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1. After the Final Battle: By Your Side Forever?


"InuYasha, can I ask you a simple question?" The voice asked.

There was silence.

"InuYasha, will you let me stay?"

A moment of hesitation passed, and then...

"You mean, you'll stay here with me?"



InuYasha awoke with a start, his golden eyes glistening in the moonlight. He slowly began to sit up, silver hair cascading off of his shoulders and onto his back. His white dog ears twitched, taking in the sounds of the pitter-patter of light rain. He barely begun to register his surroundings, when a single name popped into his head.



" W-Wha? ...Wh..what happened?" stuttered a weakened Sango, as she slowly opened her eyes from her position on the floor, where she lay sprawled out on her back.

Sango sat up, and directed her gaze out infront of her. It was night time, and a light drizzle of rain was falling around her.

"...I-InuYasha? Kirara? Kagome?... Miroku! Anyone!" Sango shouted out, feeling the panic starting to set in when no one answered.

But then...

"S-Sango? I-Is that y-you?"

"M-Miroku? Are you alright? Where are you?! Answer me, please!" She yelled.

"O-Over here... Follow my voice..." Miroku replied.

Sango did as he instructed and eventually found him hidden from view behind a fallen tree. Like her, she figured he hadn't long regained consciousness, so she held him round the shoulders with one arm to help him up as he attempted to stand.

Miroku muttered a polite thank you, then looked gravely at his surroundings. As he took in the landscape, he grew more and more anxious and worried. Not good at all. He thought.

The two were standing in what looked like the remains of a deeply scarred battle field. There were over-turned trees everywhere, scorch marks over the cliff walls that surrounded them and the esscence of blood and death could be felt everywhere. The heavining rain did nothing to shrug the image.

Sango turned to Miroku, as did he to her, and the two suddenly recalled the past events.

"The final battle with Naraku." They both said simaltaneously.

Memories came flooding back to them both. In the final blow that had ended Naraku's sorry life there had been a great explosion as the nefarious hanyou was separated from the jewel, and that had then been followed by a great blast of wind that had sent themselves, Kirara, InuYasha and Kagome in opposite dirrections, separating them all.

"Miroku! We have to find InuYasha and Kagome! They could be - " Sango was abruptly cut off from a small mew from her feet. She looked down to see Kirara, her faithful nekomata friend safe and well by her side. There was large gash in the cat's right side; it looked painful, but at least it had stopped bleeding.

"Oh Kirara! You're safe to! Thank goodness..." Sango said and she leant down to hold Kirara close.

"It's good to see that Kirara's alright." Miroku said as he watched Sango stroke the purring neko.

All seemed well for a few moments but then the prospect that their friends could be lying hurt and or worse somewhere came straight back. Kirara seemed to register this too, mewing in apparent apphrension as her head shot round like a bullet to survey the landscape. The neko growled low in her throat at the mass destruction she saw.

"Sango, we have to find InuYasha and Kagome! Do you think Kirara is strong enough to ride?" Miroku asked the taijiya hastily. She could see the worry in his eyes as she shook her head.

"I don't think so. She has a large gash on her side, it's not too serious but its going to keep her down for a while."

"Then how do we find the others? They need our help now! What if - " but Miroku stopped in mid sentence. The houshi's eyes went wide and became alarmed as he seemed to suddenly recall something important...

"S-Sango! Do you remember what happened just before we were flung backwards?" Miroku asked.

"What do you mean...? We were... Wait..." Sango's eyes widened in shock and fear as she realised what Miroku was refering to.


"KAGOME!" InuYasha screamed as he watched the scene of horror unfold infront of him.

As the combined arrow and sword attack destroyed him, Naraku sent forward one last devestating blow. He ramned one of his tentales straight forward at the young miko. It pierced through Kagome's chest.

"No! Kagome!" Sango had shouted in disbelief as she watched her closest friend and sister fall. She'd only just saved Kohaku, she couldn't lose Kagome now!

Kagome's eyes widened in shock as she watched the tentacle pierce the right side of her chest, just below her shoulder; right where Kikyou had been struck and died so many years ago.

InuYasha barely had time to run to her as Naraku's armoured body exploded and a great afterblast knocked him unconscious, sending him and his friends flying backwards. They only heard one voice as they drifted into darkness.

"Ku Ku Ku InuYasha. You will lose another you care deeply for, as history repeats itself..."

-End Flashback-

"Oh no... Kagome! We have to find her, and find her now!" Sango practically screamed.

"I agree, dear Sango, but looking for her in our state and without Kirara or InuYasha's keen sence of smell will be literally impossible. We have to get help first. " Miroku replied, doing his best to remain calm and handle the situation the best he could, for both their sakes.

"Just how do you propose we do that houshi?! InuYasha is no where around and we're miles from any village! Can't you see that?!" Sango yelled at Miroku, tears now falling down her face with worry.

"Sango, listen to me. Succumbing to your panic will solve nothing. We have to think clearly, come up with a plan and- "

"- Miroku! Sango! Are you guys alright?!"

Miroku and Sango looked off to their right to see a frustrated looking InuYasha running towards them.

