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Hi minna! Tenshi no shi wrote a story about a mermaid and a sailor, and I got reminded of a movie that I watched when I was probably three. I can only remember the end, and it's kinda like Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. I would give the title, but I can't remember anything about it except I rented it at Mr. Movies and the part above. So, the plot is pretty much mine until the end. ^-^

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon or Gundam Wing. I also don't own the movie or the quote from Sailor Mercury that inspired me. If I owned the movie, I would know the title, but I don't, so I can't give a proper disclaimer for it. Well, the movie belongs to the makers and voice actors in it, whoever they may be. I only own half the plot, so please don't sue me.

"They're not strangers, they're your friends. Even if you have to risk your life, you must protect your friends!" –Sailor Mercury


"Don't go into the sunlight, it'll kill you!"

"Stop, don't go to the surface!"

"You can't understand, do you know how many warriors were killed by being led into the sunlight by the enemy? They fought to give us freedom! Do you want to jeopardize all they fought for? Don't go up there!"

Trowa had heard enough reasons in his life to not go to the surface. He knew that if he went into the sunlight, he would die. He knew that there wasn't always sunlight, and when the ocean became dark the sun was gone for awhile. He also knew that something was calling him up there, something he couldn't ignore. He knew that the enemy lived above the surface, but they all couldn't be evil, could they? He had tried repeatedly to reach the surface at night when he was young, and had always been stopped. But now that he had come of age this afternoon along with his friends, he wouldn't have to stop. The ocean was steadily becoming darker, and he set out towards the top of the sea. He felt a presence behind him, and slowed down when he heard his friend Quatre calling to him. "Trowa! Stop, don't go up there!" Quatre yelled, and swam up to his best friend. Quatre and he were mermen, and they were both different from most of the merpeople. Most mermaids and mermen had colorful fish tails, and were usually snobbish towards the different merpeople. Quatre and his family were quite similar to the majority of merpeople, except for one thing. They had a slender, pure white horn protruding from the middle of their heads. They also all had beautiful silver tails, which all merpeople were jealous of. Trowa's family was different from any of the people of mer. They were rumored to have blood of the enemy in them, because like the enemy, but unlike the rest of mer, they had legs. "What were you thinking?!?" Quatre yelled at Trowa, "You know you'll die if you go up there!" Quatre shouted, crystal tears filling his eyes. "Do you really want to commit suicide?"

"It's not as if anyone would care." Trowa said coldly, eyes harder than ice. He swam quickly away from his friend, trying to push the guilt of doing so away. Quatre floated there for awhile before following his friend quickly. If fins had an advantage over legs, it would be that they could propel you much faster in the water. He passed Trowa and blocked him.

"You think I don't care?" He shouted furiously, "When I said that you were my best friend I meant it!" He looked away and said quietly, "You're my only friend. If you left, I would be alone again…" Then he turned back to Trowa, tears spilling from his sapphire eyes. "Do you know what that would mean? It would mean that it would be the world against me again, that everyone would hate me again. I-I can't do that Trowa! Please, don't go…" Quatre pleaded, tears cascading from his eyes. Trowa turned away, it was too painful to see his friend cry because of him. Quatre misinterpreted Trowa's actions and started shouting again at his friend. "You don't understand, do you? I care about you Trowa! I-I thought you cared about me too…" Trowa turned, facing his angry friend. Pain showed momentarily in his emerald eyes, and then vanished as if it were never there.

"It's not like that." He said quietly, and swam hard away from Quatre.

"What is it like then? Trowa! Come back!" Quatre shouted at the retreating figure. When Trowa failed to turn around, Quatre decided to not follow him. "Damn you!" He screamed after his disappearing friend, before swimming down to a coral patch to wait for Trowa. If he came back.


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