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My Heart and Soul

I was resting on my bed, where I had been brought after Esme checked me from head to toe and gasped in horror with every scar she saw

I was resting on my bed, where I had been brought after Esme checked me from head to toe and gasped in horror with every scar she saw. Bella had instructed me to have a rest so my body could heal itself properly while she dealt with Aro and the rest of the Volturi, informing what had happened.

She had made me promise I wouldn't leave my room until I was fully recovered so I had a few minutes to kill while I waited anxiously. My mind drifted away to that second just before we had been informed about the army, when I was about to kiss her. She hadn't stopped me, she hadn't pulled away.

I grinned like and idiot as I rolled over, staring out of the window. It was poring outside, wind blowing and big drops hitting the glass furiously. Twilight was creeping through the thinner gray clouds in the horizon, bringing a new day with it. I smiled at my sudden realization. She did love me, or at least, liked me enough to let me kiss her.

I bolted out of the bed and through my door, rushing down the stairs but suddenly stopped realizing I didn't know where she was. I walked briskly through the corridors, vampires staring at me and whispering between themselves until finally I found Demetri who was able to tell me Bella was outside on the castle's gardens.

Not losing a second more I hurried to where she was but paused as I saw her.

She stood in the rain, facing the forest. Her dress was soaked in water, her hair straight and just as wet. From where I stood I could see she had her eyes closed as she looked up to the sky, a smile playing on her full lips. I had never seen her looking so beautiful, so free, so peaceful. She started giggling softly, still not aware of my presence.

'He loves me dad,' she whispered to the sky, 'he really does love me, and I love him so much'. Her voice cracked at the end but she was still laughing, and now started spinning around slowly, allowing the rain to run through her face and hair.

'Edward?' She finally asked as she noticed me, and I smiled at her warmly, still stunned by her beauty.

'Yes Bella?'

'How long have you been there?'

'A while' I answered truthfully, and she lowered her face in shame, hiding her self beneath bunches of wet hair. I took the five steps that separated me from her until I was standing right in front of her, looking down at her huge eyes.

'About what you were saying just now…' I trailed off, not sure about what to say. Could I tell her I loved her? Or would she run away? She had already said herself she knew I loved her and she was still here, not going anywhere. But then again, was she talking about me?

'Oh screw ita voice in my head huffed angrily 'just tell her for once and for all'.

'Isabella, I know you must have heard this a million times, but I love you, and the idea of you ever getting hurt Bella, it destroys me, just imagining a world where you don't exist is unbearable. I've walked on this planet not as long as you, but a long time after all, and I have never met anyone who could make me feel the things I feel for you. Not only are you beautiful, you don't need me to remind you that, but you are brave, strong, caring, sacrificing and above all, you are unique. Every time I am near you, or I am thinking about you, I feel alive again, I can nearly feel my heart beat, I feel as if finally I found that missing part of me, as if I found myself.'

She just stared at me for a moment and then gave a step closer, filling in the remaining space between us.

'Actually,' she murmured in a voice full of passion and love, 'nobody has ever said anything like that to me Edward. And, just for the record, I love you too'

And then it felt like the party all over again. I took her from the waist, hugging her tightly against me, rain falling around us, the sun finally showing itself from between the dark clouds. We stared at each others eyes for some moments until she lifted her hands and brushed the hair out of my eyes, reaching up to kiss me.

I met her half way, tasting her sweet lips for the first time, basking in the warm feeling that soared through my whole body. I lift her up as she circled my waist with her legs and I smiled against her wet lips. I held her to me with one arm, while I cupped her face with the other one.

'You are my heart and you are my soul Bella, and I'll never, ever leave you alone' I mumbled, still keeping my lips on hers, while I spun us around in circles.

'And I'll never leave you Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, you are everything I've ever dreamt with'.

Her words thrilled me to no end although I still couldn't imagine what I had ever done to deserve this woman. It was my turn to look up to the sky, not sure at who I was talking to.

'Thank you' I whispered, staring solemnly at the big dark clouds.