"InuYasha!" They both shouted in relief at seeing one of their friends safe.

But Kagome... wasn't with him.

InuYasha ran up to them all, quickly scanning them for injury. They were both covered in bruises and scratches, and Kirara had the gash on her side, but apart from that, he was glad to find none of them were seriously hurt.

However, his relief disappeared as something dawned on him - Kagome was not with them.

Oh kami...

"Where's Kagome?" InuYasha demanded.

Sango and Miroku looked up to meet InuYasha's golden eyes. Sango could say nothing as tears threatened to fall again, and Miroku's face turned to one of deep sorrow and sadness.

"We... We dont kno- " Miroku had begun to reply, but stopped when InuYasha growled and took off again calling out Kagome's name. InuYasha. Miroku thought.

He knew they'd all be truly devastated if Kagome wasn't okay. Shippo, Kaede, Kohaku, Kirara, him and Sango would suffer greatly. But it would nothing compared to what InuYasha would feel.

He's only just lost Kikyou to Naraku for a second time. How will it be if he loses Kagome now too?


InuYasha was running faster than he'd ever ran before, looking and sniffing for any hint of Kagome, but finding nothing. He continued calling out her name, all the while cursing himself for being so stupid and careless.

Kagome's face appeared in his mind. The miko was smiling like normal when she was here in the fuedal era with him and her friends. All the times they'd had together, the good and the bad... it all came back to him.


"Sorry, I didn't wake you did I?" Kagome asked after she'd finished dabbing the hanyou-turned-human's sweat laiden forehead.

"No. Kagome...?" InuYasha asked.

"What is it?"

"Tell me something, why were you crying?"

"Back in the other room? Because I... I thought I was going to lose you... I thought you were going to... die."

He turned his head.

"You... shed tears for me. Cried for me. Kagome? If it's not too much trouble, may I lie my head in your lap?"

She was taken aback for a moment, he could see, but it didn't last long.

"Um... Uh-huh. "

-End flashback-

That was the first time anyone except my mother cried for me, I was hurt an unable to fight, but instead of leaving me in my human state Kagome risked her own life to save me... InuYasha thought to himself.


"I thought that by complimenting Kouga he wouldn't get on to you about your scent!" Kagome insisted.

"Yeah but your eyes were all sparkly and stuff! You know you get a little too friendly when that guy's around, Kagome!" InuYasha bit back. She growled in a very un-lady-like manner at the implication that the word 'friendly' gave.

"I do not!"

"Do too!"

-End flashback-

Despite the current situation, InuYasha had to laugh at that memory. Okay, he'd admit now that he was a little jealous when she'd complimented that stupid wolf prince, but never would he tell Kagome that.

But even though he had been happy with Kagome, he knew he'd still had other responsibilities to forfil; like avenging a certain dead priestess...

Kikyou. I lost her because of my lack of faith and trust in her, and I was unable to save her soul for a second time when Naraku killed her again. It hurt so much to lose her all over again, to know I'd never see her again.

But then, the only thing that kept me going was knowing that I still had someone who needed me. Needed me to protect and be with them. Kagome.

I was hurting so much when Kikyou died. I shunned everyone, especially Kagome. I didn't realise that Kagome was hurting as much, or if possible, more than me. I'd been so selfish and blinded by my pain that I didn't notice her own. It was then that I realised that Kagome needed me to live and be there with her, just as she'd promised so long ago to stay with me. I would protect her, keep her safe, so she wouldn't have to suffer again.

InuYasha mentally slapped himself and scoffed. Some protector I am.

He felt it his fault completely that Kagome been struck by Naraku, in the exact spot that had killed Kikyou so long ago. What kind of game had Naraku been playing? On the brink of death and deciding he'd take Kagome with him? As a final act to make everyone suffer for his defeat, he would dare to try and kill someone else who mattered so much to InuYasha? Someone he'd give his life for, if it meant she'd live?

Was that Naraku's plan all along, to kill everyone InuYasha ever cared for? Kikyou, and now Kagome?

No! That wasn't true. Kagome wasn't dead. She was alright. She had to be alright. She just had to be...

"KAGOME! Kagome! Kagome can you hear me?! Say something! Where are you Kagome?!" InuYasha screamed out into the cold night air.

The rain was coming down much harder now. He knew if she wasn't okay, he'd never be able to forgive himself, and he doubted he'd be able to move on either. He couldn't imagine his life without Kagome. She shouldn't have, but she had become too bigger part of his life for him to lose.

InuYasha continued his search. He vowed that he would never stop until he found her, no matter how long it took.



InuYasha turned his head from his spot on the tree to look at the young girl from the future.

"In a wierd way, I was kinda glad when it was happening."

He raised an eyebrow, trying to calculate her expression to see what on earth she was thinking. She laughed.

"I mean, I'm glad that I was by your side."

-End flashback-

"You've got to be okay Kagome! You just have to be! I'll never forgive myself if you're not!" InuYasha shouted, hearing whispered memories of Kagome's voice.

...I want to be with you InuYasha; I tried to forget you, but I can't.

Just hold on Kagome, I'm coming. Just hold on...


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