba's match against Otonin. I promised him I'd make it…"

"Ah, so what? You miss a college soccer game! You're the young actor of the year! You have to be there! That brown fuzzie knows how busy you are. Oh! Speaking of which, remember that thirty minute gap you have after your shoot tomorrow?"

Naruto flipped off his sunglasses and glared at Jiraiya.

"Right," Jiraiya said lamely. "Well, you have an interview with G!amor:us Magazine."

Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"Are you serious? An interview? You never let me do interviews! Wait…you were threatened, weren't you?"

"She's my old college friend. She's got a right hook that could send the grim reaper spiraling…" Jiraiya rubbed his jaw absentmindedly as if it was sore.

"Whatever," Naruto said, then grinned. "An interview! Finally, people get to know me!"

"Heh…sure…" Jiraiya laughed uneasily. Naruto didn't notice as he became star-struck with the thought of his interview.

Jiraiya pulled back his sleeve and gave his watch a quick flick of the eyes.

"Whoops! Five o'clock! You've got dinner reservations with the manager of Takyuki Productions for that new part in the movie 'Crimson Eyes'!"

Naruto rolled his eyes.

Sasuke revved his black 2008 yamaha motorcycle impatiently as he sat at the longest light in the city, a bright red explorer in front of him pounding rap music.

Sasuke sighed.

It's not like he had anywhere to go. He was just an impatient person.

The light finally flicked green and Sasuke took off, barely suppressing the urge to flip off the red explorer.

He arrived at his apartment five minutes later. He opened the door, locking it and stripping himself of his black cloak-like jacket and collapsing onto his brown leather couch. His apartment was clean with a small kitchen, den, bathroom, guest room and master bedroom. It was a nice home, easy to take care of and cozy.

Sasuke stretched out his lithe form like a cat, sprawling over the cushions and flipped on the TV.

"-to be played by Uzumaki Naruto."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow as he watched the women with black hair tied up in two buns talk into a microphone as stars walked down a red carpet, fans cheering on the sidelines.

Sasuke turned up the volume.

"Is it true? Hai! Japan's beloved Uzumaki Naruto has stolen the part for the protagonist in the upcoming tragedy film, 'Crimson Eyes'! He plays the part of a man named Yuki Ryozuka. Yuki is the son of a king in an arranged marriage when he falls in love with a common thief named Namida Sohma who not only steals his family's rare jeweled crest, but his own heart. Yuki will have to choose in the end if his love for Namida is greater than his loyalty to his kingdom and his father. Namida is to be played by Yamanaka Ino, a young actor hoping to make it to stardom with Uzumaki-sama as her partner."

Sasuke's eyes bugged out of his head when the TV flashed a clip of Naruto trying out for the movie part.

He read his lines so smoothly and with such fluidity that Sasuke believed him to be a real prince. His hand gestures were perfect, his hair swaying with his body and brushing over his crushed aquamarine eyes every so often. His whisker-like black scars were illuminated by his golden tan, making his body look ethereal in the light.

Sasuke thought he was watching a god reincarnated.

"Uzumaki-sama is, at the young age of twenty-one, already Japan's number one actor, stealing the hearts of critics worldwide with his bright blue eyes and astonishing performances on stage. Tomorrow he'll be proudly accepting the Young Actor of the Year award, coveted by many and gained by few. Wait! Here he comes!"

Sasuke leaned forward more as the camera swiveled hurriedly to the left as a limo pulled up. The door opened, and Sasuke's breath caught in his throat as the beautiful blonde stepped out. He handed his black cloak to one of the two bodyguards that flagged either of his sides, and his orange shirt accented the dip his discreet muscles made in his chest, his tight black jeans outlining his slim form. Sasuke noted that he was a bit shorter than most males.

The fans screamed like crazy, many fanatical girls holding up "We Luv Naru" posters and confessing their undying love for him. Naruto flashed them all brilliant smiles, expertly ignoring the cameras flashing at him every two seconds.

He shook some lucky hands, to which the owners of said limbs fainted, and scribbled his autograph on some magazine fashion shoots of him.

Sasuke suddenly wished he could be in that crowd.

"Uzumaki-sama!" the reporter said, hurriedly walking over to the man before he walked in the huge building the carpet fed into.

Sasuke leaned forward more as Naruto turned around and he became thoroughly lost in his eyes.


Oh gods, his voice was smooth but higher with a hint of utterly sexy throaty roughness. The reporter seemed to drool a bit before snapping herself back to reality.

"So, Uzumaki-sama-"

"Naruto," Naruto corrected, flashing a heart-melting smile that made the girls (and guys) in the crowd squeal and croon in delight.

"H-hai!" the reporter stuttered as he face turned scarlet. "How long have you been acting Naruto-sama? Before you made your way to the A-list?""

"Well, I acted all through high school, but that doesn't really count," Naruto laughed, a symphony of angels. "After graduating, I acted for three years to the point of where I am now."

"Sugoi! It's amazing that in those short three years you were able to come out on top of the A-list as Japan's hottest actor and model, ne?"

"Un. It's really a dream come true!"

"Naruto-sama, are you excited to work with Yamanaka-san in your next upcoming movie?"

Sasuke took note of Naruto's hesitation and the uncomfortable flash of emotion on his face.

"Ino-san is very nice, but on set she can be typically…high strung. She has good potential as an actor, but her temper might get her into a mess. You can't throw a fit at everyone director and get away with it!"

Sasuke smirked. The blonde wasn't brainwashed by his fame after all!

"Ano sa…..you are so amazing Naruto-sama!!" the reported exclaimed, her eyes going glassy. "You're such an inspiration! And though only twenty-one, you have so much wisdom to offer in your field!"

"A-arigatou," Naruto said, smiling nervously as he held up his hands in front of him, creating an imaginary wall separating himself from the ecstatic googly-eyed reporter.

Suddenly his bodyguards flagged his sides again, and Sasuke got a better look at them.

One was chubby but muscular with long spiky brown hair and two red spiral tattoos on each of his cheeks. The other was tall with his black hair pulled back into a sharp ponytail spiked profusely at the end. Each of his ears were pierced, and he wore a look that said he'd rather be anywhere but there. They both wore matching black suits with navy ties and sunglasses.

The thinner one gave Naruto a look, and Naruto pouted (Sasuke melted) but nodded.

"Gomen," he said to the reporter. "I must be going inside now. Ja ne!" With that Naruto quickly shook her hand and retreated inside the huge building with his bodyguards.


Sasuke spilled forward off the couch as he leaned in more to watch the beautiful blonde disappear into the building, the cell phone on the coffee table in front of him dropping on his head with a painful plunk.

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