'I know it sounds ridiculous' she said shyly, 'but I was talking to my father. I always felt as though he is still looking at me, watching me, taking care of me. As a human he was all I had. As a vampire I only have his memory, although it has faded as centuries have passed, but it has still been the most cherished thing in the world for me.' She paused and stared into my eyes, hers twinkling with happiness and passion, 'And then I met you. I still remember the first time I saw you so clearly. I thought just for a second there, that you were only a pretty face but then, as soon as you spoke to me, those first words… I knew you were so much more. Your words didn't mean that much, but the way you talked to me, the way you made everything feel just fine.' She grinned, still not braking eye contact. I smiled in response, feeling my heart bubbling in happiness at her words. 'I've loved you for so long Edward, I was just so scared you wouldn't really love me back.'

I gently let her down onto the floor, but didn't let her go. As softly as I could, I held her face in my both hands, marveling at the softness of her skin. I brushed my lips against hers and she trembled slightly, leaning into me. Carefully I started kissing her, stroking her long silky hair, telling her without any words just how much I did love her.

Time stopped having meaning for me and the world around us melted into nothing. I didn't care about other vampires or armies, or any other problem we might have. I knew that as long as I had her beside me everything would be just fine.

She sighed contently as we finished our kiss and buried her face in my chest. I kissed her head and buried myself in her hair, still holding her tightly against me. Time passed, although I didn't notice nor care.

Slowly realization sunk into me. She loved me and she was with me. I knew I wanted to spend the rest of eternity with her, since there was no other way I could stand to live. I wanted her in so many different ways. I loved her in so many ways. And she was mine.

She took my hand and together we walked into the castle where Alice waited for us, bouncing happily.

'I told you Edward' She laughed as she kissed Bella on the cheek after a quick hug.

'We all did' Boomed Emmett's voice as he walked into the room, crushing her into a bear hug and twirling her around as she laughed.

My parents were standing some steps away, watching us lovingly. I knew Esme was relieved I had finally found someone without needing to read her thoughts. She smiled proudly as I walked towards them with a nervous Bella beside me.

'Welcome to the family Bella' Said Carlisle seriously, although he was smiling at his dear friend. A smile crept on her face but she was still trying to cover her face with her hair.

'Thank you Carlisle. If it weren't for you I would probably never have met Edward. I can't even begin to express how grateful I am.'

'You don't need to say anything dear,' answered my mother sweetly, soothingly, 'you make my son happy, we couldn't ask for anything else'

Bella hugged them both, and grinned at me, her eyes shining. I was sure I had an idiotic smile on my face, but I couldn't control it, I had more that I had ever dreamt of.

'Are you going to come and live with us?' Alice asked enthusiastically, referring to our tower.

'Alice,' I warned, glaring at her but she just rolled her eyes at me, 'don't be such a push over, she may not want to come'

'I'd love to if Edward doesn't mind' She said shyly, looking up at me through her long eyelashes. I smiled down at her reassuring, thrilled at the idea of her coming to live with us. With me.

'Don't be ridiculous love, of course I want you to come, I just don't want you to feel pressured' I whispered in her ear and she cuddled herself into my side, my arm over her shoulders.

'I knew she was going to say yes Edward' Said Alice sounding offended.

'She's not blocking your powers anymore?' I asked surprised.

'Nah, I plan on being around quite a bit, and I realize Alice's power can be a real protection, so there was no point in blocking my future from her.' explained Bella as Alice smiled proudly at the compliment. Her first words caught my attention and I smiled, pleased.

'So will you be allowing me to read your mind now?' I asked amused.

'Don't get ahead of yourself, I like to think I still have some privacy'

'I guess I knew that was going to be your answer, but I had to try' I tried to sound unaffected but she realized all the same.

'I'll keep it for special occasions, so you don't get too used to the feeling'

'I would never get used to you Bella, but I like the idea of it being only on special occasions'

'Maybe that way you'll come up with more ideas to make our time together even better'

'I don't need the prize for that to happen you know, I want to be with you every second of my existence' I stared into her eyes, and she stared right back, her body pressed to my side.

'Oh get a room you both' exclaimed Emmett finally, making us all laugh at his implications. I wouldn't change my family for anything, specially not now Bella was a part of it.

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